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Should I Join Talk Fusion? How Much Can I​ Earn?

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Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a platform where you can create customized videos for marketing purposes using a technology called Real-Time Communications (RTC). The company was founded in the year 2007 by Bob Reina in the advertising and video chat industry; it’s also a form of network marketing.

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Talk Fusion have some different products, mainly to create or market videos online. The suggested product is the all-in-one platform that provides access to all the tools used primarily for video conferencing.

Here are they promotional video:

Talk Fusion Com Products offers a variety of products that you can use to promote everything online. In the first launch, they were mainly a video email marketing system. Since the year 2014, they have expanded into many other areas:

Video E-Mail

To differentiate yourself from the crowd, video emails can be very helpful. There is nothing to download, and everything can be done from the administrative office, you must select a theme, upload or record your video and then click Send.

Video Chat – The On The Go Fusion

This is a mobile video email application that allows you to make video messages from any mobile device that includes Android phones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads.

Video Newsletter

This is simple, and you can send your subscribers a personalized video newsletter.

Fusion Wall

You can post your videos on your video wall, which seems to help you manage the video.

Video Blog

You can use your video blogging platform to blog about anything you want.

Share video

With this stuff, you can share your videos with more than 200 social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. As a result, you never have to try to share these videos manually.

Live Meetings

Here you can organize webinars and, depending on the package, up to 500 people can participate.

So, How Much Does It Cost?

You can choose between different packages one time costs ranging from $99to $ 1499, and again, the month to month package of $10, $25 and $35 out there.


Talk Fusion as a
Business Opportunity

TalkFusion com has a business opportunity (MLM) that is unlike most of the multilevel marketing companies in the market. The main difference is that Talk attracts people to sell video marketing tools instead of supplements or income plans.

But, if you want to start with this MLM company, you will need to pay $30 plus up to $1,500 ( for different packages), and there is also some monthly members fee. They will try to convince you that if you pay higher, you will earn more!

Can You Make Money With
The Talk Fusion Program?

Talk Fusion is a direct sales or network marketing company. Therefore, you want to inform as many people as possible in the hope these people will join your team and be added to your downline.

To start earning, you need to invite two people and you will earn $120 for every person that you convince to join.

In the sales video, the speaker says you only have to tell two people about it, and then these people tell two other people, etc., but we know that is not true!

I was in a dozen different MLM systems before I start my own online business that I can tell you: you will work much more than 40 hours a day, and you will be tiresome everyone around you with this “great business opportunity”. After you spend your money on a variety of packages, you’ll be disappointed with less money in your pocket than you had at the start.

What is looks like MLM in Talk Fusion?

Should I join Talk Fusion _

Classic Multilevel Marketing

In the case, you are responsible for two major tasks.

Make sales and recruit new people to get equipment bonuses for your downline. Of course, every product has a sales volume, and you have to charge a certain amount of rewards for each binary leg.

Every person begins by earning 10% in Team Commissions.

Once your team generates 2,000 GSV (Group Sales Volume) during a commission week, you qualify for the rank of 2 Star and earn 20 %.

Just to tell you that for selling ONE video email, you will get 40 GSV.

So, you (and your team) need to sell 50 video emails in one week. (that is $99 x 50 videos= $4950 that you need to make for Talk Fusion in a week!)

If you still interested in this program and you want to know more about their commission you can check out it here: PDF Talk Fusion Compensation Plan.

As you can see in their compensation plan, like in many MLM companies, most of the people don’t earn or earn a minor sum of money.
In Talk Fusion, 58,9% didn`t earn, and 33,4% are eared less than $500 in a year!

So, its more than 90% of members who joined Talk Fusion.

There is also a group of clients that looks like a raffle for customers. Whoever gets the most customers wins a prize in cash, as an associate also, your job would be to make direct sales of products while creating a team.

Is Talk Fusion A Scam?

Talk Fusion has some characteristics in common with pyramid schemes, but you cannot say the Talk Fusion a scam. Also, I cannot recommend Talk Fusion.

In this context, there are some things you should know about this program. It`s a some like pyramidal scheme, and the sales video contains many red flags like sports cars, yachts, and much emotion


  • Not much about Talk Fusion is impressive. There is a feature called Instant Commissions that sounds good. It means that the commissions take a few minutes to add to your account. They say it’s instantaneous.
  • At least this is not another health supplement marketing company. The product is a bit different, video conferencing tools that can be useful for online marketers.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

But not many people need massive video conferencing anyway, and if they do, there are many free tools to use out there.


  • The main problem I had with this company is the level of exaggerations and promises of vague income on the side of opportunity.
  • I thought it was ridiculous, they promise the life of your dreams, and then the income exclusion says something completely different.
  • It would be best if you are careful. In most cases, making sales will be difficult and building a team becomes even more difficult.
  • Most people spend about five months in MLM, earning NOTHING before they quit!
  • Another study shows that people in MLM need to spend around 4 years to earn 50K – and just 0.6% of people succeed that.

Talkfusion might not be a scam; it is a gray area. Talk Fusion offers a series of video marketing tools, so they provide at least some products.

On the other hand, the business opportunity is somewhat suspicious and looks like a pyramid plan as said earlier especially if you compare the exclusion of income with advertising in sales videos, which does not work!

What Can I Try Instead?

First, you must avoid all products that promise you can earn millions of dollars immediately.
If a company uses a sales video with villas, yachts and sports cars, it’s probably a scam.

Instead, take one step at a time. My favorite program allows me to have full-time income in less than two years. One of the reasons why I came to the online business is that I appreciate my freedom and making sales while sleeping is always welcome.

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I hope I helped you with you r question : Should I join Talk Fusion or not. If you have any more questions, please post it below and I`ll be glad to answer.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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