Perk Pop Quiz App Review
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Perk Pop Quiz App Review – Scam or Legit?

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If you love taking trivia questions, then you will surely like today’s review, its an opportunity to earn a few bucks by answering trivia questions.

Perk Pop Quiz is that kind of app which gives some bucks for answering. You will get points for some questions and that you redeem as cash or gift cards.

Earning extra is very important in today’s time; many women like me want to live a better life, and they try many things to increase monthly income. Making extra from home is not an easy thing, yes it’s true that you get many options online, but you should know which is legit and which is not.

So basically I try to help the woman with my unbiased reviews on sites which are trending online.

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Now coming to the topic. In this review, I will give my unbiased review on Perk Pop Quiz, what it is, how it works, how much you can earn, it is legit or not, its pro and cons.

What Is Perk Pop Quiz App?


Perk creates it. Perk Pop quiz is an app available in the Google Play store or on the iOS app store -Android and iOS both and it is free to download.

Perk is offering many different apps which you can use in combination with one another and by that you can earn points that can be redeemed as gift cards and cash.

You can download this app and start working, but for that, you should be 17 years of age or older to redeem gift cards or cash. 

You can sign up with email and with facebook account to use this app. Once you download this app, you can earn points by playing trivia games which this app has. You will get good options in games to play.

How Does It Work?

  • Registered through the website, and then it will be easy to download the app in Android and iOS from play stores.
  • You need an account to take trivia question or play games; you can log in from facebook or email.
  • Perk has got various apps to earn points from it, and you have to download perk wallet in your device so that you can use points which you make and redeemed it as gift cards or cash.
  • The app is open for everyone, but most of the gift cards are for USA users, the user should have PayPal to get paid.
  • Basically, people who love giving trivia question will join this app as earning possibilities is pretty low and second will be business people who will market this company’s ads in that.

If you want to join some other sites, where you can earn money by taking surveys or watching videos, I suggest you read my reviews on Survey Junkie, Clickworker or Unique Rewards.

  • Select your category before you start playing you will get several options like for fun, T.V, movies, Pop culture, music, quotes and many other things.

How To Earn Points From Perk Pop Quiz?

  • The app has more than 400 different categories for users; you can choose your option and start playing a trivia game.
  • You will receive five questions during the game which you have to answer.
  • Try to give a correct answer to gain more points. It will decide how many points you will earn in the game.
  • As soon as the question comes on your screen, your 10 seconds will start, you have to answer the question in 10 seconds. IF you are not able to answer, it will count as the wrong answer.
  • Once your game is over, you will be shown an advertisement that you have to watch. It is compulsory to watch if you fail you will lose all the points you won in the game. The ads will run for 20 seconds before the next game starts.
  • If you disable add option and playing games, then you will not get points or say credits for playing the game.
  • During the game, you have to compulsory answer three times out of five it doesn’t matter it is true or false you have just to answer the questions to earn points or say credits.
  • You can also choose the lightning mode in which the game will run faster, and you will get only five seconds to give the answer during the game.

How Many Points Can You Earn
From Perk Pop Quiz?

  • You will get one point for watching the ad. It’s ok if you don’t answer any question.
  • You will get two points for answering three questions and watching the ad after the game.
  • You will get three points for answering four questions correctly and watching an ad after the game ends.
  • You will get five points if you answer all the questions correctly and watch the ad after the game.
  • You can also win some additional points by challenging friends; you can earn three extra points if you win the game to whom you have challenged. You have to answer more questions answer then your opponent.
  • You can get half a dollar for referring anyone but only if that person joins the Perk Pop Program. Money which you earn by referring get directly deposited to your account.
  • You can also earn tokens if you get login daily, with that token you can enter sweepstakes that Perk Pop Quiz offers. You can redeem tokens for any other things it is only for sweepstakes.

How You Get Paid In Perk Pop Quiz?

The point which you earn goes to your Perk Wallet. You can redeem Perk points after you reach 1000 points – you get $1 gift card, and for cash, you have to earn 1250 points in Perk Wallet then you will receive $1 as cash which will transfer to your Paypal account.

Now Let Us See Perk Pop Pros And Cons


  • Anyone can join its free. You should have a facebook account or email to get started.
  • You can earn points even you answer few questions wrong.
  • Referral part is the best part of Perk Pop Quiz. You get $0.50 if your referral joins the site.
  • Answering Trivia questions is not a tough job.
  • You can earn points even by watching ads.
  • Good site for fun and make a few bucks.
  • They give various options to redeem points.


  • Earning is extremely low. Can’t expect even $10 in a month.
  • Sometimes it happens points don’t get credited to you Perk Wallet, and you will not get any idea why points are not credited.
  • Minimum redeem point is also high 1000points, which takes too much time to earn that many points.
  • You may get annoyed by bugs in the app.

My Point Of View

3 stars review

If you are a game lover and if you like answering trivia questions than this site is suitable for you. But don’t expect any income from it; merely you will earn $5 to $10, which is useless and a waste of time for the people who want to make a good side income.

Yes, there is no doubt that Perk Pop Quiz is legit, but I won’t recommend to the people because you will not earn anything from it and it’s a waste of time for the people who are genuinely looking for some side income.

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Perk Pop Quiz App review

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