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Can You Make Money With An Etsy Store?

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If you are an artist or a crafter, then you must know of Etsy.

Etsy is the home of more than 800,000 stores ran by sellers who make all sorts of things, such as clothes, precious jewelry, handmade candles and soaps, printables and a lot more.

With handmade products in every category possible, buyers can discover practically anything they want on Etsy. It’s a fantastic market for crafters to get in touch with buyers who might have an interest in their handcrafted products.

Can You Make Money With An Etsy Store?

There is a lot of stories of Etsy sellers that are succeeding and offering countless items. But how can you know for sure?

Unless an Etsy seller wants to share their results, there’s no genuine method to know with certainty how successful they are.

If you are thinking about offering your very own handmade products on Etsy, you must check out stores in the category you wish to offer in.

You can browse around Etsy and see a lot of stores with countless sales, so I believe it’s safe to say that it is possible to make money with Etsy.

Etsy store

You can see that this store was opened in 2012. and they have more than 300 sales since then.

With Craft Count, we have the ability to see the leading selling stores on Etsy by country, category, and date. I chose Handmade Accessories category for our test.

Etsy Handmade Accessories

You will observe a store called Beanforest topping the list with more than 129,000 sales. Taking a look at the Beanforest store on Etsy, we can see that the majority of the products listed there cost about $1.50.

This store has more than 600 products listed, so some products will cost more, some will cost less.

If we take the store’s average sale to be $1.50, that implies Beanforest made about $18.000.
That sounds great! But remember, this store opened in 2012. So that’s about $3600 yearly income or just $300 per month.

However, you still need to consider things like the cost of acquiring the items, packaging and shipping expenses, plus labor.

If you are Etsy seller, you’ve probably heard about ThreeBirdNest store.

The ThreeBirdNest store has supposedly made more than $60,000 each month. But Alicia, the owner of ThreeBirdNest, declared to have actually just made ninety sales in her very first couple years on Etsy (they started in 2010).

I can`t show you ThreeBirdNest store on Etsy because the store does not exist there. That’s due to the fact that the Alicia, the owner of ThreeBirdNest, chose to pull her store from Etsy’s listings!

No matter why it happened or who did what initially, the essential thing to keep in mind here is that a hugely active Etsy shop was all of a sudden gone from its listings. 

Considering the success of the shop on Etsy, there had to have been a big reason to get rid of it.

With practically one-million stores on Etsy, competition is intense, and definitely not a perfect opportunity for anybody intending to leap in and make a great deal of cash right now.

Please Think About A Few Of These Things Prior To Delving Into The Craft Biz:

1. Keeping

Saving products can be a genuine inconvenience. The majority of handcrafted products need a comprehensive quantity of care.

If you make soap, for instance, you cannot simply make a batch and toss it in your garage for 2 months awaiting it to sell. Do that, and you might lose your whole stock, and all your effort was for absolutely nothing.

2. Packaging/Shipping

Product packaging and shipping products cost and require time. When most new services start to grow, they normally discover that this is their “traffic jam”.

A growing company is a good idea; however, if you do not prepare and have a budget plan for packaging and shipping, then any development you may see will be quickly stunted, and most likely stopped.

With the help of the web and places like that allow you to deliver items from your home, this part of the business is much easier. However, it’s still time-consuming and cannot be neglected!

3. Factory-Like Production Of Crafts

If you like making things, this one isn’t going to trouble you all that much. If you love handcrafted things – talking about them, purchasing them, offering them – then laboring over a handcrafted item for hours isn’t going to be appealing.

You can delve into the crafts market and make a great deal of cash without in fact making anything (stay tuned).

There is a genuine distinction between making a couple of cool products and delivering them to pleased clients for spending money, and developing a full-time business and shipping a lot hand-made crafts each month.

4. Marketing

After producing, packaging and saving your products, you still need to have money and time to market your service. Etsy doesn’t do this for you. That’s a typical misunderstanding.

An Etsy store becomes part of a market and it might or might not show up in the searches buyers carry out while inside Etsy.

Things like images, item description, and customer support will all impact sales and play into how well your company does. Getting things discovered in an online search engine would be remarkable.

However, you might require your very own site for that (the simple part would then be connecting it to your Etsy shop).

Let’s Go Back To Alicia’s And
ThreeBirdNest Story

ThreeBirdNest on Etsy

Whether Alicia pulled the shop down herself or not, Etsy still made a declaration stating they were the ones to eliminate her.

Why does this matter?

When you make something on a platform you do not own, you risk of losing it all, at any minute!

Individuals, or your competitors, can put you out of business with a couple of easy problems.

Can You Make Money With An Etsy Store?

This is most likely the most significant factor that prevents the development of a company that counts on a market managed by a 3rd party.

ThreeBirdNest owner, Alicia, states she left Etsy because of concerns relating to the fulfillment of her clients’ requests.

She states they were dealt with badly by Etsy assistance personnel, who delivered products that were both late and harmed.

This is another significant issue with developing a service on somebody else’s market.

Alicia, like every other Etsy store owner, does not manage the client experience. When you offer on websites like Etsy, they keep control over everything, including consumer contact info and payment information.

Every Etsy store owner is just attracting a
growing number of consumers for Etsy.
They are constructing Etsy’s company, not their own!

Being a company owner (online or offline) means making clever choices. Frequently, new business owners choose what’s simple, low-cost or stylish.

I advise you to avoid that trap. Make wise choices that will pay off in the future.

If You Want To Make Crafts, That’s Fantastic, But Etsy Isn’t The Only Option!

I’m not stating you should not open an Etsy store if that’s what you want, what I am stating is that you need to do more than that!

You can open an Etsy store while also running your service by yourself. For folks who are serious about generating income online, Etsy needs to be used in addition to all the other things you are doing to grow your company. It shouldn’t be the only thing you do.

While Etsy boasts being the home of more than 800,000 stores, it is reported that only half of them are active. Being active in Etsy requires selling least one product over the last twelve months.

If You Want To Make Money In The Crafts Market, Why Not Start Basic?

You can start as an affiliates and offer crafts from Etsy, Amazon, or another seller.

Affiliates don’t need to fret about making, shipping or saving products. I’m an affiliate for a few of my preferred business and I delight in making a portion of every sale without ever touching the items. You could do the same!

That doesn’t mean you never ever get to make your very own handcrafted products, you can do both.

You can start a site for less than $10, end up being an affiliate for your preferred shops, and make money that supports you and allows you to take time to make your very own things.

You can continuously present your own products on your site anytime, or start a craft shop on Etsy or Handmade at Amazon and connect to your mini-shop there.

Hey-Mom- Turn Your Ideas Into reality

Being an affiliate is the very best method to make cash online, from my viewpoint. It’s cheap to start, which indicates a low monetary threat. There’s no stock to shop, no products to deliver, and you have the liberty to grow your service at your very own rate. I do it full-time.

Like me, you can start with Wealthy Affiliate to read more about ending up being an effective affiliate with a complimentary starter subscription that consists of 24/7 live chat, 1,000s of members!

And I’ll be here to help you along the way too.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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