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PicMonkey Editor Tutorial: How to Create Pin-worthy Images

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The PicMonkey editor has become one of my main blogging tools. It’s very easy to use, very affordable if you opt for the paid option, and offers many features that a blogger can offer.

When I started blogging, Pinterest was not a thing. I was not too worried about my pictures, I only added them in the blog post.

Boy, things have changed! ==> How To Get Traffic With Pinterest?

Fortunately, the PicMonkey editor just appeared as I focused on Pinterest and created pictures worthy of the pin. Due to the easy-to-use interface, I recommend it to beginners who want to create images that are constantly being repinned.

PicMonkey is now my favorite method of creating an image that can be used on Pinterest or my blog. The main reason why it’s my favorite is that it’s ridiculously easy, it’s fast, and you can make something out of a little more than an empty rectangle that’s worthy of the pin.

If you have never created a Pinterest image or have not used Picmonkey yet and need some help, I’m here to give you a tutorial.

Picmonkey Editor Tutorial:
How You Can Create Images That Are Worth Pin

Before we get into creating images that are worth connecting to PicMonkey, I need to show you where images can be retrieved for publication. I usually use a stock photo of style and prune and add text to get that irresistible and distinctive look. However, you can use your own original photo as you like.

Now you cannot just go to Google, search for any photo you need, and add it to your blog as a private photo. It’s indeed illegal and can be sued for theft of another person property!

However, there are many free and paid sites that sell rights to the well-known stock images so you can easily use them. Read this post and you will find a lot of free images:

==> The Best Royalty Free Stock Photos

Well, then you have a great photo that you want to turn into a picture that is worthy of the pin out there. From the PicMonkey editor come on!

PicMonkey Editor

If you select the Edit Image button in the center of the screen, it will be in the PicMonkey Editor with a base image. You want to find the saved one on your computer, click “Open” to open it in the top menu and upload the image in PicMonkey.

Size Of The Image For Pinterest


First, you should resize the image to be a bit long as well as vertical. If you look at Pinterest, you will find that longer pin images attract more image repins.

I like that my pictures have 735 x 1300 pixels.

You can actually adjust this by choosing Resize from the menu.

If you have a more horizontal photo, you can also cut out a section that can be used as a pin. Just set the clipping dimension option to “Pinterest pin” and then the default value is at least 735 pixels wide.

Add A Text Overlay At PicMonkey

The PicMonkey editor is installed with many free sources. However, with the Pro Plan, you can use the fonts installed on your computer. Personally, I love that because I have certain sources that I use for my brand.

There are several ways to create the text overlay, making the image easy to read and recognizable to many users. There is the entire, semi-transparent overlay. This completely covers your image with an overlay of colors, so your text really stands out.

You can also create a smaller overlay and occupy as much as the desired Stock Image.


To create one of these overlays, scroll to the Overlays menu. In the General section, click the shape of the rectangle to add to your image.

Click on the corners and outer lines of your rectangle to shape it and move it as desired.

Then use the form’s pop-up menu to set the color as well as the fade (transparency).

If you are satisfied with the location of the overlay, it’s time to add the text! In the PicMonkey editor, go to the Text menu.

Choose the font that best suits your brand and adds the text. Select a title or keyphrase that prompts the Pinterest user to click.

Something attractive like 10 ways to or The 1 simple trick to… works very well. There is also a pop-up menu for text settings. With that, you can change the color, size, and display of the text.

Use two sources to highlight specific words in your title. For example, I wanted Simple Ways and More Time to be an eye-catcher. How many of us might need more time?

Don’t forget to add your blog link! This will help you to have a watermark in your image so it will not be stolen by someone else for your own website. It also helps people to find the owner of the article if they find their image in a location other than Pinterest.

How to Create Pin-worthy Images -

When you have edited the image, click Save in the top menu of the PicMonkey editor. Enter the name of your file and make sure your chart is the right size.

There is also a quality setting that I truly leave in “Pierce “just to keep your own file size small. You want to click “Save” and then choose the place you love to save your image.

Guess what! Right now you have a worthy pin image for your blog post!

I am hoping this will help you get a lot more audience to your blog from Pinterest, just in case you may need some more Pinterest tips, or perhaps if you want to make money using Pinterest, you could check it my post: How To Make Money On Pinterest?

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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