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​Is Survey Junkie A Legitimate? Take Surveys And Get Paid

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The survey gives you the option to earn money from home or any other place. If you have chosen the right site and lucky enough to get the opportunity at the right place else the majority of the survey sites are doing scam with people they waste your time and money both.

In this online work, some sites are free to join, and some are paid. Today I will give you a review for Survey Junkie website which pay’s you for survey work online.

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What Is Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie: it is there from many years now – more than five. They might be having members as it is quite an old website so it obvious they will have members in bulk, and they also have work with them.

Survey Junkie is a legit company and giving online survey work to many people from the past five years. Yes, there might be some happy people and some unhappy guys who felt it as a scam, but it is not a scam for sure.

Today my review will help you to get a proper idea of how this Survey Junkie works, what they pay, are they paying enough and or not, some good and some drawbacks, what can be the other option for people who are finding work for themselves from their home especially women’s.

How Survey Junkie Works?

Survey Junkie works on surveys of other sites which is a typical business now a day; people get paid for reviews and all so Survey Junkie does the same. Yes, it is a different company as it is not fake; it gives you work and pay you.

It is free to join; there is a small procedure before joining – you have to provide your information and all then you can enter this website and start working.

If you check their home page, you can see three icons take a survey, earn points-rewards- you get virtual points and get paid with giving your points and receive your money in PayPal or you can also exchange it with Gift cards.

What Is Survey Junkie

They have sent a clear message to all who want to join this company.
As soon as you sign up, you get 25 points which mean $0.25 as welcome. Whenever you want your money, you need at least 1000 points to redeem money (100 points=$1).

You have to work correctly – you can work fast, but you need to be perfect else you will be disqualified from the survey, and you will waste your time and get nothing. So you have to accurate to earn points while giving answers.

According to my calculation (see it below), you can get up to a maximum $200 in a month. I don’t think you can get beyond that in Survey Junkie. You can work up to certain hours a day, and you can get up to $2 per hour if you have good sense and grip on the internet and speed too, which is not a significant amount – but good for someone who is doing nothing in their life.

Lets see this example and do some calculations:

Survey Junkie surveys

As you can see on the image above, there are surveys from 40 to 90 points.

Let`s say that 60 points are an average number of points that you can get per survey. Also, you can see how much time you need to finish every survey.

It`s from 15 to 20 minutes. So, the average time for one survey will be 18 minutes.

So, if we do some calculation we will get that you need about 30 minutes to earn 100 points =$1. On a daily level (if you work part-time – 4 hours a day), you will earn $8, so if you work 26 days in a month you can earn $208 or about $52 weekly.

Ok, if some of you want to work really hard, and work 8 hours a day, you will probably double that sum, and earn about $104 weekly, or $216 monthly.

So, Its valid site to earn some dollars, just for fun. I don’t think you can gain some more significant amount of money from this website. It`s not a life changing opportunity.

Some Of The Advantages Of
Survey Junkie

  • First, one to start this is valid survey website so thumbs up for this.
  • It gives you about $2 per hour if you are good enough; which is better than other websites.
  • Payment procedure I found is good because there are some reviews where the problem was discovered on payment, but I didn`t get any issues on, and they pay quickly.
  • They have a long list of a survey which means you will get the work for sure.
  • It is easy to start and free to join compared to other survey sites.

Let Us Now Go Through The
The Disadvantage Of Survey Junkie.

Survey Junkie Legitimate

  • First to start with its good but you will only earn a few, don’t expect any big thing from this work.
  • Good for fun, but it is limited, you cannot cross some amount in a month
  • Same old issues in survey sites – you sometimes don’t know why you get disqualified in some surveys
  • It can be a waste of time too if you see pay and disqualification. If you calculate that, you can do some other useful work than this and earn much more than in Survey Junkie.
  • You don’t know when you will get blocked and you will also not get the answer to why you are blocked.
  • There are many reviews regarding payment as some of them didn’t receive their work pay.
  • If you see the above points, it gives you a clear indication that Survey Junkie staff is not so efficient, so the support system is weak – thumbs down in this.
  • It is limited: they are providing work to few places only like the U.S and a few other countries, so people from Asia looking for work you might not get the work.

Personal View on Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a legitimate survey site, surely better than other survey websites which are scamming people. This website is not a scam, that’s good, but when you talk about earning I feel it’s too low and I don`t recommend even try this for fun in view is waste of talent and time.

These survey websites personally earn at a higher rate; they take a whole lot of money from clients, and they pay you some penny.

I surveyed website owners and work provider, and they are brilliant but cruel in paying to their workers. They don’t give real money to their people who work for hours. I feel they should now change the trend and start giving people some more money for their work.

If these things will continue for few years than you might see people will not go to survey website for work; they will directly find their work or do some other job because no one can live life in such a small amount where there is no progress for them.

I have a better suggestion than taking surveys, and that is an affiliate marketing. Actually, that is the way hoe owners of those surveys site earn thousands of dollars. Whenever you click on some links on their websites, they get a commission. So, why you won’t be that person?

Affiliate Marketing gives you a wide range of option to earn money online. All you need is to get proper training and willing to work. This is an excellent option for people who want to work online and achieve something significant in their life, which is not possible in Survey Junkie (or any others survey site).

Click on the button below, and I will provide you with training, good earnings opportunity and with the option to start your own online business and not to work for others anymore. This same training allows me to have full-income working from home, an I love it!

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  • Kamal Tur

    Hi, I am doing survey type task from last few months. I choose survey carrier as my 2nd opportunity. I am inspired reading your article. You have mentioned all the necessary key information which I looking for.

    • Jelena

      Honestly, most survey sites are a waste of time. I only advise them to people who really have extra time and do not want to learn new things and move forward in life. Affiliate marketing is what can make a drastic financial change. I started from scratch, and now I have my own online business that brings me profits every month. You can read my story HERE.

    • Jelena

      Agree with you, Erin. Surveys can be a good option for some pocket money. That`s why my first choice when we talk about making money online, is Affiliate Marketing. It gives me a full-income, while I stayed at home 🙂

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