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Qmee Review – Legit Way To Earn Some Side Bucks

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If you were looking for some online work, then you might have looked for apps and sites in your spare time and in that you would have surely seen Qmee. If not, then you are in the right place.

My today’s review is on Qmee, which is not a general survey app because it pays you for surfing and shopping online.

In this Review, I will cover all the significant points Qmee related to what it is. How it works, what you can earn, its pros, and cons everything. So please don’t take your eyes of off to the review. Its an unbiased report on Qmee. Let us see how much cash you can earn by surfing online on google, shopping, and taking surveys.

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So to start with:

What Is Qmee?


Qmee is a different kind of site than regular sites you see online. It’s an online shopping guide which helps you search your favorite things quickly and in a secure way with discounts, and it’s not ending here; it gives you surveys too where you can give your opinion and earn some side bucks.

It was founded by Jonathan Knight and Nick Sutton in 2012. They wanted to change the trend of shopping for things. Its only available in UK, US,Canada, & Australia.

You can download the Qmee App, and you can work from the website from your desktop browser. They have given both the option for their users.

You will get different user experience in both App and browser as they have good UI design, which is of today’s time. You can download Extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, which is a third option for all the users.

Qmee App is available in the Android and iOS version you can download from the play store.

How Does Qmee Work?

Once you have downloaded the App, Extension or working from the browser, you have to sign up to use Qmee. They have given FB, Twitter login too.

Qmee Review

One important point here I would like to share is if you are using the browser it will be better that you download Extension – it can help you earn discounts while you are shopping and surfing online.

If you were using mobile and downloaded App than provide proper information to get good survey options from Qmee and its not tough to it takes only 5 to 10minutes.

One important point if you are using the App of Qmee is that they don’t ask personal information for any login and surveys and if you get such things it would be better than take a screenshot and send it to them before you get under some trap by other malicious programs.

Always keep one thing in mind surveys are for an opinion there is no relation with your pieces of information so ever provide your information anywhere when you are taking surveys.

They take full care of privacy policy, and they don’t do any malicious things like other sites. The Qmee team only tracks your page views not more than that.

How To Earn Money From Qmee?

You can earn money by various methods in Qmee, surfing or say searching, shopping from online sites, sharing opinion (surveys), so by doing this thing you can earn few bucks in your spare time and what good about Qmee is that they have no minimum payout you can even cash out $0.02 from your account via PayPal.

Let me explain to you all how does Qmee work and how you can earn money in brief:

Searching online:

Download Extension and add to your browser and then start searching things, Qmee will track your searches and searching on Google, Amazon, eBay, Bing, Walmart, and even Target.

When you are searching for things, you will get a Qmee pop on the left-hand side of the screen. In that, you will see a list of shopping offers and discounts and brands. As soon as you click on those ads, you will get a few bucks for that for every click.

Try to search for exact things to earn more bucks from the App. Clicking on more buttons will add on your credit but don’t try to do any spam searches.


Shopping Online From Qmee:

Search and shop things more from Extension or App and earn a few cents for it. You will also get discount codes on clicking a few ads. You can use that discount codes while shopping for things for yourself. Doing shopping from Extension or App both have discount codes for shopping where you would get benefited in your shopping.

If you want to compare this site with similar “earn money while shop online” sites, I recommend you to check Ebates (now Rakuten), DollarDig, and Mr.Rebates.


Surveys Of Qmee:

Qmee is the most accessible site and App for surveys and also user-friendly. You can quickly answer long and small surveys on Qmee.

You will also get notifications when there are useful surveys available. Notifications will be basically for surveys which will give you a high payout. So whenever you free enjoy taking surveys from Qmee, it is the easiest thing to do and with that, you get few bucks as side income so nothing wrong in doing such things if you like taking surveys.

Qmee pays $0.25 to $2 per surveys, pays depends on survey length and its category. You can easily take five surveys in a day. Surveys will get change from time to time on each day.

If you are looking for more valid survey sites, I can suggest to you: Quick Rewards, Survey Junkey, and Unique Rewards.

Referring To Friend And Family:

Qmee also allows you to earn extra if you refer to your friend and family for this App and Extension.

Moreover, if your referral joins the site or app, you will get a good commission. You will get referral tab after some time of joining directly you will not get referral tab once are a member for some time then you will get that tab and opportunity to call other people to site and commission from them. Guess Qmee give $1 for referral, which is the best part of this survey site Qmee.

Referring someone to join this or any other program, and make money from it is called Affiliate Marketing. I personally know a lot of people that are making 4, 5, or even six-monthly figures from Affiliate Marketing.

If you are interested to know what they taught me, and what I learned from their experience so, I can have steady monthly income, read here:

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How You Will Receive Pay From Qmee:

Qmee pays their users by Paypal, gift cards and the minimum cash out is just $0.01

Now Let Us See Its Pros And Cons Of Qmee:


  • Qmee is free to join.
  • Qmee gives you various options for joining from mobile, Extension and direct website.
  • Its and legit company.
  • They give reasonable discount offers.
  • There are no minimum rules for cash out.
  • It’s easy to use the site.
  • Good survey options.
  • They give a good referral commission.


  • The payout for surveys is low.
  • Some surveys get declined without any reason.
  • Qmee is only available in a few countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia.

My View On Qmee

4 stars review

Well, to start with it’s a legit site not problem to that so thumb up from my side. Earning is average, best things are Referral payout is excellent and minimum cash out rules are not there which is right you can cash out anytime from PayPal. Reviews are also useful for App and Extension both.

However, it is, and survey site so earning capacity is pretty low. So if you are looking for time pass than Qmee is a good option, but you cannot make future from this it will be better if you join a program like Wealthy Affiliate which can change your present and future.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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