Is Younique an MLM or Pyramid Scheme
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Is Younique an MLM​, Pyramid Scheme Or Legal?

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No one can deny the fact that beauty products market is enormous — every small to big companies trying their hands by bringing new beauty products. First, only big companies were ruling this business, but from many years, the trend has changed.

Many top companies are doing great for many years. As many companies are coming in this line, we came up to one company called Younique which is making a buzz in the market with its products and also with its selling process which is debatable topic: MLM or Pyramid.

So in this review, I will cover: is Younique an MLM, what it is, how it works, companies products, its pros and cons and also is it Pyramid or not. My review is totally unbiased, and it is posted to help people who are looking for some side jobs.

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What Is Younique?


It’s and network marketing company or say MLM Company which do manufacturing and selling of their main beauty and cosmetic care products like eyelashes, skincare, and other products.

Their mission is to welfare, empower and validate women across the globe, helping a global family of women and make them realize their strength for personal growth with excellent financial rewards.

By marketing Younique, they can empower themselves. Younique teams feel it is possible because they provide women related products so only women can do it in a better way and in return they can earn a good income.

Younique was started in Sep 2012 by brother and sister Duo Derek and Melanie. 

How To Join Younique?

For joining Younique, you have to pay $99 $79 to $199 $159 for membership, and you will get presenter kit a starter kit.

They give things like some basic cosmetic products samples of products like Eyeliners, Mascara, Lipsticks, etc.

You also get detailed catalogue about their products and other marketing materials. With that, you also get facilitate with virtual marketing tools like a website for your customers to buy products from you. They also give a particular training program which is useful for beginners.

The good thing about this company is that it comes with products, which gives you an indication company is not totally fraud as a company which provide products in MLM is counted as a good company.

Let’s See The Younique Product Line

As I said earlier, their products are made up related, so mostly they have female owners. They are making products which are useful to women in their daily lives.

I will try to list out their product categories, which is will be easier for my readers and me. So let’s see one by one.

Younique produces products like Ladies Perfumes, Eye related products like Eyeliners, Mascara, Eyelashes, Lash Serums and few more. 

  • For lips: Lipsticks, Lip Exfoliators, Lip Balm and few more,
  • For face: Face Primers, Setting Sprays, Setting Powder etc.
  • Skin related products: Moisturizers, Creams, Mask, Cleansers etc.
  • They also have some popular products like moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes.

It looks like they have put lots of hard work in marketing product. They also claim that they have made 100% green tea fibers but its controversies. Many of them say Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes are made up of ground-up nylon and it is said that it is not natural.


Now Let’s See How To Make Money From Younique

Well, not much different than other MLM companies, there are two ways of earning in Younique too.

  • Sell Younique products at retail prices which you purchase at wholesale price, and
  • the second thing which is recruiting people under you and get a good return as bonuses.

The Compensation Plan Of Younique 

The compensation plan of Younique is not much different from other networking companies like other companies; it has various ranks or day position on that basis commission and all is decided.

They have kept status which starts with White, then Yellow, which is for starter, Pink and Blue are for exemplary, Green and Orange are Elite Presenters, Purple and Black are the exclusive presenter.

Younique have kept steps like Retail Royalty, Circle Royalties, First-generation Royalties, Second-generation Royalties, and Third-generation royalties.

Commission starts with 20% for White and Yellow up to 25% and for Purple and Black its 30% plus other incentives which add up to 48% in total.
So, sell more products to earn money and enter into the top level to get more benefits.


Now Let Us Go Through Its Pros And Cons


  • It has good BBB ratings.
  • Younique is not like some other MLM companies; it’s selling their own products.


  • It has been under the scanner, and many tell this company as a Pyramid scheme.
  • Not everyone can get success in MLM even its legit company.
  • The question has been raised against their products, which is not a good thing.
  • Product prices are on the higher side.
  • Some time they deactivate their customer accounts.
  • Poor customer service.

The Big Question Is It Legit Or Not And My View On Younique

3 stars review

Like many other companies, Younique is also under scanner.

So, is Younique an MLM? Well, as you have to add more members to earn money is part of every MLM company, but the main thing in MLM is they have a product or not? 

Is Younique an MLM or Pyramid Scheme

Well, in that case, Younique cannot be called a scam or Pyramid scheme because they are having their products and its working from the past six years. So, for me, it’s 50% good as they are having their products.

However, “adding a member” method and earning commission has been a long debatable question for every MLM company, and because of that, most people stay away from such MLM companies.

I hope this doesn’t happen to Younique company too if they focus on their products and do marketing is fair enough, but if they are doing things like only focusing on adding members than it can be a massive setback for the people who are joining at later part of this scheme.

Many of them will lose money, and it has happened in the past many MLM companies have done such things. You will be stunned after reading my review on some MLM companies like World Ventures, One Coin, or LuLaRoe.

I am not telling Younique comes in that category but I will still say if you know anything about MLM, then you know that you might lose money and time.

That’s why I prefer affiliate marketing. You are working for your self, no upsides or downsides, no left or right leg; you don’t need to add members and to talk all day about your new business opportunity.

With good training, you can quickly learn how to become a good affiliate marketer, and you can work at a time that suits your needs, and also you can work from anywhere – if you have laptop and wi-fi.

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