Review on Stella Dot MLM
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Review on Stella & Dot MLM Company

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My this review will be more attractive to women around because it’s related to pieces of jewellery and every woman love jewellery and new designs which comes in the market.

My today’s review is on one of the buzzing MLM Company called Stella & Dot with nearly two decades in this business. As it was in a talk from many years, I felt let us see what is this company all about and how they work.

So if you are looking for a review on Stella and Dot, beacuse you want to become Stella Dot Stylist then you are at the right place!

My research for the company will give a perfect idea of this company and with that, I will also tell you all its pros and cons and even opportunities of earning from this MLM company called Stella and Dot.

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What Is Stella & Dot?

Review on Stella & Dot MLM Company

Most talked online company from the past few years, “Stella & Dot” is favorite for many as it is related to fashion, jewelry, and affordable prices. Yes, it is an MLM company like many, which offer direct selling with financial freedom.

The journey started way back in 2003 when Jessica began designing pieces of jewellery her brand name was Luxe jewels. It worked beautifully for her.

In 2007 she and Blythe Harris got together and formed a new company which we now know as Stella and Dot. This name came from their grandmother’s name.

They both have worked hard and smart to take their company at the top, and it is available in countries like Ireland, Canada, Germany, France, and the UK.

In their recent announcement, they are having more than 25k active Stella & Dot stylist, and they are making more than $310 million annually.

They are having a wide range of products, and the more products they have to buy, the more products you have to sell.

It includes: Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, Charms & Engravables, Covet Fine Jewelry, Watches, Totes, Clutches & Crossbody Bags, Wallets & Companions, Versatile Bags, Covet Leather Accessories, Travels Bags, Sunglasses, Scarves, & Hats, Sarongs, Bag Charms, Tops, Tunics and few more.


How To Become
Stella And Dot Stylist

For joining Stella and Dot you need to pick one of the options: 

  • Option 1 – ($99) you get $350 in jewellery and accessories.
  • Option 2-   ($199) you get $1000 in jewellery and accessories.

All kits include sales tools and personalized website for free, which is good. The company provides excellent value for money, and that’s the reason for their success till now.

You also get online training and weekly training calls from them. 

You have to do base level marketing by giving parties which may cost a few things — then meeting in hotels. These are some of the expenses which may cost you a bit when you start as an independent contractor of Stella and Dot.

Stella & Dot Business Model

The good thing about Stella and Dot Business Model is that they don’t pressurize you to sell things or recruit members like other MLM does.

They give an excellent option to you for starting your business as a side hustle or full-time income source.

Its commission rates start with 25% which you get weekly. 

You have to pass a certain level from a base level of 25%, and reach 2500 personal qualifying volume.

Once you reach 2500 personal qualifying volume, you will get an additional 5% (up to 30%).

Over 5000 personal qualifying volume, you get 32%; and over 10,000 PQV you receive 35%.

Depending on your volume, you will get 12% commission on your team sale, which goes down to four levels.

So, let’s see the compensation plan in ranks:

  • Stylist,
  • Lead Stylist,
  • Associate Stylist,
  • Senior Stylist,
  • Star Stylist,
  • Associate Director,
  • Director,
  • Senior Director,
  • Star Director,
  • Executive Director,
  • Platinum Director
  • Diamond Director
  • Double Diamond Director

    The minimum requirement to get paid, team sales commission is 500 PQV.

You can also earn a bonus by helping new stylists which you recruit under you. If they reach up to a certain level in a year, you get $100 as cash.

Let Us Now Go Through Stella And Dot’s
Pros And Cons.


  • Excellent business Opportunity at a lower price.
  • It is a commission based sales model, so you don’t have to purchase too many things in starting.
  • Your customer can purchase online, and you can earn from it.
  • It is a reasonably good company, atlist better than scam companies which are spoiling the name of MLM.
  • Founder’s track record is excellent.
  • The compensation plan is good.
  • There is no pressure on recruiting.
  • Good customer service.
  • It is a good option for women around the world.


  • Stella & Dot reviews of some products are disappointing, and it becomes a big problem when you are in MLM.
  • It required excellent communication skills and a marketing strategy to grow in this business.
  • Sales requirement is there to remain active.
  • Products are not consumable.
  • It’s MLM, so the people joining at a later stage can’t earn big when the company get stuck at a point.
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My View On Stella And Dot

Looking to company website it looks stunning for the newcomer, and one more thing which is essential to add in my opinion in starting is that “it’s not a scam“, yes it is an MLM concept but better than many other companies no doubt about that.

They have a good compensation plan and products.  One problem is they don’t have consumable products on their list, so you want to see your customer coming backregularly.

But I feel every MLM company tells you that its easy and you will get tons of money, but that are just words; in reality, it’s not easy to do direct sales.

As you can see average annual earnings for most Stella & Dot Stylist ( 73.9% of them) is $1400.

Hope you like my review on Stella & Dot MLM. It is a good business option but there many other business models and programs which are far better and secure than Stella and Dot.

Where there is a lesser risk, and you don’t have to market traditionally home to home and partying for selling your products. 

Affiliate Marketing which is an excellent option against Stella and Dot which I will surely recommend to the women who are reading my review.

Yes, Stella and Dot is a women-oriented program, but there are more and more women in Affiliate Marketing. It is a very secure and reliable business model and pretty helpful for starting your business.

I am personally using Affiliate Marketing for three years now, and I am doing well, so I always recommend to the people who are looking for some good work online.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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