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Rat Race Rebellion Jobs: Work-From-Home Opportunities Or Only A Scam?

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We have come across heaps and heaps of online money-making opportunities, and the most famous of all have always been the MLM companies.

But, it is also great to know that there are a few opportunities online other than MLMs.

They promise or help to find income-earning opportunities by offering work-from-home jobs to people who need it the most.

Since ages, the Internet has shown us various paths to follow to earn good money, some of them have been honest enough in their offerings. In contrast, some others have only been scams.

Still, people have always kept an eye on the Internet for providing them with various opportunities that can, in a way, give the required boost to their careers.

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Today we will be discussing an online platform that doesn’t require you to sell any products or services or recruit anybody. In fact, it offers you recruitment from various employers.

There are already tons of such opportunities floating online, and Rat Race Rebellion is one among them.

Let me be completely honest with you, in no way related to the Rat Race Rebellion. So, make sure I’m not here to sell you anything.

What Is Rat Race Rebellion?

Rat Race Rebellion is a work-from-home listing platform that has been consistently offering a variety of work-from-home jobs since 1999.

This listing platform is mainly for all those people who think they are not made for any 9 to 5 jobs and want to work from the convenience of their home.

It is for all the freelancers out there who would like to make a career by working from home and, at the same time, managing their households.

Christine Durst and Michael Haaren created the platform with the view to provide a virtual platform to people by offering them various job opportunities working from home.

Rat Race Rebellion is not a company that will employ you but instead gives you a platform that will help you connect with companies that can hire you.
It is a virtual job listing company that regularly posts you about the different job offers that you can apply for.

Initially, they started as an online trading company named Staffcentrix in the 1990s and since then has proved its mettle in the industry by being a legit job listing company.

It has also been successful in getting its name published in the most famous media outlets like CNN, BusinessWeek, Forbes, and ABC News and BBC.

What All Does Rat Race Rebellion Include
On Their Platform?

The best part about the Rat Race Rebellion is that there are absolutely no fees for signing-up as their member.

Although, you may be required to sign-up for their email listing for getting all the latest updates regarding the new job offerings.

Their Facebook page also helps you in getting the job updates.

Rat Race Rebellion website

Their website is also easy and understandable for anybody and includes four pages:

  1. Their Newest Jobs and Gigs page that gives you all the updates on the list.
  2. BIG LIST of Jobs and Gigs that offers you the primary listing.
  3. The third page is Course: Find A Job – this is an online course that will cost you $49,
  4. The fourth is the Customer Service Jobs that provide explicitly in the sector of customer service and call centers.

No sign-up fees, but signing-up for updated lists is required.

Unlike many other online job opportunities sites, Rat Race Rebellion does not require you to pay any fees for signing up for their platform.

It only requires a sign-up for their email newsletters that will give you an updated list of job offerings available now.

Along with this, you will also receive other updates and news from the platform.

List of job categories that Rat Race Rebellion offers on their platform:

  • Fashion stylist
  • Voice over
  • Coaching
  • Chat Host
  • Artist
  • Proofreading
  • Editor
  • Answering questions
  • Driver
  • Pet Sitter
  • Tutor
  • Instructor
  • Complete menial tasks
  • Customer service

All of the above job categories are offered only part-time.

However, some are also offered as full-time jobs.


For some specific job offerings, the companies may require individuals with prior experience in that field.

So, for people who are only freshers or lack the necessary expertise, not all jobs may be offered to them.

Rat Race rebellion jobs list

Also, it goes without saying that for working from home, you will need a good internet connection and sometimes even a proper phone connection for specific jobs.

By clicking on the listing, you will get all the required information and details that you need to know about the offering.

Rat Race Rebellion Is Best For Whom?

It is definitely for people who wish to make a career from their homes and does not want to lead the traditional job life working from 9 to 5.

It is also suitable for homemakers who want to manage their household chores and work for companies from home at the same time. This gives them not only the convenience of work but also job security.

For most offers, you need not have any prior knowledge of the work or specific skills as the opportunities are also for freshers.

But if you have the required skill sets required by a company, then your chances of getting the job increases.

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What Is Good About The Rat Race Rebellion?

  • They offer a diversity of jobs, including many job categories, for accommodating anybody with different backgrounds.
  • By signing up for their email newsletters, you get access to all the updated job listings, and they also notify you every time there is an update.
  • Their Facebook is also quite active for discussing matters or asking any queries relating to the platform.

What Is Not So Good About
Rat Race Rebellion?

  • There are quite a few broken links as well that redirect a person to either Google or will show an error saying ‘Page not found.’
  • The platform is for US residents only. Though a few companies do offer jobs to people from overseas, the person needs to live in the US.
  • Many opportunities are quite demanding and pay a meager salary for the same. You will need to sift through a lot of junk to ultimately find the right opportunities.

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Is Rat Race Rebellion A Scam?

Definitely Not. This platform is 100% legitimate not only because it has been in the business since 1999 but also because it has provided work from home job opportunities to many.

Had it been any scam, it wouldn’t have lasted for such a long period in the business.

The only minus here is Rat Race Rebellion job offers are only available to the US residents. Still, they do offer a variety of jobs that have given a means of income to a lot of people.

If you are a person living in the US and wish to earn some good income, then the Rat Race Rebellion can prove to be beneficial for you for many reasons.

The platform should certainly be tried for who knows you may land up getting a work from home job.

Alternatively, freelance marketplaces like Fiverr are another place to look for work.

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