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Make $130 Per Lead With The Black Friday Weekend!

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Making Money Online Just Got
More Easy With
The Black Friday Weekend!

Shopping! Who doesn’t like it?

Well, the world is full of people who go crazy when shopping. And, it is even true when it comes to doing online shopping altogether because you can find almost everything today in the online market thanks to the Internet.

What a boon, I must say.

The purpose of this post is that you can join this affiliate program and it will pay you $130 for every sale you make from Nov 29 – Dec 02, 2019.

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With so many fishes in the sea, I mean so many marketers in the online market, sometimes it even gets quite challenging to understand where to head or even select shops or brands online probably.

All this said and done the exciting part of online shopping was and will always be the various deals that it comes up with, unlike the physical store shopping most of the time.

So, people mostly prefer to go online for shopping because they are not only getting their desired products but also because they are sometimes even getting paid back for it!

Yes, you heard that right, and all this is made possible with the Black Friday Weekend.

We have come almost near the Black Friday weekend, which this year is on 29th November 2019.

The most exciting part of this Thanksgiving weekend is that by joining an affiliate program, you can earn an unlimited $130 per sale that you make through affiliate links during the Black Friday Sale Weekend.

What Are Black Friday Weekend And Thanksgiving All About?

Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday of November and is regarded as the commencement of the Christmas shopping season in the US, and the following day is called Black Friday.

Many stores open up big sales from midnight itself and continue the sales for a few days.

For many years the Black Friday sale day is considered to be the busiest shopping day.

Almost all stores offer various deals and discounts on all products, and they also benefit affiliate marketers for promoting their stores and brands by paying them in return for either bringing them traffic or by making sales themselves.

What Is Affiliate Marketing All About?

Today the best way to earn money online is definitely through Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing opens gates of various opportunities for individuals who are keen on making money online.

Affiliate marketing is nothing but earning money by sending traffic or visitors or prospective buyers to the marketer’s website.

One asks how to do that?

Well, as an affiliate marketer, you only have to select products or services of your choice and start promoting them.

You will provide affiliate links on your websites, blogs, etc. which will direct people on the marketer’s website directly and instill a desire in them to buy something from their online store.

If a sale happens through these efforts, then as an affiliate, you get paid for each purchase made.

And, some affiliate programs also pay only for directing traffic to their sites.

Wealthy Affiliate is one such platform where they give a chance to individuals to learn from them the tips and tricks of doing business online and earning money out of it.

Though there are many affiliate programs online,
Wealthy Affiliate stands out and provides two types of membership:

  • one is a free starter membership – $0
  • the second is a paid premium membership – $49/month or $359/year

They provide training not only in affiliate marketing but other online ways as well that profit individual in many different ways.

What Does This Affiliate Program Generally
Provide You With?

  • Helps in building your website.
  • Q&A sessions.
  • Live chats 24/7.
  • Keyword research tools.
  • It helps in finding a profitable market according to the individual.
  • Tools and training materials,
  • Video tutorials, etc.

Above are some of the many things that Wealthy Affiliate program offers.

Since there are many other Affiliate programs as well, each of them will offer differently.

Each will have their respective offers, discounts, sale prices, and the profit price for affiliates working for them. So, choosing the right affiliate program is equally important for increasing the earning potential.

Now we arrive at the main topic of today:

The Black Friday Deal 2019!

Every Thanksgiving week, many online stores and brands come up with the Black Friday Sale that lasts for four days generally. And we are very near to this year’s Black Friday Deal, which starts from 29th November 2019 and will continue till 2nd December 2019.

With Wealthy Affiliate, the subscription fee this year is half that is $299 yearly of what the subscribers otherwise pay ($588 yearly).

And the most exciting part of this year’s Black Friday Sale is that you can earn $130 with each sale that you make, and as soon as the sale ends, the amount is $117 per sale.

But you can earn this only if you are a premium member of the affiliate program.

For the free starter program, you will make money if someone has used the affiliate link provided by you and become a member. But there is an exception here; you can earn by selling yearly premium memberships of the Black Friday sale and receive half of what a premium member makes that is $65.

Various bonuses only for the premium members:

  • Five weeks of live training.
  • Early beta access.
  • Creating a niche website in 2020.
  • There are other bonuses as well, which you will know once you become their premium member.

Why Is There Hype About
The Black Friday Deal?

Well, all of America waits for this special Thanksgiving weekend because they get to do what they love the most, and that is shopping where they not only buy for themselves but also for gifting others.

And, when it comes to the Black Friday weekend, it gets even more special with all the deals and offers plus the various profits the affiliate programs give the affiliate marketers is the cherry on the cake.

The hype that usually surrounds the Black Friday Weekend is because firstly, they last for a few days plus they profit not only the stores or merchants but also the buyers where it is a win-win situation for both.

The merchants are getting benefited through the sales that take place, and the buyers get profited with not only the products but also for creating traffic for the merchants and get paid as affiliates.

And, this year at the Black Friday Weekend, you earn $130 for each sale you make through the affiliate program, and that too unlimited.

Isn’t this amazing?!

That is why Wealthy Affiliate always stands out amongst other affiliate programs because they do not boast anything about them, and they do not even claim any ‘get quick rich’ schemes.

In fact, Wealthy Affiliate has more than one reason for showing that they are one of the most genuine affiliate program platforms. If you want to know I think this is one of the best programs to promote, check out my reasons here.

Wealthy Affiliate is an internet marketing training platform that has come into existence only to provide the best of the industry’s training tools and materials to help individuals make their careers and creative entrepreneurs.

The whole idea of the Black Friday weekend and their offer of earning $130 per sale is that they encourage more and more people to become a part of their affiliate programs.

Especially with their premium membership so that individuals get more opportunities for earning more and also benefiting the merchants through this.

How Can You Get Started With Their
Affiliate Program?

  • From the ‘Links & Tracking’ section on the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard, grab the Black Friday Affiliate link.
  • After getting the affiliate link, start with the promotions.

What are the ways through which you can promote the Black Friday Deal?

  • Website – Wealthy Affiliate helps in building your site, which you can use to promote the Black Friday weekend, where you can promote the banners and encourage people to be a part of this program.
  • Email – you can send out the ads on your email list and promote it as a work from home opportunity.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) – Wealthy Affiliate also provides training in keyword searches where with the help of proper keywords. Those keywords will put your website on the first page of the search result, and upon clicking the link, if a person makes a sale through your site, you earn your profit.
  • Facebook – through making a page for people wanting to work from home or by being a member of an already similar existing group, you can promote this opportunity in such groups for generating more traffic.
  • YouTube – you can create your own YouTube channel where you can promote the Black Friday Deal and also provide reviews on the same.

There are tons of marketers, shops, and brands that are a part of the Black Friday Deal, including Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, etc.

When you get all of these shops and brands and their products at various discounts and to top that you also can earn $130 for each sale that you make being an affiliate, you certainly know it is truly a Thanksgiving week.

The more you generate traffic on the merchant’s website and influence people in signing up for the membership at the Wealthy Affiliate during the offer at the Black Friday Deal at just $299 yearly, the more you are in profits in all ways possible.

Sign up now before the Black Friday offer is gone:

You only have to promote the merchants and their products for you to earn profits as an affiliate.

Also, promote the affiliate program membership during the Black Friday weekend so that individuals get the membership at a discount rate plus are flooded with more and more income-earning opportunities.

Don’t forget that you earn $130 per sale, and this is a great motivation for any individual to start earning online!

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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