Lucky Day App Review
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Lucky Day App Review. Can You Win Money?

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What if you get the money for playing a game from your Android or iPhone mobile?

Today I am going to give you Lucky Day app review, which is a game where they have a considerable amount of gamers who lay this game and enjoy by making time pass when they are free and in the same time gain some money.

What Is Lucky Day App?

Lucky Day App Review

Lucky Day App is a free app that allows you to enter into the lottery, win money by scratching lottery tickets, and playing slots.

It is a perfect time pass app which gives you different chances to win money and gift cards. It is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices.

Before you start, I must tell you that you won’t earn a huge income with Lucky Day App.

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How Does Lucky Day App Work?

  • First of all download this app, as it is free, you want to lose any money from it.
  • After installing you have to register to use this App.
Lucky Day App login
  • They edit credit to your account whenever you start playing.
  • You have the choice each day to enter a raffle, sweepstakes, lottery game, or scratch off lottery tickets to win cash and prizes.
  • This app has certain limitations as it works in a few countries

How To Earn From Lucky App
(you need to be lucky to win in this App)


You get daily and monthly raffles, for daily one entry is free which you have to claim every day. For more entries in raffles, you have to buy that with tokens, and it will also give you a chance of winning. Each day they give you a chance to win different prizes, and it’s for all who enter into this app.


LuckyDay app has a daily lotto where there are 6 numbers to pick. Cash reward for if you match 4 out of 6 and if you match 2 you win tokens which you can exchange for raffle entries.

Each time you enter the lotto, scratch off tickets, enter the sweepstakes or raffle, you’ll need to have the credits in your account. You can easily earn the credits from the game to enter these chances to win cash or prizes.


The primary way to win cash and tokens from this app is from scratchers. You can also see how much you have gained from this app you have to be lucky to match 3 symbols which will help you win scratcher amount and tokens.

But also keep in mind after some scratchers you have to compulsory watch videos else you cannot win from it.

Lucky Day Lotto

How To Earn Credits To This Game

  • Login daily and get 2 credits than after every 24 hours you will get free credit by opening this app so use it daily to get credits.
  • Refer to your friends and family which will help you earn 5 play credits and bonus.
  • You get the list of lotto winners in the evening, daily scratch is included for players and also bonus scratch card so that player can scratch it and win from it.

So you have to compulsory login daily and play this game to win something from it with your luck.

Some Good Points Of Lucky Day App

  • It is free to join
  • You can win some amount if you are lucky. You’ll need $10 in your account before you can cash out
  • They transfer the amount into your PayPal account
  • U.S citizens get more advantage as per some reviews, so all the U.S citizens try or luck every day.
  • It’s not a scam; some of them have won in the past.
Lucky Day winner

Let Us See Some Of The Drawbacks Of Lucky Day App

  • Lucky Day App rating: I feel is fake because there is a huge list of negative reviews, so I found it false.
  • They actually are not allowing people to earn: people get stuck between $5 to $9 an even some who have won $10 has not received any amount. So it’s an alarm for all the players who are looking to earn money by trying their luck where everything is fixed, and you will not get anything from it.
  • Don’t dream of winning jackpot from this App.
  • The site has made an update which is causing a lot of people problems to cash out or receive their prizes.
  • The app is not even working in some of the states of U.S

My Lucky Day App Review

1 stars review

Well, it’s a game where you can enjoy playing but don’t expect that you will win money from it.

People should work hard to earn money and not come under this kind of scams which makes you lazy and a loser. So my verdict for this App. Lucky Day App is not a scam, but if you are looking for earning is “BIG NO.”

There are other ways of earning in life. People should avoid such thing and stop wasting time on such Apps. Not all of us are lucky and even if you are lucky, what if you don’t get a single penny from it, which I have found in reviews of Lucky Day App.

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