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The Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing To Generate A Passive Income Online

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Affiliate Marketing is a great way to generate passive income online. Most people live without a passive income.
Your situation is always one of these two:

  • They work 40 (or more) hours weekly: they need to cover their expenses and work for another person 8-10 hours a day. They do not choose what to do or when to do it.
  • They have their own business: online and offline business owners work even more. They have to take care of the company, the employees, the customers and a long list of possible problems.

What if there was another way to work? A way of working in which time is not the main variable. In which the money enters your pocket without even having to attend to it. This called a is passive income! But, what is the best way to learn Affiliate Marketing for free and start generate passive income?

So, are you interested in starting to earning income from home automatically or do you preferred to continue selling your time in exchange for an hourly rate?

Learn Affiliate marketing and Generate a Passive Income Online - free course included _ bobforher.com

First, A Close Look At Some Passive Income Methods

The Passive Income Via The Stock Dividends

While you purchase part of a business, a few businesses pay dividends out there. If perhaps you purchase a new business akin to the stunning Snapchat, you probably do not own extra cash, so you do not earn even a share or maybe dividend. They buy the stock following the conviction that it’s going to have a lot more value and worth in the future. They buy it today for $ 20 and expect it to be $ 200 in the future.

Older companies akin to Ford, Apple or perhaps AT & T have less growth potential. There are only many people in the world who buy a truck and an iPhone. The well-known Ford, as well as Apple, have before now entered most markets all over the globe to some extent. Even though the stock might still actually grow, it’s not going to grow very fast as the very newer businesses like Twitter and the related. To encourage investors out there to truly invest their hard earned money, they present or give a dividend.

The definite number will range just from less than 1percent to more than 10 percent, although most companies you’ve heard of fall between 1 percent and 6 percent.

I’m not that mathematician, so I’m not going to try to calculate the exact returns, but I know that you need a lot of money to generate legitimate income using this method. If you make modest returns, you’ll need close to a million dollars on the bank to earn $ 30,000 a year. According to an answer, I found online to earn $ 500 a month in income; I would need $ 240,000 with a 2.5 percent dividend rate.

Property Renting

This is another great way to get passive income. My friend currently earns about $ 1,100 a month in passive income through his real estate stuff. Buy and then hold the baby! He purchased a few properties in the year2012 through the year 2015 and rented them out. He also has a good property management business that deals with his property tenants, thus he doesn’t do a single thing apart from collecting a check.

He gives some income through the manager’s attitude, but that means he does not actually have to repair the toilets at 1 am or maybe receive calls while on holiday.

The very great difference and a clear line between the payment of the mortgage as well as the rent is the passive income. If maybe his mortgage, including the taxes and also insurance, is 1000 USD, however, the rent is 1600 USD; he earns the sum of 600 USD a month as passive income.

That’s not actually the complete story, simply because my friend still needs to pay out for housekeeping, repair, and gardening, but that’s the general idea of how passive income works through the real estate sector. Buy the house; let someone pay a rent that is more than the payment of your home. Of course, this is another method that requires money to make money.

Passive income_property renting _ bobforher


But, if you already have a free apartment or just free room, you can rent out on Airbnb or Booking, like I did, and earn some side money this way ( I will write more in one of the following posts, stay tuned!).

There are several tricks to overcome this obstacle in the real estate sector, but I am not qualified to talk about it. Some other experts are a great resource to start. There are ways to get money for a down payment, but you have to spend time learning about the real estate industry. Do not expect to jump and score. It takes time to learn the basics of this industry!


This technique of passive income will need money to make money. The peer-to-peer loans are a brand new and even interesting technique to get your money working on your behalf. The Websites akin to Lending Club, the Prosper site, and even the BitBond allow individuals to burden their credit needs, and also you, being an investor, could select the exact one to invest.

You could have much higher rates as compared to the stock market, nearly all the time, and then you could expand your very own loans based on projects, folks, or just credit risks.

Create Business Systems

Perhaps the most intimidating, but also the cheapest, way to generate residual income for you is to create a commercial system that will allow you to earn money without work (or little work). By business system, I mean creating a business where employees or contractors do the work, and you generate the revenue that the business generates.

Generate A Passive Income Online

An example of this could be an Amazon store selling tea boxes.
If you find a supplier in China who sells wooden tea boxes, you can deliver it to a person in the USA. He accepts custom orders from Amazon or preferably Etsy to burn and then send. They buy the wooden tea boxes, organize the shipping and the store, but everyone else in the chain does the work. This would be an example of drop shipments or perhaps drop-shipping out there.

That was just an odd example, which would require some money to buy inventory. But online there are many ways to create an online business that requires very little money.

The compensation is that you have to spend a lot of time setting up the system, especially if you are a newbie who has no business or web experience.

In this post, I will talk specifically about a business system that can (potentially) create truly passive income. First, you have to work hard, but if a person builds his business, he can spend less time working while paying people to replace him.

I Have Created A Decent Passive Income Stream Through Affiliate Marketing

Not every person out there is actually familiar or knows the affiliate marketing works, but I believe it’s a great way to make money on the internet because the affiliate marketing is indeed accessible to beginners as well. With kind of marketing, it’s entirely feasible to begin as a starry-eyed novice with no hint out there as well as build your very own business to generate a passive income online based on your interests.

Why Precisely Affiliate Marketing To Generate A Passive Income Online?

When you build your business out there, you have to run the business to make money! Even the brightest CEOs in the world, who earn multi-billion dollar wages, work tirelessly. No, they do not have to work at 6 am to sell hamburgers or sell clothes, but they are in the office every day to develop, organize, and delegate strategies. This is not a passive income. This is a business owner.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing explained in a few words, is to recommend in your blog a certain product or service get a commission for each sale you get. I know it’s more complicated to get a reader to end up buying a product that you recommend than the simple fact of clicking on an ad with Google Adsense, but the commission is not the same either.

The normal thing is that by clicking on an Adsense ad you get an amount between $ 0.08 and $ 2 or $ 3, depending on the theme of your blog and the advertised advertisement, while with an affiliate program you can get a commission of up to 75% of the value of the promoted product.

I understand that if you have a blog or want to create one to get passive income, you are making your mouth water thinking about the amounts that can be achieved with this method. For this reason, below I want to explain the 3 best methods to make money with affiliate marketing.

1. Be An Affiliate As An Intermediary.

This method consists in being a simple intermediary between the client that buys the product and the affiliate program that recommends the product. You do not need to open your way in a certain niche or get the client’s trust, so the process is usually much faster than if you have to create a blog to let you know.

There are people who do not like the idea of having to create a blog to work on it for months or years to appear on Google and thus start generating commissions.

2. Recommend Products As An Affiliate In A Niche Market.

This method consists of creating a blog trying to position it in a certain market niche. You may not have a blog. You can use other tools such as podcasts, even videos on YouTube, etc. But owning a website or blog actually makes it more profitable and very passive income business for you. As an affiliate, you recommend affiliate products, either in a banner on the sidebar of a blog or even with a link within a post.

Surely surfing the Internet you will have found blogs that have the typical banners of 125 × 125 in the sidebar recommending a series of products. I’m 100% sure that in most cases, these bloggers have never used these products before.

3. Recommend Products That You Have Been Able To Prove Yourself.

This is, in my opinion, the best method to generate passive income with a blog. You have tried a product that you really liked and for which you are satisfied and decide to recommend it to the readers of your blog.

You do not recommend it with a banner in the sidebar but directly in a post where you talk about that product, what you think after using it, why you recommend it and what benefits you think your readers can get when buying it.

If you have managed to make your way through your blog in a niche market and have positioned yourself as an expert or influential person by offering quality content, your readers will trust you when you recommend the product and you will get good Passive Income results.

What Method Should You Use?

The 3 methods are acceptable and recommendable methods if you want to make money online, but the best method to create a passive income online and lasting business model is the third one.

You will obtain better results and a higher percentage of sales since:

    Your readers have proof with you that the product works.

    They can come to you in case they need some help.


Although you will always get better results with the third method, it is the method in which you will have to work the most to get results.

Like understanding the dos and dons of a website and maybe as a newbie, you need a free affiliate site and some basic knowledge to actually get footed. Some even pay out a sum from $300 –  $10.000 to learn all these affiliates and related stuff. But the Wealthy Affiliate is free and will aid you a great deal since working your way into a niche market as an expert in that niche is not achieved in a couple of months.

Also, you can subscribe to my 6 days FREE course and learn Affiliate Marketing  so you can start generate a passive income online.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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