Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel Review
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Nielsen Computer And Mobile Panel Review. How Much Can You Make?

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Nielsen Computer and mobile panel is giving its service from past many decades. Nielsen is a professional research company they are the leaders of media and marketing information with Nielsen TV ratings.

They observe what people are watching, listening, and what they are buying online. In short a survey kind of work, you can register from your mobile or computer and can do an online survey from this site.

The Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is different from other survey sites. Today my review will cover all the essential things related to this site.

How it works, how much can you earn, its pro and cons?

The Nielsen Computer And Mobile Panel


The Nielsen Computer And Mobile Panel is a free program that pays you for doing surveys and few things like surfing the web, watching videos and checking emails and all these simple things.

The Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is run by Nielsen Media Research, which is one of the biggest companies for consumer research from past many years.

You can trust this company without any problem and that’s the first thing I will say for this company. So, it is a legit company and whatever they do will be legit too. It has its reputation in the market, and I don’t think they will spoil their image with any scam.

Nielsen does many kinds of research and has several survey panels-
To start with it is easy to use you just need a device and internet, everything is kept simple for users. Registration is free and easy too.


What Do They Do?

Nielsen Computer And Mobile Panel basically do research and collection of data what people do in their devices, which apps they use most and what is more popular.

In the digital market, this research helps them to improve product quality and services which are trending online. They share our reviews and surveys to the company’s and earn money from them.

It is entirely different from other research and survey panels, surveys which are used in this site are easy and short; they are not time-consuming like other survey sites.

I found few questions related data they collect, as what they do, then what data they collect. So for that, I have tried to get more details of this work for my readers.

The answer to this question is you can trust this company, and it is safe not only for its name but they believe in legit work, and they are maintaining a good reputation in the market:

  • You will be shown as an anonymous,
  • your name will not be displayed to others,
  • data is kept safely and
  • everyone’s data collected separately, so it’s safe, and your data will not be used for your identification.

So download Nielson mobile app or computer panel; will be the same. They are giving more than one device participation facility.

You can register and install the Nielsen mobile panel on several devices, and Nielsen software is good; it’s not a slowing device, which is a good thing.


It is an excellent, easy concept for users to sign up do surveys than install app and software’s give data and your internet usage.

How Much Can You Earn?


So, how much you can earn after installing Nielsen mobile app depends on few things like – in how many devices you have installed this app and registered you can make extra by login from multiple devices in Nielsen which is the best thing.

Yes, I heard about specific limitation in area eligibility for devices is device and population-based.

If you cross that limit, then you cannot work in it. So keep on registering and increase your income from Nielsen.

Your device can also decide your income.

Yes, you read it right here. Rewards are calculated a bit differently. For desktop or laptop software, you only earn entries into sweepstakes for $1,000 or more. These sweepstakes are drawn multiple times a year.

Then last but not the list your rewards also depend on the country you live in. Here is the list of the countries in which you can use Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel:

  • The United States,
  • England,
  • Spain,
  • Hong Kong,
  • Australia,
  • Canada,
  • and a few more countries.

The Nielsen mobile rewards are not the same for all the countries, for example, in the US, where Nielsen monthly have set prices of nearly $10,000.

Some states they have set monthly, quarterly, and yearly rewards with a total amount of almost $35,000 yearly divided between 150 winners.

If you have the app installed for a year, you will have earned around $50. You will feel this a small income but who can pay for free registration and being just a member of anything. So once you have signed up, your income will start.

To register, install the app, check your status of the connection, start earning points, and then cash out.

Once you reach a minimum of $5, you can cash out for a gift card or prize of your choosing. You can claim the Nielsen mobile rewards on their rewards page.

Some of the rewards which they give are – shop tracker- get up to $1 to $3 to sign up. Screen lift- you get bonus points for sign up. Survey savvy connect.

You can join if you are over 18 and you should have a mobile or computer to earn from it with the internet. They are updating countries so you might see more users joining this site soon.

If you feel bored, then don’t leave the app in between keep as it is you might get few bucks for your registration as they are paying in many countries for just registrations and sign-ups.


  • First of legit and nice company
  • Easy to use
  • Rewards are also good
  • They are paying what they say which is really good.
  • It is a bit different than other survey sites; I feel it is better than many in the market.


  • You cannot earn big from it
  • Passive income makes you lazy.
  • Need devices and internet to earn from it.
  • Compulsory sign up
  • Still not available in many countries
  • The real test will be after it increases reach in other countries.

My View On Nielsen Computer
And Mobile Panel

I feel this site is better than other survey sites. The company is legit, and it has a reputation too so no worries while joining and they also have kept things easy there are chances of winning good rewards from it, and it also gives small passive income which is not bad.

Still, I feel the scope which people find for work is not there on this site; is what I think and I don’t think you can earn big from it.

No doubt it is a good company, and they are paying too, but you cannot make a career out of it.

So, if you are a mom who is looking for a side job and to work from home you should try affiliate marketing which gives real rewards for hard work and that too way higher than Nielson computer and Mobile Panel.

I was looking for a stable online income for years. Tried a lot of clicks sites, surveys, different program,… Some was legit, but most of them was a scam. Until three years ago when i discover this program, and finally learn how you can make your online business.

IF You Want To Start Your Legit Online Business

The decision is yours. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is a legit site and it can bring you some money, and if you are lucky maybe you will be the lucky winner.

But, if you want to change your life, spend more time with your kids, work at the time that you wish to and have a passive income, click on the button above and I will be your personal mentor and show you how to start. Don`t forget it is free program!

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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