Is The Prosperity of Life A Scam
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Is The Prosperity of Life A Scam? Prospering Your Life With Their Products Or Only A Pyramid Scheme In Disguise?

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With changing times and trends in the world, people, especially youngsters, feel the need to learn new things every day and upgrade the skills to keep up with the trends.

But, it happens that most of them do not find the right motivation and often try to find answers from others or seek support from experts to encourage and motivate them.

To help people, some organizations come up with life-changing courses to help upgrade an individual’s skills, motivate and encourage them to do something better with their lives. But, there are many other firms as well that is nothing but only a pyramid scheme in disguise.

One such company named “The Prosperity of Life.” It seems all good from the outside. They claim of offering life-changing products that would take people on the path of personal development, earning a high income, and leading a prosperous lifestyle.

But, they are only a Personal Development and Wealth Creation Network Marketing Program at the end of the day.

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Let Us Learn What Is The Prosperity of Life?

Is The Prosperity of Life A Scam

The Prosperity of Life is a company and a network that offers online courses and live events that are curated for individuals to make them successful in every aspect of their life.

It follows a network marketing business model. So, the math at this company is simple; you can join them as an affiliate and then promote or sell the firm’s overpriced products (seminars and online courses) to your downlines.

Hence, this company is only a network marketing company that deals with wealth creation and personal development products.

It is only as a combination of life and finance transforming courses that claim to lead you towards self-improvement and self-development in life.

The network marketing company was founded on April 10, 2010, by Shane Krider and Rachel Krider in Fountain Hills, AZ. But, the company has a very shady history which people must know before blindly getting into it—more of it in the next section.

The History Behind The Company

Shane Krider co-owns the company with Rachel. She has also been the co-founder of a company called Liberty League International, and this company has been under the radar for being tagged as a pyramid scheme.

The company in question was involved in a scam that conned innocent people by scamming them with more than $5 million.

Rather than putting aside the shady business or shutting it down, Shane only changed the name of the company by also changing a bit of the legal stuff here and there.

Over the years, the company has changed many names. From “Polaris Media Group,” “Polaris Global,” and currently, they are playing with two names. One is “Prosperity of Life,” and the other is “The Prosperity of Life Network.”

After being confirmed as a pyramid scheme in the past and still going on by changing only the names of the firm only seems like a scam that people mustn’t trust.

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The Product Line At The Prosperity Of Life

Under the big umbrella of personal development courses, the Prosperity of Life offers three different categories of products, which include courses and seminars, life transformation, and personal growth.

Courses and seminars offer “Master of Destinies Coaching Training” that has training for people to change their life situation due to poverty, unhappy relationships, etc. This course you can take from home. The goal is to transform your life within seventeen days. This course costs $ 1,495.

The Prosperity Of Life also provides “Master Of Destinies – Home Study,” which includes a 12-month course available in 4 stages (M1, M2, M3, and M7). These include self-help studies, live events, etc. And, “Master Of Destinies- Recorded Event Content” consists of the entire M1 and M7 programs. This costs $7,820.

Life transformation” program is nothing but a promise by the firm that after joining them, your life will get transformed. It is led by Rachel herself as a success coach and public speaker.

Personal growth” is also led by Rachel and claims to get you out of your comfort zones to make you achieve personal growth with the help of the company.

Her trainers will also teach you how to promote a network of life prosperity and find clients so you can make money by selling their courses and seminars. So you will not learn how to build your business, but they will teach you how to bring them more money.

According to the website, you have the opportunity to “earn while learn.” Most sources of income for trainers come from the promotion and sale of these courses and seminars.

Although, much information is not available about this offering on their website.

What Are The Costs Involved With The Prosperity of Life?

To join this company, one needs to sign-up first and request for an interview. But, you need to get a sponsor for yourself to get into the business.

So, you know what it is when such things happen to you before a sign-up.
It shows that probably the company is a pyramid scheme: as it is asking their existing members to sponsor you to increase the downline and earnings through your sales.

Also, you are not going anywhere without paying for the start-up and other fees before getting into the business. It costs $49.95 for a starter kit.

And for the marketing tools, you need to pay $153 every month, which includes Lead Vertex Pro, Lead Manager, Online Business Manager, and Conference Call System.

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These are just the necessary costs you need to get started with this business. But you still don’t have the opportunity to make money.

To promote any product from the Prosperity of Life, you must buy it in person.

For example, if you want to promote M1, you must first pay $ 2,285 and buy the product yourself.

However, even if you decide to buy one of the products to sell it, the first two sales do not count for you, and you will get $ 0 for them! You need to “forward” the first two sales to your sponsor.

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What Is The Compensation Plan At The Prosperity Of Life?

There are two basic things to know here one is you can earn commissions from your personally owned products, and second, you need to pass on your first two sales to your upline.

Well, a company that only proves to be a pyramid scheme in disguise is not worthy of talking about its compensation plan. Because like most network marketing companies, theirs is also a very confusing and complicated one.

However, a few important points are as under:

  • Residual commissions – this you can earn only when a customer makes a repeat purchase. As per the website, you can earn nearly $8,000 in residual commissions.
  • Leveraged income – no proper information is given about this on their website except a list of prominent names, and that’s it.
  • Bonuses and profits – this is for higher ranks like coaches and directors who can earn between $500 to $8,000 for each seminar or online course they sell.
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What Is Good About The Prosperity Of Life?

  • They rely on internet marketing rather than face-to-face selling.
  • They do provide valuable information on their programs.

What Is Not So Good About
The Prosperity Of Life?

  • The products are way too expensive, ranging from $2K to $13K
  • It has a very complicated compensation plan that not everyone can understand. Some rules are awful:
    • You can only earn commissions from products you have personally purchased
    • You must forward the first two sales to the sponsor
  • You can only earn by either recruiting people in the business or by reselling their products, which are already overpriced.
  • The ONLY way to make money with this program is to buy on their products, recruit people, and resell products through your downlines. You will not learn how to start your business, you will sell other people’s products and you will have to pay for it!
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Is The Prosperity Of Life A Pyramid Scheme And A Scam?

Well, there are no points for guessing that the company is a pyramid scheme, and it has scammed people in the past just with a different name.
A network marketing company that has had a very fishy or shady history cannot be trusted anyway.

The Prosperity of Life has many features that indicate that behind this company lies a pyramid scheme.

If earning money is only in your mind, then choose other online opportunities that are way better income earning sources. Going for this one will only end up losing your hard-earned money and will not gain you anything in return.

My advice is not to grab a credit card and stay away from The Prosperity Of Life.

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  • ChrisHiew

    Hey Jelena,

    Thank you for uncovering another Pyramid Scheme – The Prosperity of Life. l never like the idea of Pyramid scheme or Multi-Level-Marketing because you need to spend money before you earn money. Further, all their products are superficially marked up. I believe you will be in debt the day you joined them as you need to purchase their product before you can sell yours.

    Like MOBE, another pyramid scheme which was shut down by FTP and I hope the law enforcer would act against Prosperity of Life before more people got conned. Further, I can’t understand why you need to pass 2 of your sales to your sponsor?  It’s so complicated!

    One again, thank you for your thorough review.


    • Jelena

      Thank you so much for your comment, Chris. My mission is to expose such dubious jobs and to save many women from getting into even bigger trouble, as well as giving them a great alternative to how they can work from home and earn money legally.


  • Stratos K

    Wow there are so many red flags with this one I don’t even know from where to start. First of all changing so many names over the years indicate something fishy behind it. Why changing it so many times? Also I have seen so many similar companies selling “products” but they are over-priced, have low value and it’s hard to find clients in order to create your network that in the end you loose more money than you make.

  • LineCowley

    Hi Jelena, I came across Prosperity of Life before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, after being contacted by a fellow expat. I was very skeptical about the earning opportunities and didn’t believe that it was really possible. 

    So I started researching them and arrived at the same conclusion that you have, that they are a pyramid scheme in disguise. I have since seen a number of advertisements that are placed by members, and they often seem to be targeting expats and vulnerable people. 

    So thank you for warning unsuspecting victims of this shady business.

    All the best, Liné

    • Jelena

      Hi Line, and thank you so much for sharing your experience and opinion about the Prosperity of Life. I hope it will help other people before they lose money on false promises.


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