Is Vindale Research A Legit Way
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Is Vindale Research A Legit Way To Make Some Bucks, Or Another Scam?

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The Internet has given us lots of options to earn money from the online platform. People are getting an easy way to make something as part-time from the online platform.

One of the easiest ways to earn a few bucks is survey sites get to paid sites. Yes, they will not make you rich, but it can give some pocket money if you know how to use the Internet and also know how to provide answers to a few questions asked to you.

We see lots of legitimate sites online where you can get some amount of money for answers to surveys. If you want some side money I suggest you check Survey Junkie, Clickworker, or Unique Rewards.

There are also site which are not legal and trap you.

I love to discover sites online and review them without being bias to site. My review helps people earn money online and also help them to decide whether to join a website or not.

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Today I will give an unbiased review on Vindale Research, which is a survey site. I will tell you about the site, its pros and cons, how it works, and all. So let us know what Vindale Research is.

What Is Vindale Research?


Vindale Research: Get paid for online surveys, is a marketing research company that rewards you taking surveys. You can give your opinion and make some bucks.

It is a US-based company, started in 2005. So, Vindale Research is there for many years with a good reputation in the market as a survey site.

It pays you like other good survey sites. Pay depends on work too. If you are useful in answering things, you may earn a few more bucks from Vindale research.

We all know that online survey sites are the most straightforward way to make money, and Vindale is proof of that.

I rather prefer to do something once and get paid over and over again.
Its called “passive income.” I have straight forward training about it written in this article.

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How Can You Earn Money From Vindale Research?

As I told you above in this review, you can earn money by merely answering surveys; if you are free in the day having a mobile with the Internet, then get started to earn few bucks from Vindale research.

Joining is easy in Vindale to get login from Facebook or sign up with email and all. There are no charges for entering and all.

As we know, sites like Vindale research pay you once for work you do, and pay is always below average.


In Vindale Research, survey payouts are between $0.25 to $50 and mind you last $50 is the highest in any survey site.

You will see on their website too girls showing Vindale research paid $50. But to get $50 is not easy, and it is infrequent.

Only some of the master gets such an opportunity in Vindale research. You have to be special to reach that figure of $50 in Vindale research as questions are sturdy, and very few can pass that test of questions.

Taking surveys in Vindale research give you between $1 to $5, which are traditional surveys.

You can earn money through evaluations; in this, you have to give honest answers to make bucks from Vindale Research.

Open the advertisements which are sent to your email and earn $0.10.

Vindale Videos give you $0.25 for watching videos online. Videos are short and enjoyable too.

Refer to your close one and earn up to $5 for each person.

Get discounts and coupons in Vindale research.

Take part in cash contests that happen every week. So don’t forget to join the cash contest in Vindale research to earn up to $15.

Earn money by submitting a payment photo.

Minimum Payout

The major problem in Vindale Research is that you cannot withdraw money until you reach $50.

Well, that’s the issue of not only this survey site but for many other survey sites. If these sites pay you well, they will keep withdrawal amount big like Vindale Research.

If you’re looking to earn a stable monthly income working at home then check out this program – see income proof here.

Now let us see Vindale Research’s
Pros and Cons:


  • Like other survey sites, it pays you for referring friends.
  • The good thing about Vindale Research is that you can post referral links wherever you like.
  • It comes in the site which truly pays cash to their clients.
  • You can withdraw money from any part of the world due to the Pay Pal facility.
  • It gives good bucks for clicking on advertisements sent on your email. This option is not available in all the survey sites.
  • You will get all the account details whenever you want to see.
  • Work any time in a day and earn a few bucks from Vindale Research.
  • They are also very much active on the entire social media platform, and because of that, they are getting constant work for their clients.
  • You get the option of Coupon too instead of cash.
  • To end with, they have to build an excellent website.


  • You get the option of Coupon, but you can only use it in the USA, not outside stores.
  • The cash-out amount is $50, which is a tight money to earn from a survey site.
  • I find just a few good Vindale reviews, but a lot of bad reviews.
  • They are having their own surveys, but they also redirect to other survey sites where you will not get the right amount for your work.
  • Sometime you will feel you are wasting time on the nonsense thing. Working for hours and earning a few bucks.

Is Vindale Research Is Legit?

2 stars review

To start with, Vindale Research is 100% legit, but the same old problem – you cannot make future out of it.

I never understand why people waste their time and skills in such things where you can never earn big even after working for years.

Vindale Research is for college students and oldies who want to earn a few bucks with their routine life. If you need that pocket money, I would instead recommend Quick Rewards, Clickworker, or Survey Junkie.

For average age person to waste their valuable time on such small things is not useful.

I would rather say try something which gives you more for work you do and also gives you growth. In Vindale research, you will never get an extension even after five years; you will earn the same. So why to do work which has no future.

As I work online for many years now, I know that there are many other options where you can earn the right amount and also get growth in your life.

I prefer Affiliate marketing over Survey sites, and I always tell my readers that try something good in life, which can give you a steady growth and good income too.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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