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OneClass: Free Tutoring Educational Program With Live Streaming

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Wise are those who have the knowledge, and wiser are those who offer the same to others. Well, nothing can get more real than this, and this is what an online platform dedicated to the students, by the students and for the students speaks about itself.

The amazing all-in-one online platform is called “OneClass.”

To help students expanding knowledge, this digital platform gathers students from hundreds of colleges and universities to put together their knowledge. To create and organize materials of what they learn and pass on that same information to others who need it. For doing this good deed, what you also get in return is the money you earn for doing it.

What is better than spreading the information you know in the form of homework help, study materials, exam help related things, and then make money out of it?

This is an excellent initiative for students all around as they not only get to learn new things and clear their doubts but also helps them financially.
The more help you provide to others in improving their understanding of the subject, the more chances for you to earn credits for the same.

OneClass is an online educational platform that ropes in rankers and scholars from esteemed universities to help other students in their curriculum and assisting them with their created content. To add up to the advantages of this outstanding medium, on the one hand, you help students with their academics. On the other, you increase your grades as well.

A revolutionized education system” is what OneClass is all about and includes 2.2 million university students who provide helpful content like study guides, notes, etc.

Among various subjects, the most popular ones that OneClass provides helpful content are Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Accounting, Economics, Statistics, Computer Science, History, etc.

The list of subjects is endless at OneClass, along with the different types of study materials they provide to students to make their understanding of the subject more accessible. They help not just school but university students as well and caters to students in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

A novel and one of its kind concepts of OneClass in learning have never been seen before. It is a new concept wherein it benefits all.

The students are imparting the education, gaining grades and credits, the students receiving the training, and the platform which is ahead in making all this possible. It is also interesting to know that it is the students themselves who are helping other students by wearing the hat of tutors.

They are the ones who have studied it and providing curating notes, study documents, study guides, textbook notes, class notes, exam solutions, exam prep to create a brighter future for others.

Free Tutoring Program With
Live Streaming

The highlight of OneClass right now is their free tutoring program with live streaming.

Looking at the ongoing times in the world due to the life-threatening disease called coronavirus (COVID-19), it has become challenging for all to carry on their daily activities were significant parts of the world are facing lockdown. It has affected many sectors, and education is one of them.

In these challenging times, it becomes challenging for students and teachers both to carry forward their curriculum and studies.

Hence, to help the student’s community, stand with them in solidarity and support them, OneClass wants to support those who wish to continue learning. Since the world is going digital with various work sectors, education remains no behind.

Tutors at OneClass imparting knowledge to students of math and chemistry in high schools, colleges and universities, LIVE, and FREE. The streaming goes live for all the days in the week.

With these live sessions, OneClass would be providing 100,000 hours of free tutoring sessions during the tough times of COVID-19 closures.
The ‘Livestream’ section with Janine on their website also shows the schedule of these lectures with timings in EST.

The right and the brilliant way to education is OneClass.

Molding the young minds and showing them the right path with the correct knowledge and with the right amount of curated notes is what OneClass excels at impressively. No matter how unreal it may sound, but the platform stands true to what they claim.

It has proved themselves with the amount of effort their tutors put behind the students to make their studies more interesting and more manageable. And, most importantly, also earning while imparting the knowledge is what keeps OneClass ahead in the game.

Plus, the kind of noble work they are doing in times of a global health pandemic is beyond commendable. To offer education is to provide high values and virtue to a person and OneClass undoubtedly aces the online education space with their out of the box content learning concepts and ideas.

A highly recommended platform – OneClass is a class apart in making education so accessible, making the learning easier and appreciating the efforts of students by earning them credits, all of this and much more in all in one single powerful platform called OneClass.

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