Solo Bould It Review - program by The Site Sell
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Solo Build It Review – Program By The Site Sell. Should You Buy It?​

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Online business training is increasingly popular today. If you are new to the online biz, you may have heard of a program called Solo Bould It from SiteSell. What is SBI about?

Is this the right training to help you build an online business? I took it for a test and discovered some advantages and disadvantages. Here is the Solo Build It Review.

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What Is The SiteSell Company?

SiteSell is a Canadian-based company founded in the year 1997 by Ken Evoy. They offer a training course: Solo Build It (SBI), a comprehensive business development system, which comes with tools to integrate with a WordPress site.

They postulate to provide innovative marketing tools and educational resources to assist their customers. In this post I will give you Solo Bould It Review.

What’s In The Solo Build It Course?

The Solo Build It (SBI) is a 10-Days course ( the Action Guide) that guides you through the basics, from generating keywords, niche research, and finally creating traffic to your website.

Don’t be foolish – it`s unlikely to start making money in Day 10.

During the course, use the keywords research tool “Brainstorm It” to find your niche and the specific search terms. Once you have set everything up, you can import the list to your WordPress site using your custom plug-in called “SBI for WP.” You need to download this software to your computer.

Why Solo Build It?

SBI is more than just creating web pages; it is an opportunity to build a real online business that generates a full-time online income.

With the right tools from the start and the elimination of all the fears, you may have, Site Build It is about that!

If you already are an offline business owner, you will know the steps you must take to make your business successful. The problem is that if we create a website or a blog, we forget it. It’s crazy!

Suddenly, you have this online space that does almost nothing because you forget that you still need customers and that you do not generate revenue without customers/visitors.

Most people who have blogs tend to earn half an income online and forget the concept of running a business.

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When the owner of an offline business knows how to run a business, but not how he can do it online, Solo Build It is used. Sitesell is good for real professionals who want to create an actual online presence, but also for those who do not have a real business but want to work from home through Internet marketing.

If you want to create a real online business and not just a regular blog, Solo Build It is one of the best ways to have it done, says by Ken Evoy. But, …

How Much Is It?

The subscription for Solo Build costs $ 29.99 per month or $ 299 per year. This price does not include hosting services for your websites.

The Advantage

  • The course provides detailed information about what business owners should do (creating good content, creating converting traffic, etc.) and does not endorse any blackhat technique.
  • The design of the course is structured and organized to support the learning flow.
  • I think it’s good that they use WordPress customization through themes/add-ons, as this step can be very intimidating for beginners.
  • 90 days back money guarantee – but you can to try a much better program for FREE
Sitesell Build It


  • Surprisingly, the Site Sell support system cannot respond quickly to technical problems. I know that not all systems are perfect, but the SiteSell training page has some things that bother me:
  • There are broken links in the design of the course that lead me nowhere. This is a bit disappointing as I thought they should be up to date. Besides, all the teachings are in textual form, which can be a bit overwhelming.
  • I like the training pages that come with forums, but the SiteSell discussion area is pretty outdated in my view. Everything is filled out on a single page, I cannot say what the last thread of discussion is, and I do not know with whom to connect.
  • Outdated design websites. Here`s an example:
Solo Build It site example

The SiteSell may be okay for some persons, but the below include online reviews we discovered about the site.

The SBI is very well commercialized. They make it look like the best of the internet, claiming to have a superior CMS anyway. That’s not true, and I’ve read in several sources that the owners of the SBI sites have suffered the Google Panda update. So, what is my opinion about SBI? Read more:

Solo Bould It Review - program by The Site Sell_

I’ve been building my online business for three years now, and I’m glad I did not start with SiteSell.

It seems that the training system is very outdated, and the discussion area appears to be more of a headache than a solution.

As much as I want to give the Site Sell and Solo Build It a rating, I cannot, because I know a training site that offers FREE membership, however, provides stronger learning tools and excellent (24/7) community support.

The technical part of making an online business has been simplified for you using the Wealthy Affiliate. Domain, hosting as well as the training is provided through the same platform. So if you ask me: Solo Build It vs. Wealthy Affiliate – I`m all for Wealthy Affiliate!

Whether you run a local business or you are an affiliate marketer, even if you`re a newbie as I was, you can benefit from at least one training tutorials and live webinars. Courses and forums are integrated so you could quickly learn and communicate with other members when you need help.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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