Is TopCashBack a scam
Cash Back,  Review

Is TopCashBack A Scam? My Honest Review

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Cashing Out Money For People
Or Only A Scam?

Aren’t we tired of hearing and seeing all kinds of online websites that are either MLM programs or are cashback sites?

Well, there are a hell lot of such websites, and companies spread all across the online market to offer us all sorts of products and services even after knowing the amount of competition they face every day from across the globe.

Thousands of such companies are already in the online market, and new companies emerge with the hope to mark their name in the industry.

Kudos to their confidence and belief, they are aware that people are always on the lookout for things to buy.

Companies generally play on this idea, and hence they keep coming up with all sorts of deals, discounts, coupons, offers, and cashback to influence people to buy from them and also to be a part of their business.

Today we will be talking about yet another cashback site called “TopCashBack” that claims it gives the highest and the best cashback to people with more than 4,000+ stores to choose from.

Want To Make Money Before You Spend?

What Is TopCashBack?

Is TopCashBack A Scam

TopCashBack is an online cashback website that was started in the year 2005 in the United Kingdom, and then it launched itself in the US in the year 2011.

Today it also has its wings spread across India, China, and Japan.

Their website claims that their fundamental aim is to save consumer’s money on all of their online shopping.

They have more than 4,000 retailers associated with them and still counting.

And an essential feature of TopCashBack is that it claims that it gives all the retailers’ commission back to the consumers and does not charge any fees either.

They also offer various coupons and extra instant money-off discounts plus free shipping.

The process of cashback sites is quite simple.

TopCashBack earns from sponsored adverts and promotions they do on their website, plus they make some bonus from retailers as well if they are successful in generating good traffic to their stores.

Then, they give out all the commission to the consumers who buy using the affiliate links from their website and this is how the consumers start earning their cashback.

Getting Started With TopCashBack

TopCashBack talks about three simple ways to get started with them: Browse, Select, and Shop.

TopCashBack savings

But below are the ways which you can follow:

  • Start browsing retailers and brands of your choice, and you will also find the rate of cashback associated with each of them.
  • Click on the “Get cashback now” button and it will direct you to the retailer’s website.
  • Shop whatever you want to from your desired retailer from their site like you would typically do.
  • TopCashBack will start calculating your cashback and will deposit into your account within seven days.
  • You can cash out your earnings whenever you want to once the retailer’s return period has ended.

With TopCashBack, there are neither minimum thresholds nor a minimum number of the waiting period for the withdrawal of your cashback.

It pays you immediately once the return period of the retailer’s end, which is generally around 15-45 days.

Ways Through Which TopCashBack Pays You

Compared to Ebates, which has fewer payout options available, TopCashBack has options like:

PayPal, Direct Deposit, Amazon Gift Cards, American Express® Reward Cards, and over ten different E-gift cards, including Walmart, Target, Gap, Sephora, etc.

You can also check a great cashback website called Dollar Dig.

What Categories Of Stores Are Available
At TopCashBack?

  • Travel – this includes airlines, cruises, hotels, car rentals, holiday packages, etc.
  • Home & Garden – this includes home appliances, home decor, home improvement & tools, pets, outdoor & patio, bed & bath, etc.
  • Electronics – this includes TV and audio, computers, cameras, phones, internet and TV services, etc.
  • Fashion – this includes Women’s & Men’s apparel, shoes, handbags & accessories, Jewellery, sleepwear, plus size & children’s clothing, sportswear, intimates, etc.
  • Health & Beauty – this includes diet, nutrition, fitness, body and hair, fragrances, cosmetics, skincare, etc.
  • Others – this includes food, drinks, games, toys, flowers, office and business products, weddings and events, etc.

TopCashBack also offers Gift Cards Cashback, which currently includes around eight merchants that are offering different cashback rates on gift cards.

Earning Through Their Referral Program

You can also earn more from TopCashBack through their referral program, where you can earn $10 on referring a friend to the site.

You can do this by using the “Refer a Friend” tab where you will find a referral link that you can further share with others and if those people sign-up through that link, you earn $10.

What Is Good About TopCashBack?

  • It has been reviewed as one of the highest cashback paying portal as high as 5-10% compared to other cashback sites.
  • There is neither any minimum threshold nor any waiting period as such for cashout.
  • It shows the earnings in dollars rather than in points.
  • It has more than 4,000 retailers to choose from.

What Is Not So Good About TopCashBack?

  • You can miss out on getting your cashback if you have not cleared your browser cookies or have opened multiple tabs or using other websites simultaneously.
  • There are complaints from many that they receive their cashback late, and some complain that they don’t receive anything at all like other cashback sites.
  • You cannot earn a monthly income from TopCashBack; it can only give some extra money.
  • Even though there is no waiting period as such, still you will have to wait at least for 15-45 days till the retailer’s return period ends because only after that, you can withdraw your money.

Is TopCashBack A Scam?

Definitely not.

TopCashBack is not a scam; it is a legit online cashback site that offers one of the highest cashback. `The fact that it has been in the business for around 14 years and still is a part of the business.

But if you are thinking of earning a high income only from this, then it is definitely a bad idea. Cashback sites like TopCashBack can help you to earn some extra bucks, but it cannot make you rich.

If you want to earn some good income online, then there are better options like affiliate marketing. Through which you can make decent amounts.

As far as TopCashBack is concerned, you can connect with them for earning some extra cash but cannot depend on it for a monthly income; hence, such sites cannot be recommended.

My Final Thoughts On
Top Cash Back

It is great to earn cash back on your online purchase but it isn’t the only way to make money online. You can read about some easy ways to make some additional money.

If you need more money and want to have regular monthly passive income, you can check how I make an Extra Income Online.

Did you use TopCashBack before? Think TopCashback site’s a scam? I’d like to hear your opinions on this review in the comments below!

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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