The Midas Legacy Scam
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Midas Legacy Secret Code. Scam or $2200 A Week?

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There are hundreds and hundreds of websites or programs nowadays that talk a lot about making easy money sitting at home. The Midas Legacy is no behind in talking the same to us.

As ordinary people, we too get lured into such programs that talk of easy money earning. But how many of these programs are actually genuine or legit or are all these only scams?

Talking about yet another such program The Midas Legacy it says a lot about earning big money like $2,200 in a week that too working just 20 minutes. You just need to know Midas Legacy secret code!

Do we hear this for real or it’s just a dream? Well, the way this program is advertising itself in the market it just sounds too good to be true and nothing but a lie. However, let’s not just get into the conclusion right away. 

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First, Let Us Know What Midas Legacy Is All About?


Honestly, there was nothing much clearly written about what it is all about, though by what people talk about it, it is a financial research service initiated by Jim Samson.

But how it works or any other similar information relating to that is not evident anywhere. One thinks why would anyone advertising a product or service keep the customers in curiosity about it, and not let out the full information saying it, that “it is all a secret.”

The Midas Legacy secred codes

Well, this increases the interest to know more about them, but what we only get to know is that there is a video surfacing on the net where Jim talks about easy money earning in minutes.

According to him, this is not a pyramid scheme, not an MLM ( as Beachbody, DOT DOT Smile or Melaleuca), not a get rich quick plan; it is not about gambling or even about welfare payments.

And also note here that all this is something which we hear about every such program that talks about earning easy money.

The thing he claimed was you just have to push five buttons on your computer, and you will be flooded with money in your bank account. Sounds strange and at the same time exciting?

But somehow this all seems to be fishy and like a vicious circle that soon the customer may be entangled in.

In the video, Jim only talks about how we can “earn” money from all those elite class people or people with fatty pockets and also tries to convince us somehow how we can make theft of the funds from their accounts. He also claims that rich people have a secret with earning great money instantly, and we must know this secret code to make the same from them. 

Midas lagacy secret code

Really? And he still says they are not into gambling or get – rich quick plan? How contradictive is all this?

How Does Midas Legacy Work?

Jim narrates his story of working for a bank and how he knows a secret about it, and how a lot of secret transactions take place. Jim, after getting fired after being too interrogative of these undisclosed transactions from the bank, got to know the five-letter codes that can be used to earn money instantly that these rich people use.

And very conveniently, Jim also says that all this should remain a secret so that people don’t spread a word about it.

If they don’t want people to be a part of this program, why is Midas Legacy even there in the first place?

This is shady as well as so funny!

It is contradicting with each and every claim they are making. And if you want to be a part of such a program, then it also comes with a price tag of $ 29.95 and it is 100% legal according to him.

You need to put these codes in your computer, and there you receive your money in your account. Believe me; this is insanely hilarious. Even thinking of making money by cheating people is a crime? Who would want to do that?

Hey-Mom- Turn Your Ideas Into reality

Some people on the Internet have even said to the extent that the address that they provide of their company on the website does not exist at all. And many have negative reviews about it saying how all this is a big scam and also they have lost their money in trying to get rich quickly through these cheap methods. 

What lower level a proclaimed website or program can steep to?

Giving people ideas to earn money instantly is one thing but luring them into making money through illegal methods and then claiming it is all legit is just ridiculous.

But when we dive deeper into this, we get to know that all these codes are nothing but affiliate marketing training that they were claiming to be magic words. 

So, they are an affiliate marketing training program trying to lure customers for easy money through these “magical codes thing, but actually to create traffic into their website.

If at all you are interested in Affiliate marketing and earning money through it, then there are other genuine training programs as well on the Internet, which are much better options than The Midas legacy for sure.

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It is something anybody and everybody can do it, at home, at our own convenience most of the times. Though you are not going to get rich overnight definitely, once you get your hands dirty into it after gaining much experience, the income keeps coming, and you keep earning. 

Positives And Negatives About Midas Legacy

Do we even have to discuss any positives about The Midas Legacy?

Because there aren’t any.

The negatives are many:

  • A published report already claimed it to be a fake scheme, so all this “get rich quick” thing is all a bogus.
  • Most of the users have given negative reviews about it saying they have lost all their money behind this scam.
  • The codes they are talking about do not exist at all. In fact, after clicking them, you only get to know that it is about an affiliate training program.
  • There are also some”signals” that they talk about similar like the codes to earn easy money which is also fake, and for that, you need to pay for codes $29.95, all this is extremely expensive especially after knowing what a big scam it is.
  • Even the endorsements that they show on their website is full of fake logos, and most of them have not at all sponsored them.
  • The negatives can go on, but what we learn from this is that we as customers, should be careful of such schemes or programs, especially when it comes to earning quick money or through affiliate marketing. 

Is Midas Legacy A Scam?

The question of whether The Midas Legacy is legit or a scam is answered quite easily that YES, it is a scam. And is a complete no-no for all those people who have been lured into this and who are innocent enough to get in this trap.

If you want to earn easy money being at home, then Affiliate marketing is an excellent choice, and there are plenty of genuine sites that can even teach you with their training programs and all you will get the tools that you need. 

Till then only a little suggestion would be first to do the right amount of research about such sites that talk about easy money earning and then go ahead with it only if it feels genuine and legit.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


  • Jeff

    Thank You .. for doing a thorough and unbiased review of these chimps.
    I almost “took the bait” via a Direct Mail advert a few years ago and to my surprise, they continue to snail mail me and email me constantly about this, in spite of the many times that I have “Unsubscribed” or “Opted-Out” of their adverts .. to be fair however, I have worked for brick n’ mortar companies that have done the same bull .. everything looks legit on the surface, but under the surface these companies are running a sham, extorting every gullible person that walks through the door and buys into their schmooze .. somehow people become convinced that what they are doing is legit, when in fact, it is NOT .. so I have actually worked for companies that suddenly couldn’t make payroll, and people went to work that day with a job, and left the building without a job and the scammers owing everyone money including their bill collectors, building owners, utilities, etc., etc.

    I do so sincerely wish that there was even ONE legitimate “Online Business Owner” that ACTUALLY would do what a conventional employer does ..
    1. Interview
    2. Hire
    3. Train

    Train the new employee until such time as they are able to perform their job at a level that both justifies the employer investing in the new employee and until such a time that the employee can earn enough money to live a reasonably nice quality of life.

    Someone pass the Kool-Aid please 🙂

    • Jelena

      Jeff, I completely understand your frustration. I was scammed a couple of times, and because of that, I started BOB for Her website.
      My mission is to show a difference between legitimate companies and online business and scam companies. There are online companies that have a process of hiring people you mention, but most of them are unfortunately scams.

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