Is Rebaid a scam
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Rebaid: Offering You Up To 100% Cashback Or Only A Scam?

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People who are anyway frequent shoppers; it comes as a piece of good news for them with doing shopping with websites that offer rebates on their purchases.

In a way, this also increased the shopping potential of consumers as they always desire to earn something extra after making a purchase and what better than getting a rebate on shopping online.

People have become more aware of where to head for their shopping needs for also getting some rebates in return. Hence instead of just purchasing from any online store, they choose sites that offer cashback in return so that it becomes a win-win situation for them. Where they even get the product they want plus a cashback on the same.

“Rebaid” is one such fantastic cashback website that offers excellent rebates on all your shopping or the purchases you make through Amazon.

It’s great when you can save money online,
but it’s even better if you can make money!

Let Us Get Into Detail For Knowing Rebaid is a cashback website that offers various rebates on products from Amazon. It is that simple to understand.

So, instead of making purchases directly on Amazon, you can first select the product from Rebaid and then purchase from Amazon. Doing this will make you earn your cashback on the purchases you made.

Not much information is available yet on the new website since it was launched just last year as per the LLC filings that show that the company got incorporated in May 2019. Rebaid claims to be experienced as an Amazon seller and is based in Albuquerque, NM.

Working with Amazon as a seller makes Rebaid rich in experience with not just Internet and SEO techniques, but with selling at the Amazon market place having the first-hand experience. The company also promises to offer up to 100% cashback on purchases.

A lot of money can be saved even after shopping online through Rebaid. It will not only get you the products of your choice but also help you save some extra bucks in the form of cashback.

What Are The Different Categories Of Products That Rebaid Offers?

  • Toys & games
  • Furniture
  • Apparels
Rebaid Apparels
  • Home & kitchen
  • Babycare
  • Pet care
  • Office supplies
  • Electronics
Rebaid electronics
  • Sports & Outdoor
  • Automative
  • Tools
  • Books
  • Jewelry
  • Health & Beauty
  • Supplements
  • Adults
  • Other

They also offer various ‘offers’ of rebates and prices ranging from highest to lowest and vice versa.

Currently, a few products that they are offering with great rebate offers are:
Coast athletic soccer referee flags are with a 100% rebate.

Hand-painted lacquer art round end table for living/bedroom with Sangemarmar gold offers a 25% rebate.

Couple beer and wine glass set offer 100% rebate.

Wunder warmer personal electric heater offers a 90% rebate.

Global tastes tea Darjeeling black tea sampler offers an 80% rebate.

How Rebaid Works?

Generally, a cashback site works with you, clicking on their links to make a purchase and usually get 1% to 5% of cashback. And, the amount they give is a portion of the money they get as an affiliate marketer.

However, Rebaid works quite differently.

They want to provide rebates on specific items that are available on Amazon for sale. The number of items may be limited because the companies and the individuals selling the products pay an amount to Rebaid for giving a platform on their website.

Hence, the payout at Rebaid is much higher as compared to other cashback sites, and an individual can get anywhere between 25% to 100% cashback on their purchases.

Three simple steps can help you earn your rebates with Rebaid as below:

Browsing the product offers – you can search for the products of your choice for Rebate offers by discount amount, product category, and other search criteria.

Purchasing on Amazon – after selecting the product of your choice, you need to click on the product page and click on the ‘claim offer.’ This will direct you to Amazon to complete your purchase.

Confirming the purchase – after completing the purchase on Amazon, come back on for approving the purchase. After it is confirmed, you can receive the rebate payment within three business days.

How Does Rebaid Make Payments?

Citizens Bank securely processes the payments made by Rebaid. And, users quickly receive the cash within three business days.

There are two ways through which Rebaid makes payment as below:

Through direct deposit – payments are transferred directly in your bank account within three business days after making the purchase.

Through mailed checks – mailed checks can be received by users within 5-6 weeks after purchase.

Also, it is free to join Rebaid, and the best part is you don’t need to provide any credit card details, plus all the purchases are made on Amazon.

Why Is Rebaid Getting Paid By Sellers?

Amazon ranks products depending on what people search.

The higher ranks that a product gains on Google are dependent on how many times the item was clicked to make a purchase and the reviews the items received. All these things decide how many a product appears on the search results.

Hence, these sellers pay a higher rebate percentage for getting their products higher in the search results and making a lot of money by searching on Amazon.

If you are interested, you can also check my reviews on TopCashBack and Mr. Rebates.

What Is Not So Lovely About Rebaid?

  • It limits the number of products you can purchase as not every company is tied up with Rebaid for selling their products through Amazon.
  • The payment is made within a few days and not as soon as you make the purchase.

What Is Lovely About Rebaid?

  • Some products have up to 100% rebates.
  • The interface of Rebaid is straightforward and easy for anyone to understand and use.
  • It has a wide range of product categories with some exciting product offers.
  • It also offers a generous referral program.

Is Rebaid Legit?

Rebaid is a fantastic cashback website that is miles away from being called a scam. It is 100% legit just like it offers 100% rebates. The payments are also secured with Citizens Bank, and the company is honest enough in the payment process as well.

Rebaid has a different business approach as well compared to its competitors like Rakuten or TopCashBack.

They make actual payments within the time given by them. The reviews of the cashback site are also very genuine and have garnered a lot of positive ones. Even though they offer limited products from the Amazon marketplace, they still manage to provide a variety of deals.

The best part about Rebaid is that people can save money through shopping online.

This sounds unreal, but it is valid with Rebaid, where you shop online and get cashback on the same, sometimes even 100% rebate.

This is amazing when it comes to cashback sites as Rebaid is the only site that promises up to 100% cashback and also offers products from a giant in the online marketplace like Amazon.

As a seller or as a buyer, either way, it is a good deal with Rebaid.

As a seller, you get a platform for your products on the site for increasing their rankings, and as a buyer, you save a lot of money by gaining cashback on shopping. Rebaid is hands down an excellent cashback site that one must try to experience the benefits themselves.

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  • Henderson

    I think I would really like to try this rebaid you have talked about here. It is the first time I am hearing about it even though I shop ery frequently on Amazon. I feel like this will be a good time to get some more cash back because I am at home and it’s a good time to make some money here. Thank you for this.

  • Rodarrick

    Wow! How I wish that I stayed in the US right now because this is really great to see and I hope that we all can really benefit from this here. It is truly not easy to be able to get cash back on purchases and even seeing the 100% rebates and all. Wow! I love this post here and thanks. Nevertheless, I wish to know if rebauds offer access to international and other countries too

  • Benson

    Hello Jelena, there is no doubt Amazon is the largest online market and somehow there may have been some damage products and those affected people don’t get their money back and neither can they make use of that product. Rebaid has a interesting idea and its very cool and different from some others that I have seen.  It would be a pleasure to reduce my risk and get the money back if the product fails 

  • evans

    Rebaid has been a long time coming plat form, this is not actually my first time seeing it and I have once at a time given it a try so I will recommend you give it a try and Trust me you won’t be disappointed cos it will definitely satisfy your want at the right time you will need it

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