NYR Organic Review
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NYR Organic Review: Honest Enough in Offering Organic Products or Only a Scam?

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Nowadays, every other company sells “all-natural and organic” products.

Companies themselves boast about how their products are natural and organic and also different from others. That companies are aware of how efficiently they can imbibe this idea of “all-natural and organic” in consumer’s minds for them to get attracted to buying their products.

Most of the time, such words are used for skincare products because people generally are very conscious of what they put on their faces or skin. They want to select a company that can fulfill their requirements carefully.

Another company in the skincare niche is Neal’s Yard Remedies (NYR Organic). Still, it is primarily a multi-level marketing company and a direct selling company based in the UK.

Let Us Know A Bit About
NYR Organic


NYR Organic is a network marketing company and a very well-known direct selling channel.

Neal’s Yard Remedies company offers products in skincare. It caters more to women who are wanting to start their businesses working from home with flexible hours. It was founded way back in 1981 in the UK, and it offered products that are all organic and ethically produced.

Romy Fraser, a natural health advocate, founded the Neal’s Yard Remedies in Dorset in the UK. And then the Kindersley family bought the company in the year 2006.

It also remains the first certified beauty and natural health firm in the UK, along with being the first retailer of certified organic essential oils from the UK.

Soon in 2009, they launched their direct selling opportunity as NYR Organic in the UK, the US, and Ireland. There are also ‘brick and mortar’ stores of Neal’s Yard Remedie in the UK, Dubai, and Japan.

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What Are The Product Offerings
At NYR Organic?

NYR Organic offers a variety of products of skincare for not only women and men but also for babies.

The blue bottle is their trademark sign, which is said to be 100% recyclable and also happens to save the products from the harmful UV rays.

All their products are also cruelty-free and are tried on ‘willing’ humans only.

However, let us take a sneak peek at the product range that they offer.

  • Face – this includes facial oil, face masks, cleanser, moisturizers, scrubs, toners, eye toner, cream, gel, etc.
  • Body – this includes body butter, lotions, creams, body powders, fragrance, deodorant, hands and feet products, etc.
  • Bath & shower – this includes body scrubs, soaps, bath salts, body brush, massage mitt, etc.
  • Aromatherapy – this includes essential oils, massage oils, base oils, diffusers, home fragrance, hand spray, rollers, etc.
  • Mother & baby – this includes baby soap, baby shampoo, baby lotion, baby oil, baby balm, baby powder, mother’s massage oil, mother’s bath oil, etc.
  • NYR men – this includes NYR men moisturizers, purifying face wash, hair and body wash, aftershave balm, face scrub, age-defying moisturizer, shave cream, etc.
NYR organic products

On top of this, there are many other kits and collections also that the company offers.

And their most expensive product is the Frankincense Intense Range, which is also an award-winning product.

How Can You Start Your Business With NYR Organic?

Just like any MLM would ask for fees to join their business, NYR Organics does the same and requires an individual to pay $149 plus shipping and tax fee like $16.95 to purchase their starter kit.

NYR organic starter kit

Impressively, with these fees, NYR Organics includes many things in the package, like training materials and business tools, including order forms, product sample sachets, tote bags, catalogs, and many other things.

It includes products like:

  • Frankincense Intense™ Cream
  • Frankincense Refining Cleanser
  • Rejuvenating Frankincense Toner
  • Rose & Pomegranate Foaming Bath
  • White Tea Facial Mask
  • Wild Rose Beauty Balm
  • Wild Rose Hand Cream
  • Seaweed & Arnica Shower Gel
  • Garden Mint & Bergamot Hand Wash and many of the other products as well.

Individuals who are ready to put in an extra $50 can get their hands on essentials for the aromatherapy set worth $199.

Also, most importantly, to remain an active member of the business, you need to maintain a retail order of $100 a year.

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How Is The Compensation Plan Like At
NYR Organic?

It seems very weird when a company that wants people to join in their business does not provide the necessary information about their compensation plan on the website.

Why would a genuine company hide details of how a member can get compensated by the company?

Well, with some research on the Internet, there were a few details that were fetched about the ways you can earn from NYR Organic.

There are three ways for you to earn from NYR Organic as below:

Retail sales

You can make a 25% commission on the retail sale price of the products sold.
You can even receive an additional personal sales bonus of 5% – 15% by reaching at least $400 in personal net retail sales in a month.

If your sales reach more than $ 400 per month, you will receive a personal sale bonus as follows:

  • $ 400 – $ 900 – 5% sales bonus
  • $ 1000 – $ 1999 – 7.5% bonus on sales
  • $ 2000 – $ 2999 – 10% bonus on sales
  • over $ 3000 – 15% bonus on sales

For being eligible to earn retail sales, you must get a minimum of $100 individual sales in a year.

Rank advancement bonus

Depending on what rank you hold, you will be paid commissions for advancing in the ranks.

Team bonus

An individual that reaches the rank of a Senior Consultant gets eligible for a team bonus.

Based on the bonus value of your downline, you receive your team bonuses. As a senior consultant, you will receive a team bonus on your first level of 5%. Reaching higher ranks will make you earn from up to 5 levels.

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NYR Organics Places More Focus On Organizing Home Parties For Doing Business

This is probably the most negative aspect of most of the MLMs.

NYR workshops

Still, where other companies have risen above the age-old methods of doing business like conducting home parties, NYR Organics seems to work the traditional way.

Calling it a workshop or an event does not change it from being a home party, where you will require inviting people home to try the products.

You need to find people who are willing to have workshops and invite friends so they can try out products.

But from my own experience, I say it’s not as simple as it seems. You will have to deal with cancellations, delays, not many guests appearing, poor sales, etc.

Getting into party plans takes a lot of work, e.g., lots of phone calls, tutoring hosts, money back, and going to events.

The home party method is a complete no-no as one cannot increase sales with older concepts in a world where most MLMs have already started developing at a faster pace with newer selling techniques.

What Is Nice About NYR Organic?

  • Apart from their joining fee, there are no additional monthly costs.
  • Products are reasonably priced and are also all high-quality organic products.
  • The company has been a recipient of numerous awards.

What Is Not So Nice About NYR Organic?

  • They do not provide any information about their compensation plan on the website.
  • They do not provide any Income disclosure statement, so nobody knows how much their members earn.
  • It focuses on the party plan model for selling their products.
  • The competition in the skincare market is quite fierce with similar companies like Arbonne or Ever Skincare.

What Can We Conclude For NYR Organic?

It is for people who are enthusiastic about selling organic skincare products. If you are excellent in convincing people to buy these products through the home party method can go ahead in doing business with them.

Otherwise, getting into an MLM which offers products existing in a saturated market and selling the products by hosting a party or a workshop can prove to be quite challenging for individuals.

Though NYR Organic is a legit company and has been in the industry for years, still trusting it to earn a decent income monthly gets risky.

With so many other skincare MLMs already in the market, it gets even more difficult to get success in the business. Hence, for earning good money, this opportunity cannot be recommended.

How To Sell Organic (and other) Products And Actually Make Money?

There is a way to sell NIR Organic without organizing workshops and really make money with it.

Home parties are a bit outdated as I stated above, but there is a way that could help you get more leads and more sales with the NIR Organic opportunity.

NJR Organic provides a personalized website once you sign up. Well, the problem is that thousands of other consultants get the same website.

The big question is: How will your website stand out from the crowd and will customers find it interested in NIR organic products or opportunity?

That’s where my solution comes from. The good thing about you is that not many people know about it, so there is your chance of gaining a considerable advantage.

Create your own website !!

I already hear you are in disbelief. Why would I make a website? What does this have to do with the NJR authorities?

Here’s what I realized from my almost five years of running an online business:

Your website allows you to build trust with your customers, become the authority of skincare professionals if you want to promote NIR Organic products at the same time.


Not only will your blog give you a chance to connect with your target audience, but you will also be able to promote and monetize other similar products.

 It is called affiliate marketing (read more about here).

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I hope you like my NYR Organics review. If you have any questions or comments on this topic, I will be more than happy to answer.

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