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Success Stories From Wealthy Affiliate To Show You How To Make Money Online

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If not all, but most people went gaga over Wealthy Affiliate when it had all started 15 years ago. Everyone then did not know and understood what this program was all about or what changes it can bring in a person’s life as a whole.

Not everyone believed in the program, thinking it to be just another money-making scheme.

But, proving everyone wrong and coming out as a successful online program, Wealthy Affiliate has been wealthy enough with the knowledge it offers to its members.

And the confidence it instills in a person for earning a good online income provided the member to apply and implement all the learning from Wealthy Affiliate.

For the uninitiated, since I’ve been writing a lot about Wealthy Affiliate (I’ve been a member for three years), you must understand why everyone is so impressed with this program.

I’m also grateful because this program changed my life. I started with $15000 debt and now, I’m making 4 digits monthly online all thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

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So, Let’s Start By Understanding What Is Wealthy Affiliate

Before I show you Wealthy Affiliate friends who make + $10,000 a month online, remember that these are ordinary guys like you and me and didn’t have any special knowledge before they started.

All of these friends have earned by doing affiliate marketing, which means you don’t even need any of your own products to get started.

Ok, let me just briefly introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate, before we get started with our success stories.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Click the image to take a closer look at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-including online platform that helps people and affiliate marketers make their online business ( and complete newbies to start).

They provide courses for marketers to learn and implement the same in the online business.

They offer beginner and advanced training courses, web hosting, live support, and keywords research tools.

And also, every Friday, you will get another live video training that helps individuals turn into successful internet and affiliate marketers.

They offer a variety of training materials like weekly webinars, and Q&A sessions, website builder, live chat with their members, editing platform, keywords tool, and the list can go and on.

They also offer two kinds of membership to their program: One is the Starter membership, and the other is the Premium membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Strater Membership

The Starter membership gives access to the first ten lessons in level 1 of the training.

It will show you how to build your website and also help you with the right keywords for your content.

By taking this membership, you will know whether you want to take the premium membership for expanding your business more.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

The Premium membership gives access to all the 50 lessons that are associated with around 169 tasks.

This membership also includes written and video tutorials.

It teaches the tiniest things necessary in the business.

It provides a step-by-step guide to make you understand the lessons and enhance your training.

It is imperative to know that Wealthy Affiliate should not be considered as any ‘Get quick rich scheme.’

It is like an investment that a person makes for working rigorously for the first few months and then reaping benefits for the years to come.

Wealthy Affiliate is all about building a sustainable business that will last for longer.

You can try Premium membership for whole month for only $19!

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

There have been many people in this business who have today become a success story, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

A few had started with the intent to earn great money but left halfway when they realized that they could not become rich overnight.

While some stuck to the program and continuously made efforts to learn everything and apply the same on the business consistently and hence, they have reached a reputable position in their career.

Although the list of success stories is lengthy, below are my favorite Wealthy Affiliate stories from people start an online business and earn significant revenue should take inspiration.

Bryon Brewers

“Built a $1,000,000 + Company Starting From Scratch”

The person to top the list for me is Bryon Brewer.

He is the real example of consistency and has one of the greatest success stories in Wealthy Affiliate.

A person didn’t have the internet marketing knowledge or anything related to that, and now earning $1,000,000/yearly is an example that everyone should be inspired from.

Bryon started as a beginner back in 2012, and five years later, in 2017, he made $1,000,000/yearly.

By 2018, he was running a team of a few full-time employees and more than 200 freelancers.

From a complete beginner who knew nothing about the internet world, he shows the effort he needs to make, and also tells people that if he can do it, so can you.

Read Bryon’s success post here or click the image below:

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories  Bryon Brewer


“$500 In TWO days”

Initially, people thought that only the men could be good in the online business. Still, Zarina, a lady from Canada, proved that women are no behind and what a person can achieve with continuous and genuine efforts in the business.

Zarina is an example for all those who quit in the middle of the course, thinking they wouldn’t benefit from the program.

Zarina earned more than $500 in just two days with her consistent efforts.

She built a few websites, and with the help of her site, she started promotions of other’s products on Amazon and became a success story.

If you are interested to make money promoting Amazons products, read my post: How Does The Amazon’s Affiliate Program Work?

You can read Zarina’s success post here or click the image below:

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories Zarina

Nathaniell Brenes

“$1200+ Affiliate Earnings In One Day”

This lad’s dream of making dollars in China and living a life like a king made him start with internet marketing.

Nathaniell today earns more than $20,000/month online, and this income will undoubtedly keep increasing based on how much more efforts he puts in his business.

Nathaniell quit his job in China and returned to the US.

He bought a house, visited Las Vegas three times at a Wealthy Affiliate conference, and now travels across the US to meet his friends he made there.

Today money is not an issue for Nathaniell as it keeps flowing for him.

Today, he has time also to live other luxuries of life like sailing or any other thing of his choice and takes out time for himself.

You can read Nathaniell’s success post here or click the image below:


“Officially a Six Figure Business”

Sometimes for a few people, only the beginning might seem harsh, but when they understand the know-how of the business, everything flows for them.

Ralph is a great example to encourage people how earning a certain amount is not enough, and putting in the effort is necessary to keep the foot stable in the business.

Ralph started with earning a few thousand dollars, but gradually he is now making more than $20,000 to $30,000 a month.

It started as a snowball in 2018, making every month more and more money, so at the end of 2018, he could boast that he created a six-figure business.

You can read Ralph’s success post here or click the image below:

Steve Razinski

“Freedom To Work Anywhere in the World”

Steve started as a blogger; at Wealthy Affiliate, he has learned that he can turn his writing hobby into a successful business that gives him excellent returns.

Soon, he started making a monthly income of $10,000.

Then he decided to travel around the world with his wife.

He taught the same skills to his wife as well in the online business so that they can do it together.

The best part that comes with an online business is it doesn’t restrict you from going anywhere. You only need a laptop and WiFi to do the work from anywhere in the world.

Steve loves to explore new places, and his online business has made this possible for him and his wife as the income he earns is passive.

Even if he is disconnected from the internet, he is still earning money.

You can read Steve’s success post here or click the image below:

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories Steve Razinski

My most favorite success stories in Wealthy Affiliate indicate many outstanding benefits or perks the online business offers an individual as below:

  • You can work from anywhere in the world, only needs to have a proper internet connection available.
  • You need not do anything, while your website keeps generating the passive income for you.
  • You can take a vacation whenever or wherever you want.
  • You can make your own decisions regarding your website and online business and decide whatever is suitable for your business.
  • In short, with the help of Wealthy Affiliate, you get the freedom to work as per your terms and the way you want your business to grow.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth All The Time And Effort?

When you have an online platform that teaches you the A to Z of online business and affiliate marketing, then nobody can stop you from earning the income desired by you.

If you are 100% threatening training that is a core part of Wealthy Affiliate, there is NO CHANCE NOT to MAKE MONEY.

It is essential to understand that this platform is not for getting rich overnight.

It is a platform that will give good passive income in the future with the efforts put in the present. If you are a person who lacks patience and the drive to earn a good income monthly, then this is not for you.

However, there are many other online programs, as well. It boasts about being very genuine and providing the right opportunities to individuals for making them earn a steady income, but they are mostly scams. They only take money at the start from members and then disappear when the time comes to give returns to their members.

Many such companies have shut down, and this is one reason why some people find it challenging to believe in Wealthy Affiliates, assuming it is another scam.

But, had it been any scam, it wouldn’t have been in the business for the past 15 years, and it wouldn’t have had the success stories that we discussed above in the article.

Wealthy Affiliate is one such online platform that everybody who thinks of making a career in the online business should opt for without thinking twice.

It is undoubtedly a program that will teach you everything that you need to know and every tool that will help you succeed in the online world.

But it is dependent only on an individual’s efforts.

The more the time and energy put in the right direction in the online business, the more benefits and returns it will reap, making an individual successful in all ways possible.

I would love to hear your opinion, as well.

Already a Wealthy Affiliate Member?
What do you think about their training?
Have you already made your own success story?

Please let me know in the comments below!

I have helped over 300 people start their online business so far, and I would also like to help you.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


  • JJ

    Hi Jelena, thank you for this dose of motivation. I started with Wealthy Affiliate platform and all that you said about it is true. I find the training and support the best that you could ever want and you can run your online business in the convenient way you choose. I took a break from it for a while because I had other projects working on and I was doing a lot of travelling. I recently got back into the training and registered to do affiliate marketing and I have made huge strides in the short time. After reading this I am even more encouraged to keep going. Thanks again.

  • Queen

    Thanks Jelena for sharing these Wealthy Affiliate success stories, it is good to see prove that a program can really help one achieve success.

    I have stumbled upon various programs that promises to help one achieve these kind of success but they either turn out to be scams or full of upsells.

    But one outstanding thing I see about Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just their success stories but the fact that you made it clear on more than one occassion that it isn’t a get rich quick scheme and one will have to put in lots of effort to make this work.

    This alone has given me confidence that Wealthy Affiliate is genuine and worth giving a try. Thanks for sharing.


    • Jelena

      Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent platform for learning how to start and grow an online business, but it’s not working on autopilot. So, everyone who is willing to work has an opportunity to make a considerable income.

      Thank you for your comment.

  • Rodarrick

    The potentials attached to working on this platform is truly what makes wealthy affiliate distinct. I am a big time follower of wealthy affiliate and I truly believe that if there is proper dedication and  willingness, there is always the opportunity to make money while working on wealthy affiliate. This is great to see here and thanks for sharing with us all. I value it

  • Joseph Stasaitis

    Thanks so much for this inspiration and authentic sharing of your experience with Wealthy Affiliate. Having joined almost two (2) years ago, I am now just gaining some traction with more pages indexed and making a few sales. 

    I do understand the tremendous potential here for those who are willing to spend the time to learn and then apply their knowledge. Given the time I have been able to devote to my online business I am happy with my progress. I look forward to spending more time when I retire at the end of the year.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the best online platform which I have discovered over the years. This is definitely the place to be in order to create a solid foundation in a business which will not only endure but be scaleable as well. Thanks so much for sharing your insights and inspiration. I appreciate this very much.  Joseph

  • shariful islam

    Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I have been working online for a long time and I have been working at Wealthy Affiliate and this is not a scam and can make a lot of money online.And I work as a marketer at Wealthy Affiliate, and here I go through the sale of various products and provide product details to them and when they purchase it, I earn a commission from there.Now I’m thinking of doing a business of my own at A Wealthy Affiliate and I hope I can.When I first worked, I was taught to work through various trainings.And I think the Wealthy Affiliate is very important for those who want to make money online.

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