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Oriflame Business: Flaming High In The Beauty Industry Or Flaming To Be A Scam?

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Beauty companies are just in the rat race since ages it seems now. We hear so much about beauty everywhere we go even on the Internet and everywhere else.

Beauty is a word that turns heads around. Companies today are trying so hard to infuse the idea of “looking good,” especially in the minds of women all around the world. That is what the Swedish Oriflame company also does.

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The beauty industry has not only catered to women customers but also has left no stone unturned to provide to the males as well.

There are so many companies who are part of this rat race and who are into beauty and wellness products. They are still finding ways to grow in this business despite having multiple competitors.

Have you ever wondered what makes different people enter the beauty business?

The simple reason is that they know this industry is always going to be constant in the market. People all over the world will ever need beauty products, especially the ladies. Also, the men are no behind; they too require their grooming products. 


We will be diving into another such company – ‘Oriflame’ that deals with beauty products and is all in all an MLM structured company at heart.

When And How Did It All
Start For Oriflame?

Two brothers and a friend is the brain behind Oriflame. Jonas and Robert Af Jochnick along with their friend Bengt Hellsten initiated Oriflame in the year 1967, which is a Swedish company. 

Fifty-two years in the business and Oriflame still growing and trying to spread its wings all over the world.

The motive behind starting Oriflame was not just to provide beauty products but also to give a platform to people to do business with them so that it is a win-win situation for both the company and the people who will be associating with them.

Today, Oriflame has its presence felt over 60 markets and with over 3 million independent beauty consultants. (this company still hasn’t started in the US and Australia)

Oriflame business

All their products are Swedish inspired.

Oriflame too works on the lines of providing safe, reliable, and effective products just like its competitors claim about.

Oriflame claims that they are the 1st in the world to create cosmetics from natural extracts such as birch sap extracts much before other companies started using it.

Oriflame’s philosophy claims that all their products are powered by science.

The entire R&D has been taken care of by their team of more than 100 researchers and scientists and has expertise in Formulation Science, Chemistry, Skin Science, Skin Ageing and Analysis, Food Science, etc.

The current head offices of Oriflame are in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

Let’s Know The Product Range
That Oriflame Offer?

Oriflame has an extensive product line consisting of more than 1000 products. 


Below is the product range it offers.

  • Skin Care
  • Fragrance
  • Body And Bath
  • Makeup
  • Hair
  • Accessories
  • Wellness
  • Men – Includes Skin Care, Shaving and Grooming, Fragrances, Accessories, Body and Hair

The thing with Oriflame is that it is in the beauty products market and claims the same things that other companies do.

Like all products are backed by science, they are natural plant-based and safe to use with proper testings done. All these claims are more or less the same that we hear everywhere else.

However, no proof do we have for the claims Oriflame cosmetics make. So, it does not stand out from its competitors like Arbonne, Mary Kay or Avon.

How Does The Compensation Plan
For Oriflame Works?

Again the same thing that we have heard since ages.

There are two basic ways to get started with doing business with Oriflame:

  1. You buy their products at a wholesale rate and sell it on retail price.
  2. You recruit people to create a downline where you earn commissions from each sale made.

Basically, it would be best if you went to higher levels of leadership for Oriflame where you become their active consultant who not only sells more individually but also recruits more and more people to increase the sales force and create indirect sales. 

Though Oriflame claims that it does not require its consultants to keep inventory, but if you first don’t buy their products how well will you understand their specifications and how well will you be able to sell it further?

So indirectly they only force you to buy their products and encourage the Push strategy where they don’t care about how you sell their products what they are only concerned about is they want a sale to happen through you or your downlines.

To add to this, if you purchase 100 Eur worth products you can receive a 20% discount on products.

Moreover, if you purchase products that are worth more than 100 Eur, then you will receive a 30% discount on products.

If your level increases to the Group Manager then you are eligible for 9% commission from your downlines.

It is essential to remember here that Oriflame is still an MLM company (like Mary Kay, and to reach higher levels in any MLM business is extremely difficult to achieve since it is a long process and convincing people to buy products when there thousand of other similar products in the market is not an easy game.

PROS and CONS of Orflame

4 stars review

Positives of Oriflame:

  1. Age-old company: It has been in the market for around 52 years and still growing.
  2. Public listed company: In the year 2004, they became a public listed company on NASDAQ.
  3. Science-based products: Their products are genuine enough for the claims they make and hence have been in the market for years now.

Negatives of Oriflame:

  1. Less profit from direct selling: Since everybody is not trained to get the right set of customers and make a sale through them, many of them fail at direct selling.
  2. Nothing new: As discussed earlier, the products that Oriflame offers are mostly offered by other companies as well with almost the same ingredients or specifications.
  3. Market saturation: There is a consultant within 10 meters within your vicinity. With the advent of many such beauty based companies and their MLM programs, many people are a part of such businesses, and that is how your target customers get reduced because other consultants already approach them.

I wonder why people would want to get into MLM business when they can still earn good money through other mediums. One such successful medium being Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a hassle-free medium to make some good money being at home or a cafe or any place of your choice. It gives you the freedom to work from anywhere conveniently. It does not involve any costs.

In fact, if you get your game right, you will only keep earning more and more money. You can do all of this through your blogs, websites, social media platforms. The more you are successful in promoting the brands and creating a sale, the more likely are you to earn extra.

Hey-Mom- Turn Your Ideas Into reality

Well, for Oriflame business, if you still are interested in trying out their science-based natural products, you can go ahead but if you are only thinking of doing business with them and become a consultant then make sure you are aware of the never-ending efforts it takes and its long and tedious process to help you earn even a small amount of money.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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