Online Games To Keep Moms Who Work From Home More Productive

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Moms who work from home have life; they say, but until you become one, you don’t know what it will be like for your unique situation. Each person is unique, and each family is different. Working from home can be a walk in the park or even more complicated than office work unless you apply some strategies.

When I first joined the work-from-home moms club, it was hard to focus on work when I had my preschooler at home who wanted to cuddle and play all day. Then I tried to play a few games (online games) with him and sometimes I did it on my own, finding productivity, comfort, and sanity.

Online games are no longer just for kids. The game makers target a wider audience and offer a variety of games for players of all ages and abilities. Here are some games we think moms who work from home need to stay connected.

Games that moms who work from home will love it!

1. Cute Shapes – Color And Shape Art Game For Kids

This is a simple art app for toddlers teaching shapes, sizes, colors, and angles. There are pictures of basic shapes to identify, pictures of actual shapes to identify and name the shape based on its attributes. I have benefited a lot from this game and I enjoy it with my son.

  • Easy to play
  • Pick a shape on the left side of the playing field.
  • Adjust the size and angle using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.
  • Set the color using the color swatches at the top of the page.
  • Add a face to complete the shape. Then add another to the playing field.

They rendered this game in HTML5 compatible with mobile devices, so it offers a game on multiple devices, which kids and work from home moms could enjoy. You can play it on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android phones from manufacturers like Samsung, tablets like iPad or Kindle Fire, Windows laptops, and desktops.

2. Knock Out Boxing Game

This online game’s not just for kids, but any work-from-home moms like me will enjoy it. It can annoy you, especially if you don’t enjoy boxing, but I love boxing.

  • How to play this game online is also simple
  • Click left and right to line up with the opposing boxer.
  • Click down to block hits.
  • Touch the space bar to punch

Until you get a rhythm, periodically use the down arrow to block the other fighter’s punches. My son hates when I employ the button below to block him. I like this game, maybe because I am a boxing buff.

Whenever you land a punch, keep hitting repeatedly. Use your left and right arrows to target the opposing fighter so you can throw your punches further. You can keep hitting the opposing fighter even after he has retreated to the middle of the screen, as long as he is oriented vertically.

You can play it on mobile devices like Google Android, Apple iPhones, and phones from manufacturers like Samsung, tablets like iPad or Kindle Fire, Windows laptops, and desktops.

3. Joee Adventure: Miner Escape Game

This game has a switch that blocks the green or purple stones, while the other can pass. Players must jump through the level and adjust the stone settings to collect gems and reach the exit.

  • Any moms who work from home can play this game:
  • Run through the level and collect diamonds.
  • Adjust purple and green switch settings
  • Progress through the level
  • Exit the level through the other door.

The bar at the bottom of the screen shows your progress towards 3 stars in the level when you have collected almost all the gems in the level. You don’t have to collect all the gems to unlock later levels. The game does not have a double jump. So make sure you have collected all the gems on this platform before falling off the platforms.

Think about the direction from which to jump on the platforms. Try to plan an extra jump when you go through parts of the level that require several consecutive moves

This game works on Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and other modern web browsers. You can also play it on mobile devices like Google Android phones and Apple iPhone.

4. Point-to-Point Happy Animals Drawing Game for Kids

This is a simple drawing game for kids and moms who work from home; It can bond time for moms and their kids. Young children only care about an hour or two they spend with their moms having fun. For the child, it’s a pleasure. For adults or perhaps moms, a Point-to-Point game can be a source of relaxation for their daily chores.

  • Touch the screen and drag your finger or mouse to the sequential number.
  • Repeat the process until you have reached the largest number.
  • There is already a line segment connecting the largest number to one again.

One aspect of this game is that you only have to connect one point at a time. The game features positive affirmation stars when making connections. This makes it less frustrating than a game that requires the entire complex sequence of movements to connect all the dots at once.

You only need to connect to one additional point at a time in this game, making it easier for moms who work from home with short attention spans. This game is straightforward, so there aren’t a lot of strategies involved.

I’ve worked from home for almost 5 years and recently discovered exactly what I need to be successful not only in my business but also in my personal life. Online games are a must for work from home moms, no matter what type of work you do from home.

Moms who work from home knew that the time we spent playing as a family would develop both excellent character and entrepreneurial talent, and the ability to laugh at conquests. Everyone needs a dose of online game every day to keep the mind working faster and better. Your body needs exercise, so does your brain, and there’s no better way to do it than by having fun!

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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