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Opinions USA Surveys. How To Get Paid For Your Opinion?

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Many of you would be looking for some work which can be done from home. So you might be thinking to do something from the online world and do some earning from it to make you feel better.

What if you get paid for your opinion or view on any product? Sounds good? Right survey work allows you to do a job from home and give your opinion on given topics and a few bucks for yourself.

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Many survey sites are legit, and there are scams too. Today I am going to give a review on survey site name OpinionsUSA. I will provide a general review on how it works, what it is, is it worthy or not, everything which I came to know.

What Is OpinionsUSA?

Opinions USA is handled by Toluna, which is a part of ITWP Acquisitions Ltd. It works as a survey site or says. Yet another market research company that pays you for your answers, reviews or opinions on current topics and products.

It is one of the leading digital market companies very famous name. They collect opinions of various people for their clients which help them to get the best result for their firms.

Opinions USA works only for USA people who want to share their views on elected officials, policymakers, business executives and other leaders across the US.

You can only register if you are above 18 years.

For registration, you have to provide the necessary information.

After completing the verification process, you will get verification mail, and from there, you can start working.

You have to remain active by checking emails (so give them an email thay you use), as you will get an invitation for surveys in that only you have to complete a questionnaire to earn money from it.

They also keep the discussion, debates, polls, and everything which can be seen on their website. You can work as per your capacity.

Opinions USA Paying System

Surveys are of max 30 minutes. Advantage in Opinions USA is that you can start work from where you left which is a rare thing in survey sites, which Opinions USA give to their members.

Points system and earnings are $1 on 100 points.

Most of the surveys are of 100 to 700 points. Yes, points depend on which survey you got – easy or tough one and they also give 25 points if you get any problem and left-survey in between.

Other activities give you 500 points like live chats and groups. You also get a welcome bonus on sign up. And by taking part in quick polls, you get up to 10 points. The number of entries per period is 34, and each period will have 10 gift cards.

After reaching $20 means 2000 points, you can withdraw or can exchange them with gift cards.

You have to redeem your rewards in one-year time if you want to receive anything from it. Who will keep the money for one year?

I feel no one, but still, it’s their rule so redeem money in one-year time.

Rewards in Opinions USA are:

Amazon gift cards, Tango gift cards, Best Buy gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Walmart gift cards, Prepaid debit or credit cards, iTunes gift cards, Target gift cards, Movie vouchers, Merchandise, Retail e-vouchers, Restaurant gift cards, Sweepstakes entries

Opinions USA Reviews

It is a legit company, no doubt about it, and also better than other survey sites and they don’t scam people. Customer reviews are also good.

Most of the reviews are on the positive side which is a good sign too. Their rating is also good which gives a clear indication that you can join this work good company to earn a few bucks for time pass.

But always remain alert. As I personally feel these survey sites are scary in giving money, we still get the negative feeling as they might cheat to us.

Read some of other survey site reviews:

Some Good Things Regarding Opinions USA
Which Is In Their Favor

  • First of all, it is free to join which is a good thing, and it is a Legit company so you can join.
  • You aren’t losing any money from it. So not a bad idea to earn a few bucks.
  • You would get points even if you left the survey which is rare in survey sites.
  • Good ratings and I feel its legit they are fake like other survey sites reviews which are paid.
  • They give you good options too for good earning.

Let’s See Some Of The Problems
With Opinions USA

  • The same old theory: takes higher commissions from clients and pays you lesser. You cannot expect higher earnings as I have also said for survey sites it gives you pocket money up to $20 to $30.
  • It is only for USA people no other can take part in it.
  • Cash out is not possible that is what I felt only gift cards are given in Opinion USA
  • They have limited surveys so you cannot expect good earnings.

My Personal View On Opinion USA:

In my view Opinion USA is a good site and legit too. You can earn a few bucks as pocket money for yourself. They are providing a good opportunity for USA people so they can make money while working from home which is works in favor of Opinion USA.

This site is basically for people who are looking for a good time pass for small earnings you cannot make a carrier out of it neither you will get any extra money from it.

So I feel if you are lazy and want small works than these Opinions USA is suitable for you.

I have always mentioned in my reviews that survey sites cannot make you rich and I also feel it is a waste of time for the people who want to do something big in their life.

There are many other options available on the internet which can help you earn big. Let’s say affiliate marketing’s – there is no comparison between these two.

I started with this program after spending years on surveys sites and different internet scams. I finally find a way to earn 4 digits monthly and not only gift cards and cents.

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This program gives excellent opportunity to earn good money and build your online business too.

So people who have bigger dreams in their life should join this program; it is a far better option than Opinions USA or any other survey site.

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