Is Youngevity a scam
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Is Youngevity a Scam? The Truth Revealed!

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Okay, so here we are with another review of yet another company, yet another MLM structured company named Youngevity

One often thinks what these companies that talk a lot about health and nutrition are? 

Are these in real or most often than not only prove to be a scam? 

Well, most of these companies always start with claiming how their products are and how natural and organic they are in nature, but many of them only make such claims and also prove themselves otherwise. 

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What Is Youngevity?


Youngevity is MLM company or is genuine we will know that later. However, first, what is this idea that companies always infuse in the consumer’s mind, especially when it comes to health and wellbeing? 

Today different markets deal differently when it comes to consumer’s mind.

They play around the idea of being fit and healthy with the use of their products and enforce the consumers directly or indirectly so much so that they end up buying the products.

Many MLM companies today are dealing with health and nutrition-based products.

Youngevity is one such company that sells in the same line of health and nutrition-based products.

Youngevity is nothing but a nutritional MLM company that offers almost the same products that their competitors (Usana, Shaklee, Vemma,..) are offering that are related to health and wellbeing.

Though Youngevity is quite a well-known and established the company with a varied range of products, they have too many products actually to name all of them here.

Let Us Get Started By Knowing A Bit Of Youngevity History

Dr. Joel D. Wallach founded Youngevity in the year 1997. So, ‘it’s been around 22 years in the industry, and it’s still growing and trying to reach at a higher level every time it claims that it has products that are different from its competitors. 

Dr. Joel D. Wallach has been in the nutrition industry for more than 50 years now with his research and hence has tried to put all his philosophies in Youngevity.

Also, Dr. Joel believes that nutrition and environmental changes have a profound effect on our overall wellbeing. Dr. Joel’s groundbreaking research has been that humans require 90 essential nutrients to achieve and maintain optimal health.

He is also known as the Mineral Doctor for his profound study of the trace mineral selenium and its association to Cystic Fibrosis. So this is how he was inspired to start his company Youngevity. 

Youngevity is “Youth + Longevity.”

By the name itself, it tries to tell us that its core purpose is to provide products that make a human body stay young and live longer.

What Does Youngevity Offer?

The product line or range is so vast that it will be challenging to name all of them here. It has tapped almost every industry, or market and has more than 2,000 products, 31 brands, and 15 product categories.

It will be hard to write about all those products so that why I will show you six main categories in Youngevity.


Some of the categories deal in:

1. Food & beverage: Sports drinks, nutritional drinks, shakes, wholesome grains, etc.

2. Health & Nutrition: This includes all the dietary supplements.

3. Fashion: All the apparels, accessories, handbags, etc.

4. Home: Includes all the household equipment & even pet care products.

5. Spa & beauty: This includes all the personal care products & makeup.

6. Essential oils: They also offer blends, singles, diffusers, etc.

Also, you can find many packages where they sell products together, like weight loss pack, packages for athletes, support bones, lower blood pressure, help with heart and brain, and also repair digestive system.
Their flagship product is “90 for life”.

As discussed earlier, Dr. Joel researched that 90 nutrients are essential for a human body. “90 for life” is just made for that.

Dr. Joel studied that the human body cannot digest 90% of the nutrients so “90 for life” was created and claimed that it has a 90-98% absorption rate. Well, this is hard to believe and I didn find any scientistic proof for this claim.

What Is Youngevity’s Compensation Plan?

There are necessarily two ways you can earn money from them:

1. You either make your retail sales.

2. You create more downlines from which you can receive your commission from each purchase made by them.

First, you need to buy $25 welcome kit to get started if you want to do business with Youngevity. This kit includes all the brochures and training materials required to help you go ahead with it.

But it is not all. For making a business from it, you will need to have samples for your customers. So, Youngevity will offer you a few different packages to choose from, pricing from $115 to $500, which they call it the “CEO Startup Pack.”

They will tell you that those packages are “the must” if you want to succeed and become a millionaire! My opinion ( based on personal experience with some other MLM companies), is taht this is great way to get into debt.

Hey-Mom- Turn Your Ideas Into reality

Like other MLM companies, Youngevity too has different bonuses that they can provide you with like:

  • Retails sales
  • Infinity bonus
  • Residual bonus
  • Status rewards
  • Car Bonus, etc.

All these bonuses can be achieved only when the consultant reaches a certain performance level. Also, the fact that the higher your rank, the higher is your commission or reward.

With all promo stories, pictures with yachts, expensive cars, and luxury travels, MLM companies want to leverage your emotional triggers. The truth is, less than 1% succeed.

Ok. Let’s see the Youngevity compensation plan. It s so complicatedly made that I assume that most of the members understand it.
But, if you have time and want to understand it, you can watch video below made for new members:

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Pros And Cons Of Youngevity

What Is Good With Youngevity?

1. Member of DSA: A company which is a member of the Direct Selling Association is legit.

2. Publicly listed company: It has also become a publicly listed company with a symbol of YGYI at NASDAQ.

3. Useful Statistics: Youngevity has really shown growth over the years and increased its revenue.

What Is Bad With Youngevity?

1. Expensive products and high investment: With the higher claims it makes with its products, the price range is also very high. Even, not just the starter kit fees, it also has other costs involved like the product ranges are from $115- $500.

2. False claims: It once claimed that it could cure cancer with one of its juices. Well, no valid testing has been done and has not been proved yet. Truth In Advertising Organisation found a lot of fake claims which Youngevity or its distributors have either made or referenced.

Beside inappropriate health claims, discovered unusual earnings claims that lack appropriate legal disclosures. Also, I didn’t find any Youngevity income disclosure statement, which is necessary document for all MLM companies.

3. Extensive product line: It is incredibly confusing for customers to choose from a vast product line and also gets difficult for consultants to know the specifications of all the products.

As you start, you will need to pay $25 for Welcome Kit, but you will be pushed to also buy Product Packages ( $115- $500 indirectly compulsory). Plus, every member will need to purchase monthly products to be eligible for further commissions.

4. Focus on recruitment: Youngevity’s primary focus shifts from improving and selling its nutritional products to only recruiting individuals to do the same. Its red flag for Pyramid Schemes structure.

Is Youngevity A Scam?

1 stars review

Well, from above we can understand that it is not a scam (its a member of DSA – so it is a legit company) but, to get into it for business would be a waste of time and energy because consultants will only have to do either word of mouth selling.

As a new Youngevity consultant you will need to invest couple hundred of dollars and all your free time.

Alternatively, you will have to recruit more and more people to create a downline, or they will have to sell it through conducting get-togethers, parties, etc.

Moreover, not everyone is comfortable with that kind of selling.

Plus, it is a long process; you really don’t know when you are going to reach a higher level to achieve more profits and commissions.

Is There A Better Option?

I was member of several MLM companies, and I never earned any money. It was too embarrassing to chase my friends every day and to offer them products that I know its too expensive, just to win a couple of points.

But I needed the money and I was sure I could work from home, be with my children (especially after a divorce) and make money. So after wandering around the internet, I found a way to make money.

A better option than an MLM structured company is Affiliate marketing. Here, you are only promoting or marketing products or services through promotion on social media platforms, blogs, websites, etc.

You can do this free of cost and earn some good bucks with your promotion skills at your own convenience without the hassle of recruiting people.

Best of all, after three years in Affiliate Marketing, I was able to pay my debt and to make 4 digits monthly income.

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Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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