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OneClass: Top Online Learning Platform For Earning Money By Offering Knowledge To Others

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“Learning never stops” this is what OneClass believes in.

It is a top online learning platform for all the students out there from hundreds of universities to gather their knowledge, design, and make notes of the content they learn.

They are required by others and puts across all that information to other students, helping them at excelling in their studies. And, the best part for doing this is you make money out of it.

Students help other students in providing them with study materials, homework help, exam help, and what not and get paid in return for doing that!

Wow, this is something different.

The new age-learning and study platform that swears by offering thousands of students help, not only with their studies but help them earn money in helping others.

It is a give and takes process where top students prepare and curate notes for others who seek help in gaining the required knowledge and receive credits for assisting.

This not only helps students earn money for helping others struggling in their academics but also maintain their selves by improving their grades as well. is a classic example of a revolutionized education system and a system that is for the students, by the students, to the students.

It is a community of more than 2.2 million university students who curate and share their content and earn credits from OneClass for uploading the same. And, with the credits earned, they also get to unlock the study material from the platform.

Who Are The Founders Behind This Fantastic Online Study Platform?

OneClass has been founded by four young guns, namely Jack Tai (Co-founder & CEO), Jackey Li (Co-founder & Chief of International Operations), Kevin Wu (Co-Founder and Chief Operational Officer) and Maggie Peng (Co-Founder and Chief of Design).

This team shares a common passion and commitment to improving the learning experience of not just the students, but also the educators.

What are the popular subjects that OneClass provides notes and study materials?

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Accounting
  • History
  • Computer Science, and a lot of other subjects as well.
OneClass learning platform

OneClass caters to various schools and universities in providing their study materials and is spread across Canada, United States, Australia, and also New Zealand.

It is mentioned this ‘never thought before the concept of learning’ is for the students, by the students, to the students.

Still, it is also imperative to understand how it benefits the student community as a whole. And to even know how one student can help carve a future for the other and, in return, also earns credits for the same.

A platform that provides so much information; one wonders who works towards providing these useful notes to students, and the ones that contribute the notes to the platform are students themselves!

These are top university scholarly students who have taken down the courses or are still undertaking the course.

These students offer their valuable notes to other students to help them flourish in their studies and, in return, receive rewards from OneClass.

And, providing in-depth knowledge to students, they offer study documents in the form of

  • Class notes,
  • Textbook notes,
  • Study guides,
  • Exam solutions,
  • and Exam prep

So, let us now know what is the concept of Note Taker at OneClass, and how do students get paid for taking notes?

The Concept of Note Taker at

The note taker program at works intending to fulfill the specific learning needs of students from universities with academic disadvantages.

As a note-taker, you have to attend classes and make notes of the courses you are hired in. You will have to make notes explaining each of the concepts thoroughly. A set of content editors will also provide aide in proper note construction and formatting.

After making the notes, the note taker will have to upload the document within 24 hours of each class in the selected course folder.

This job will make you earn $470 per course.

Once you establish as a note-taker, you get the opportunity to become an elite note-taker – where you can receive three times more credits.

Besides earning from OneClass, note-takers also see a significant improvement in their grades. And, the best part is there are absolutely no fees for becoming a note taker.

With becoming a note-taker at OneClass, you get eligible to get paid for it in return for providing constructed and useful notes to students who need them.

The basic qualifications for a student to start with OneClass as a note-taker and earn from them are as below:

  • Must be enrolled as a student.
  • Must be very well organized and neat at work.
  • Must have the attitude of helping others with studies.
  • Must upload notes weekly.
  • A person who wants to better their grades.
  • A person who is keen on earning by offering help in studies.

If you think you have all of the above qualifications, you are already a note-taker at heart.

Plus, the program is 100% legit. It has previously hosted thousands of note-takers taking notes for their courses around the continent.

As an elite note-taker, your documents also get a golden badge as a sign of a verified elite note taker.

how to make money with One Class

This incredible platform will not only give the students the chance to earn but also help in improving grades sometimes as much as 3-grade points.

OneClass also offers other additional opportunities as well to elite note-takers to make more from the system, and they contact them individually for such opportunities.

How Many Credit Points And Other Gift Cards Can Students Receive From OneClass As
A Note-Taker?

OneClass makes it very clear with the credits that students can receive for providing the content, and also fulfilling other requirements for earning more.

  • Students can get 25 credits for uploading a document.
  • They get 50 credits for making their referred classmates and friends sign up and activate their accounts.
  • They receive 100 credits when their friend becomes an elite note taker.
  • They earn 500 credits when their friend upgrades the subscription.
  • And, a student also gets 25 credits for earning a golden badge after getting verified as an elite note taker.

There are other rewards, as well. An elite note-taker can redeem $10 gift cards from Domino’s Pizza, PayPal, Sephora, Apple iTunes, Chipotle, Walmart, Starbucks eGift card, Target, Visa, and also eGift card.

How Can You Subscribe To OneClass?

You can quickly sign up with the platform by either signing in with Facebook or with your Gmail account and enter your password, and you are ready to go.

Joining OneClass can give you access to more than 10 million pages of study documents for 1.3 million courses. And, with that, you can easily unlock their documents and even print them.

All OneClass Grade+ Subscription also gives access to the Homework Help platform.

For getting the account activated, OneClass offers three pricing plans as below:

  • $39.98 – monthly account must be renewed every month.
  • $59.94 – quarterly account must be renewed once every three months. (50% savings over the monthly option).
  • $119.76 – yearly account must be renewed every year. (75% savings over the monthly option).

What Is The Concept Of Homework Help
At OneClass?

This is a program at OneClass for helping students for completing their homework.

They offer 3,900,000 step-by-step solutions for assisting students to complete their homework faster. You can search through their database and receive reliable and verified solutions covering a wide range of subjects.

For getting help from this program, students need to pay $4 per question. If they choose to purchase a homework help subscription, they get one credit every month to ask a question. However, the credit expires at the end of the month if not used.

Homework Help Subscriptions Offer Two Plans At OneClass:

  1. Homework help yearly – $2/month, billed $24 upfront for the year.
  2. Homework help monthly – $5/month, billed month to month.

There are a group of tutors who are graduate-level students who answer the questions by students and help them with their homework queries. And, they usually reply within 12 hours or even less than that; also every solution is delivered within the 24-hour guarantee.

All in all, OneClass is a fantastic platform for all those students who require that extra push to excel in their studies and get the education they wish to acquire.

It is also the best platform for all those students who have the kindness to provide content to other students and get rewarded for doing that.

OneClass aims to mold a student’s mind with their content and study materials and also helps students to earn something for themselves, help others, and even improve upon their grades.

Choose OneClass right away!

The more we talk about this magnificent online study platform, the less it seems is said about it.

This platform is working day and night to offer students what they need and require in getting their questions answered and get their queries solved efficiently. And, to top that they even get an opportunity to earn credits for doing that.

If this is not astounding, then what is? What better way for tutors and students to come to a common platform where they can unlearn old concepts and learn the new ones and also strive for excellence together., the top online learning platform, is recommended to all to experience the magic of making learning easy and earning well in return from the platform. Learn and earn it the right way with OneClass.

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