OneCoin is another MLM fraud!
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OneCoin is another MLM fraud! The US arrested OneCoin Leader!

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People today just want to earn big without going deeper into the subject, and they get a trap in the hands of fraudsters.

The latest example is OneCoin which came into a problem when FBI founded it as a fraud, and on March 6 arrested one of OneCoin leader Konstantin Ignatov. His older sister, Dr. Ruja Ignatova is missing since 2017.

They are counted of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and they can get a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

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Let Us See How “One Coin – One Life” Started 

One Coin Scam

Konstantin Ignatov is a younger brother of Dr.Ruja Ignatova and one of the leaders of OneCoin. Dr. Ruja Ignatova is the founder of this One Coin – One Life, and she declared as an expert in cryptocurrency concept had worked before making OneCoin. She made the full homework of this work and started OneCoin by telling people it will be the fastest growing coin in the world.

The central concept of OneCoin is to do business by selling educational material and for that, they have made packages for their earning. The main idea was also to digitally replicate gold and set a gold standard for the internet.

Ruja Ignatova claimed that OneCoin is better and more reliable than BitCoin! OneCoin was made by looking to the success of BitCoin with few (big) changes.

The concept was how to earn a profit by cryptocurrency and MLM, and they claimed that they have the best program which helps you to generate a good income.

 They provided Training and marketing tools to customers in One Coin. You need to purchase executive packages for getting commercial tokens and bonus to grow in this business. For that, they have set stages.

Stages were made of packages for becoming a member in One Coin:

  • Tycoon-high,
  • Executive-second highest,
  • Pro-3rd highest,
  • Trader-4th,
  • Starter-startup,
  • Activation-lowest.

Now Let’s See How It Work

One Coin provides you “knowledge” about cryptocurrency. Actually, you will only learn how to trade with OneCoins and that trade is in the cryptocurrency market basically useless. They also offer videos with manuals, quiz and all by this you can learn about OneCoin and how anyone can make a profit from trading from this currency.

They teach you how to predict the price of the OneCoin, how to buy at low and sell at high; and also, they explain how to invest in gold.

I must tell you that their predictions are far from the real value of OneCoin.

All the commission that member earns get deposited in E-wallet of One Coin.

Now a few steps to understand it bit deeper:

Direct sale: Direct sale and get a commission which 10% means you get $10 for a purchase of $100. But, some people invested a thousand dollars, thinking “more I invest, I will gain more.”

Network bonus: Build your team and earn between 10% and 25% as a commission by adding members – referrals. But, only 60% of earnings members can withdraw in cash. The rest of 40% must be used to purchase more OneCoin tokens.

It only gives a startup bonus to those who are members in One Coin, then there are one life club points in which you get free trips and vacation points.

OneCoin is another MLM fraud

They allow you to earn money from gold points and leadership program.
They have set recognition award table into Seven Stage from Sapphire-ruby to Black Diamond to Crown Diamond they gave all these benefits to Tycoon members.

One Coin team claim that Gold is stored in Dubai physically for all the members according to the membership. They have set gold bonus- aurum gold coins’ tycoon gets 2500 aurum coins which are 2500mg gold.
Account doubling and splitting benefits to members. Tycoon can split two times and start, trader, pro and executive can split once. Which helps tycoon member earn 5x more then they invested!

Trading strategies are provided into a three-way short-term benefit, long-term benefit and balanced plan for the members. So in this way, One Coin was working, they made an excellent artificial world to attract people to join this business.

Recent Case Against One Coin

A so-called pyramid of OneCoin is into trouble. Total fake cryptocurrency company who is found guilty of doing fraud with people and their money.
Konstantin Ignatov arrested on March 6 at Los Angeles airport.

Here is the last photo that he posts on his Facebook profile just a couple of hours before:

Konstantin Ignatov Arrested

Yes, you read it right in the above paragraph. One Coin has come into the scanner in the U. S as cases are filed against One Coin founders and they tell it that the whole company is fake according to a lawsuit filed.

According to sources Ignatova was quoted as telling a co-founder that “I cheat currently on coins,” and that one possible “exit strategy” was to “take the money and run and blame someone else.

Special FBI agent Ronald Shimko found an email that Ruja write and send to another founder of One Coin. It was at the time they are developing the concept and pay plan for One Coin:

Your main sales argument is: after 2 splits a member makes out of 5,000 USD 25,000 USD. You should be able to sell this 🙂 … I also added an Extra Bonus for all members joining the Presales… They can do actually 3 splits. Which means that they will actually have 10x their investment. 2 splits is 5x your money. So, of course, everybody who is greedy will go in with 5,000 USD.

How greedy they are, you can see in 2016, when Ruja introduced the “Ultimate Package” which cost $118.000 and it would generate over two million OneCoins. At that time OneCoin is valued ( by their founders) $5, so the value of this package will worth over $10,000,000. But, ability to exchange OneCoin to any other currencies has been severely limited.
This is an ultimate fake promise!

OneCoin is accused that between 2014 and the third quarter of 2016 alone, genarated $3,353 billion in sales revenue, made by fraudulent representation of OneCoin to investments!

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman said:

that this One Coin company is fake and all promises which are told to their clients are lies.  Here, Investors are losing their money, and the defendants got richer.  

IRS Special Agent in Charge John R. Tafur said:

same old story by giving it new clothes to it.

FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge William Sweeney, Jr. noted:

one coin is not having real value, and there are no records of investors.   

One Coin reply on this case:

OneCoin Ltd. has claimed that the OneCoin cryptocurrency is “mined” using mining servers maintained and operated by the company and that the value of OneCoin is based on market supply and demand. The purported value of a OneCoin has steadily grown from €0.50 to approximately €29.95 per coin, as of January 2019.

In fact, the value of One Coin is determined internally and not based on market supply and demand; and One Coin is not mined using computer resources. 

Some of OneCoins “cryptocurrency consultants and experts” was predicted that OneCoin would worth $40 an the end of 2018, $80 at the end of last year, and $160 at the end of this year.

Here you can see the value of OneCoin in the real market. It`s about $0,0012 today. With arrested owners, I assumed that it would grow more than that.

If you think you are a victim in OneCoin case or have further information, you can contact the United States Attorney’s Office at 866-874-8900, or by email at

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What Should People Do Before Investing Their Money?

Everyone needs to understand earning money is not an easy thing to do. You need to work for that. By dreaming you can make overnight, people used to come under scams like OneCoin, and they lose their money.

They don’t go into subject deeper they don’t understand it is real or fake. I know, because I lose some money and a LOT of time on different scams. My friend lost her money on One Coin. She was amazed by their pay plan. Another person that I know sold his private business and all of the money invested in OneCoin.

What Can Be Other Option Against Such Big Scams Where People Can Trust?

Well, the Wealthy Affiliate can be a great option which has nothing related to MLM or cryptocurrency. Everything is wide open in this; you can earn a lot of money with your online business, but you need to work.

In WA, they explain all the things openly they don’t misguide people by telling them it is the best way of earning.

Grow your business or start any work for a better life but join a genuine company which will teach you how to start and develop your online business. Read my review about it once to get a better idea of this concept.

Don’t expect to earn money overnight you have to plant a seed and wait before it is fruitful then you get the benefit of harvesting. Every good thing takes time so to do a job or business you need to wait and work hard to earn something in life.

If you have any questions, I will be glad to answer. Just post it below.

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