Is Wakaya Perfection a Scam
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Wakaya Perfection: Offer You Products To Make Money Only A Scam?

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With the changing trends of the online industry, just like many other sectors, many new advancements take place to keep up with the trends. It becomes essential for companies to come up with something new every time continually.

But, one thing that seems to remain constant in all of this is the never-dying trend of the MLM companies. No matter the various companies that enter the market, the approach of marketing through MLM for many remains the same.

Multi-level marketing is one kind of marketing strategy that has been undertaken by many in the industry, especially those that are in the health & wellness niche.

Adding to the list, “Wakaya Perfection” is another company that deals with the health & wellness products that claim to meet the health goals of many.

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Among the numerous health & wellness companies, it will be almost difficult to conclude why Wakaya would be different from those.

Most of these companies seem only like a copy of one another, offering the same kind of products with almost the same type of benefits as well sometimes.

What Wakaya Perfection
Is It All About?

Yet another multi-level marketing or network marketing company that puts itself into the health & wellness niche is “Wakaya Perfection.”

The company talks about offering customers the highest level of natural health & wellness products to meet their health goals. Also, as a fruitful business opportunity by making them not only healthy but also financially stable.

The company was launched in 2011 by David H. Gilmour, a billionaire from Canada, who is also the owner of FIJI Water.
Headquartered in Lindon, UT, the company sets its business goals very high by claiming to produce $1,000+ monthly income for earners.

Also, the company had not entered into its MLM business until Todd B. Smith (top earner from Youngevity) joined Wakaya in 2015. Through the USA, the company deals with health & wellness products and distributes it through their MLM business model.

What Is The Backstory Of Wakaya Perfection, And How It Came Into Place?

Their website talks about Wakaya as a 2,200-acre remote island in the Fiji archipelago, which is said to have a nutrient-rich soil. It is also known for creating the perfect environment that helps an individual with its healing and growth.

Jill ad David Gilmour bought the island to offer the benefits from it to the people without devastating the island and without any urbanization.

To provide the people something different, they built a small eco-friendly resort that could give people the experience of discovery and renewal through a luxurious vacation on the island.

And, most importantly, with the help of the crops grown on the island, they made their line of health & wellness products without any artificial processes or chemical treated water or any other harsh environmental processes.

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What Are Wakaya Products?

There is a vast range of products that the company offers.

These products as they claim are grown in Fiji’s rich volcanic soil; they irrigate them with sparkling rainwater and are harvested by hands.

Out of the many products they offer, their organic Fijian ginger and turmeric act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that works towards getting the digestive system and immune system better.

Including turmeric and ginger is a smart move as it anyway has many health benefits, but claiming to improve people’s overall health is a bit difficult to believe.

Their products are spread across different categories as below:  

  • Organic Fijian Turmeric collection: This collection includes turmeric and black tea, turmeric and pink Fijian ginger tea, turmeric capsules, and powders, turmeric, and ginger capsules, etc.
Wakaya turmeric products
  • Organic Pink Fijian Ginger collection: This includes pink Fijian ginger tea, pink Fijian ginger capsules, pink Fijian ginger powder, etc.
  • Pure Fijian Kava: This includes Kava powders & capsules.

Wakaya Perfection also offers another product called Fijian kosher sea salt.

For one of the two products from the pack, you may require to pay $100 for just 30 days, and buying both of the products from the package will cost $212.30.

How Can You Become A Part Of Wakaya Perfection
And What Are The Costs?

You can either join through their website or throw a current Wakaya Perfection Ambassador, and the person who signs you up would become your sponsor.

To become a part of the business, you need to buy an Ambassador Start-Up Kit along with the option of purchasing a Paradise Product Pack. But, to start earning with Wakaya, you need first to become their active member.

The start-up ambassador kit costs $49.95, and if you go ahead to purchase their full Paradise Product Pack for $475.95, the price automatically gets reduced to $25.

In addition to this, for the renewal fees and web tools, ambassadors need to pay $25, which includes a website, marketing and training materials, etc.

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What Is The Compensation Plan
At Wakaya Perfection?

Like all other MLMs, Wakaya Perfection also depends upon two basic things:

  1. The retail profits an ambassador earns by selling the products at a wholesale rate.
  2. Earning profits by recruiting people in the downline.

Below are the ways through which you can earn from the company:

Retail commissions

You can earn from the earnings you make through clients. The commissions you get is 90% of the gap between retail price and wholesale price.

Recruitment commissions

You can earn commissions from recruiting others in the business.

You can receive $100 for people to register with your Paradise pack, which costs $499.95. Also, depending on your ranks, you earn commissions.

Residual commissions

Based on the people you recruit in your downline and the amounts they make, you get your commissions.

There are other bonuses as well, like general commissions, leadership infinity commissions, automobile bonuses, and a bonus pool, which give commissions according to the rank you hold in the business.

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What Is Likable About Wakaya Perfection?

  • Their products are made directly from the crops grown on the island.
  • Their BulaFIT program offers different products like cookbooks, keto coffee, etc.
  • Their products are not made through chemically treated water or any other environment damaging process.
  • Wakaya has an affiliate program! This means that you can make money by advertising Wakaya products, without the obligation to pay membership fees, recruit people, or buy mandatory products.
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What Is Not So Likable About
Wakaya Perfection?

  • They do not have any income disclosure statement.
  • Their products are too expensive.
  • This website provides no information on Refund Policies at this time. 
  • One of their field leaders Andre Vaughn had been in controversy and was sentenced to 10 months prison for fraud. He is the former main distributor of Youngviti, who joined Wakaia Perfection at the end of 2015.
    Wakaya Perfection cites Vaughn as the “founder of the ambassador.” In June 2019, Vaughn was sentenced to ten months in prison for repeated cases of bankruptcy fraud.

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Is Wakaya Perfection A Scam?

This company can be seen on the brink of calling a scam.

First of all, if you check their website, it seems not all information has been provided on it. Only minute details on the company are what you get to know.

Their compensation plan is also not very clearly defined, which is another red flag. Plus, no income disclosure statement can be seen on their website.

The website somehow focuses more on building downlines more than talking about their products. Hence this company also seems like a pyramid scheme as it focuses more on only increasing their affiliates.

Trusting such companies to earn money can prove to be a rather lousy decision as anyway, MLMs are not for everyone.

Also, there are too many multi-level marketing companies that specialize in health products and include competitors such as, Life Matters, TriVita, Zia, LifeVantage, Le-Vel, and many others.

The good news about Wakaya is that they introduced an affiliate program if you choose between being part of an MLM program or their affiliate, I would always recommend an affiliate program. As their affiliate, you are not obligated to buy products and recruit people.

You can read in detail about the difference between affiliate programs and MLM in my article “MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing.”

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Here, you are not recruiting anybody and are not dependent on compensation plans. You can earn by promoting products or services of your choice on your website and make money every time you create a sale through your efforts.

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You can, like me, launch an affiliate website, you can promote any products you want from any company, so why sell such a limited product range?

Commissions for affiliates range from 5% to 75% and include digital products, Amazon products, and recurring services. You can also promote Wakaya products for FREE, and earn 10% for every sale.

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