Is YOR Health a scam
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Is YOR Health A Scam? Is It Worth To Join? My Review

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We all know every MLM comes under scanner due to inadequate records of the companies.

Most of the MLM’s are scams that start with a bang and go from the back door by taking people’s money and time both.

Today again, I am here to give you a review of a company called YOR Health.

It is an MLM company that has mix reputation in the market as the debate is going on its legality.

So question stays whether it is good MLM or a scam pyramid scheme which gives commission on adding members not on selling products.

I don’t like MLM concept even if it is legit. If you are a famous person and like to go parties around than MLM can be a good option as a side business.

If you are a shy and introvert person, then forget about earning from MLM companies.

If you Don’t Want To Brag People But You Need Money

I am coming to the work I do, which is to give you 100% legit review of legit and non-legit companies.

If you are doing online work or looking for a side job, my reviews will definitely help you.

Let’s go through YOR Health what it is, how it works, some of its pros and cons and last which you all will love to know whether its a scam or legit MLM company.

About YOR Health


It was started in 2008 by Dennie’s Wong with a new vision after his horrible time in his first venture with Jeffery Morgan.

As per the site and sources, YOR Health sells its products through and MLM network of around 5000 promotors, in the USA and Mexico.

Wong and his partner were in trouble as FTC charge them for a faulty company. So question raised straight away what about YOR Health.

Well, don’t worry I will explain all step by step.

YOR Health Product Line
And Joining Process

YOR Health provides health-related products, and LIVE BARE is their tagline.


They are trying to give products which are of higher quality and made of mother nature which can help you fight against problems.

They provide different shakes, creams, and all for better health, and they also claim that their products are useful in reducing weight in the right manner.

Actually, they have similar products as Herbalife, Beachbody, 4 Life or Bode Pro MLM companies. It’s because those products are selling very good and they don’t last long, so distributors need to purchase every month.

Joining YOR Health

You can join YOR Health becoming a retail customer for free, but you won’t get any benefits as per their guidelines.

Register in the company by paying a $25 fee, in this, you get a 25% discount on products.

You can even become a promoter, and they give you the business opportunity of selling their products to others and recruit clients under you by doing that you get bonuses and posts in YOR Health.

Being a promoter, you will get help from the company. They will guide you face to face regarding products and sellings. The cost of the YOR Health Promoter set is $723,30.


To become a promoter in YOR Health is not an easy job you have to give a good time to learn and earn from it.

As per the sources you have to give more than $2900 per month (!) to boost your business in YOR Health.


You are investing time and money both as a promoter, well to earn something we can understand no one will give anything for free.

You have to maintain Retail Product Volume too of 60 to 120 monthly to remain as an active member. One RPV is $1.32. ( its from $80 to about $160 a month).

The problem here is if you are not able to stay active, then you want to get any benefits as a promoter in YOR Health.

RPV requirement is to meet FTC guidelines and increase the selling of the company.

If you don’t have or don’t want to invest so much money to start a side job, you can read how I was able to make money from home, investing less than $20!

Compensation Plan of YOR Health

Compensation is similar to many other MLM no difference – built a team and earn money.

You have to develop two teams to earn bonuses and everything in YOR Health. We all Binary compensation plan is no easy way of making money.

Compensation plan as follows of YOR Health:

Binary tree structure, recruit distributors, right and left leg. You get the income according to your recruiters.


Then comes the Ranking system: As per your experience and qualifying milestones by selling and recruiting in the company you get ranking in the company.

  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Diamond
  • Double Diamond
  • Triple Diamond
  • Royal Blue Diamond
  • White Diamond
  • Royal White Diamond
  • Presidential White Diamond
  • Imperial White Diamond
  • Crown White Diamond

You can even earn in YOR Health’s pay plan, which is in six different ways. For Qualified distributors, YOR Health gives six ways to make money.

Retail Profit:

In this, you get wholesale price benefits and sell it at retail price to earn a profit.

First Order Bonus

New Distributor earns up to 20% on the first order, but the condition is, the order must generate 200PV, or more and the bonus will not exceed $150.

Team commission

As per their binary structure 10% commission based on production in a lesser performing leg. The commission is transferred every week.

Generation Check match

It is a weekly bonus. To get this, you have to reach the Silver position, by being an active member with a monthly 200PV.

Leadership Bonus

For this, you have to reach the Blue Diamond position for this bonus. You get weekly leadership bonuses.


In this, you get multiple profit centers. But for this, you have cross white diamond rank.

Can You Earn From YOR Health?

Well, it depends on your capability!
You must be a person who likes to meet people and trap them (harsh word but that’s the reality) to buy products that are of high price compare to the market.

According to my calculation, less than 2% of people are earning from this company.

So if you are lucky enough to come in that 2%, then you might make perfect money. Else forget about making you will lose money and time with YOR Health.

Now comes the real question:

Is YOR Health A Scam Or Not?

1 stars review

Well, I will say you do not join this company, there are many red alerts of this company which is similar to a pyramid scheme, and the record of founder too is very gloomy so for me it’s a big NO.

I am not keeping YOR Health in the scam category, but still, I will stick to the decision that it’s not a worthy company to invest or waste time on it why I feel its next to Pyramid schemes because very few are earning from this company less than 2%.

It means they are trapping people in the name of products and recruiting them, forcing them to invest in products.

I would rather say join a good thing like affiliate marketing I am doing it for years. You will learn and earn money with a stable life with the help of my FREE 6 days of email training!

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


  • Lynna

    Idk how long you been with Yor health but what you say isn’t what I know . I’m been with Yor health since December 2017. Within my first month, my mentor help me make over $5k . We helped our downline retired her husband within just 3 months. Her and her husband lost 100lbs in just 4 month. Within 2 years we helped over 1000 peoples . Not just weight loss we gave them an opportunity to earned extra money from home . During this COVID19 pandemic. Everyone freak out because they got No job and we as YOR HEALTH Promotor . We are well take care Of. Our founder is the best founder. He is self made millionaires. I don’t know how is Yor Health before and I don’t care how it’s before I just know right now my family well take care of and we all save during this pandemic. While everyone live in fear we go out there to share health and wellness and we are changing people live everyday .
    God blessed you. Be kind so you can get good karma back. I’m proud to say I am YOR HEALTH PROMOTOR and I love everything abt Yor health . From the people’s, the team , the staff the culture , the system and definitely we love our founder.

    My English is not good I hope you understand what I try to say here .
    If you failed then look at yourself what have you done wrong . Learn how to be grateful and gratitude 🙏 be happy and god blessed you again .

    • Jelena

      Hello Lyna and welcome to I am glad that you are a satisfied promoter of the company Your Health. Then you belong to the 2% of people who managed to make money from this company. It shows that you are an excellent salesman, which unfortunately most people are not.

      • Shawn

        I was with YH in 2014 and it was a horrible experience! One of the head people that was around our group of promoters was a white diamond. Amazing cars, big house, you name it. I felt so forced to contact all my friends to get them to parties etc. It wasn’t my style to force people into things. Everything that you said in your article is true. I even ended up losing friends within the group. If you weren’t top, then you weren’t part of the group. I truly felt uneasy with the company (if you can call it that).

  • Marcus

    Hi, I use to be a promoter for YH back in 2019, left due to personal reasons. However, the information you provided should be dated to see just how accurate your statements really are. From what I see is your numbers are way off and the information you provided is not correct. In order to make a bold claim to say something is not good. you have to have details down to the T. The devil is in the details, it is the same as saying a movie is terrible when you didn’t pay attention and confused some scenes with another movie. I respect that you have your opinion but do not take away the opportunity from others with incorrect numbers and statements. I’m no longer there but I respect everything they have done for me and the people that I sponsored are being well taken care of.

    • admin

      Marcus, I appreciate your answer, but to be able to correct my post,
      you need to tell me what is wrong with my numbers.
      Which statements are not true?

    • Anthony

      I disagree, before Yor Health was Yor Health they were Dot Com). And before that they went under another name. They had people like the crazy 8 that spent their savings to by luxury cars as a front and went to campuses to recruit members for this pyramid scheme. The we’re offering this revolutionary modem that you could fit in your pocket called Voice over IP. A revolutionary call system that after a few years they just seem to went to the health field… to join you had to buy a membership for a few hundreds, pay to go to there training every Sunday, recruit and sell the product. In all actuality you where spending more than earning.

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