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​SFI Affiliate Center – Online MLM Business Opportunity ​Or Scam?

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Everyone today wants to live a luxurious life so do I, but the question is HOW? Dream in life is easy but to achieve it is not. You need to find ways to market yourself to audiences for what you have to grow in life financially.

Technology today is helping millions of people earn big as the world has become smaller for business due to the Internet.

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Technology is helping everyone by giving a fair and a bigger market for everyone. So you just need a good idea to start anything, and the world is ready to grab it if you know how to market it.

People use to get confused on how to start a business or how to earn more from home. So they join specific online MLM business to learn things from it regarding business marketing and all.

Affiliate firms basically have an expert team to guide you from ground level by giving training, and many of them are free. It is not a new thing it has started way back from the 90s, but it is becoming famous from 2000 as the internet is growing worldwide.

For more information, we will see SFI Affiliate: how it works and is it really an online MLM business opportunity ​for people who are looking for earning in their life from home or just a scam.

What Is SFI Affiliate And How It Works?


SFI stands for Strong Future International and it was launched in 1998 and till now they are in 190 countries.
SFI looks hard to start but actually, it is not they have given steps to follow, and you can learn from that and start earning from it.

You Can Earn In SFI in 4 Different Ways:

1. By Accumulating Versa Points:

It begins with Versa Points, starts accumulating it is the main reason for SFI success very easy to start. So you have to earn Versa Points to get success from SFI for earning big.

2. By Selling TripleClicks Products:

You can start earning from tripleclicks.com, Versa points are made from there. It helps you to earn more points, more points mean more earning and it is the secret of success in SFI.

SFI gives 45% commission to you if your client purchases anything.

Try to refer Tripleclicks e-commerce where you can make more Versa points which lead to an extra commission in your monthly income.

3. By Referring Affiliates:

Bring more and more refferals for SFI which will increase sales, and they provide useful help to you. Have to just bring customers to the sites after that all the customer handling and other things are done by the SFI team.

Then if you want to grow more and earn big, you have to bring sponsors for SFI. It boosts your monthly income for sure.

Every Versa points earn by your refferals and sponsors adds your creditability means you will automatically grow as your clients grow in SFI.

To be a sponsor in SFI and try to bring other sponsors like you which helps you to earn good handsome money every month.

4. Additional Income:

There are few other ways which are possible in SFImg to earn a commission like try to add co-sponsors affiliates which add to your commission and increase monthly income.

SFI (www.sfimg.com) also provides basic methods for marketing for that you need to sign up into SFI affiliate center and login for more information.

Few Drawbacks of SFI

Affiliation seems to be easy but actually, it is not, it takes lots of hard work and time to earn something. It is not like one night we dream, and the second day we are a millionaire, if you are thinking like that then you will fall down for sure and you cannot earn a single dollar from it.

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Every firm like SFI will not tell you how much work actually it takes to earn big. They will show you what you want to see, but they want to show you how it is done and how much time it takes to achieve that.

SFI is quite similar to other Multilevel marketing companies; make a branch of your team and earn which is not possible for all to do that.

For a newcomer, SFI is not easy. As they will lack guidance which is not provided actually well to newcomers who want to join Affiliates business.

You have to buy yourself to become a member every month and then refer to others to earn points which are not possible for a person who is planning to start something without money.

Sign up bonus are given only after you make some sale. Then you become eligible for a reward.

45% commission is not an easy thing to get as SFI charges higher some product which you refer. For example, if you are buying something from SFI affiliates site at 100$, the same thing is available for 65$ online. It means charges are higher, and it is obvious you can’t earn 45% commission if that person is smart and knows online business and prices.

Is SFI a Scam?

I wouldn`t call it a scam, but it is very hard to earn money. You will collect points for months, trying to invite others to join. I was buying products myself (that I don’t need) just to earn any points.

Is There Any Other Option Than SFI to Earn Money in Affiliate Business

The answer is Yes! There are many, but I now that a Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent affiliate to join a perfect option against SFI. How do I know? Because I tried both!

Wealthy Affiliate VS SFI

  • The Wealthy Affiliate also provides free startup for any newcomer.
  • WA has a 24/7 live support to help you when you are in your starting face.
  • They provide proper training and knowledge for affiliate work and business how you can grow in this field. They have a better team than SFI which is a big advantage for any newcomer in this field.
  • Their step by step by guidance helps you in marketing, posting videos, how to build your website and all in a natural way which allows you to grow faster than any SFI newcomer. Wealthy affiliates team support is super useful in every department.
  • Earning you can get from a Wealthy Affiliate is more than SFI.
  • So for any newcomer who wants to earn from affiliate business Wealthy Affiliate is a far better option than other affiliates training program in the market and it is most suitable for newcomers in this market.

So what are you waiting for starting earning big by joining Wealthy Affiliate to grow bigger and faster in life?

Market yourself smartly than others!

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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