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Earning Money With The Right Survey Site: Review

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Since all of us already know how lucky we are to have the influence of the Internet on us in more than one way, it gives us so much if we know what useful information to take from it.

It is indeed a boon to humankind with an answer to every question that arises in our minds. So, the Internet gives us plenty of such opportunities wherein we can not only search for all things interesting to us but also get a chance to earn money from the same.

It has also become an indirect recruiter because it gives us job opportunities online and the ease of working from our homes we can easily earn from the medium.

Online paid surveys give us yet another way of earning some extra bucks and are way better than getting into any scammed MLM program and lose our money instead. is another such boon to us that has come into existence in the online world for all those people who are tired of earning from MLM programs where they have to buy products first and then depend on recruiting people for making a decent amount.

Whereas, SurveyTime is an online survey portal and an excellent opportunity for earning some real cash immediately after fulfilling a survey. Continue to read to find out how you can make some money with it.

Let Us First Understand
What Paid Online Surveys Are?

Paid surveys are generally for getting quantitative information about a member’s financial or personal habits, depending on their demographics.

Research companies online need certain information sought by their clients about people residing in particular demographics.

Since, as a company, they cannot reach out to such a massive audience, they call out for surveys through online survey sites where members who become a part of it do the job for them and get paid in return.

Paid surveys are also known as statistical or incentivized surveys where members get paid or rewarded through an incentive program for fulfilling or completing the questionnaires given to them.

Now that we know what paid surveys are all about, let us dig deeper into understanding what is SurveyTime all about?

What Is SurveyTime? review

SurveyTime is an online paid platform that is just a year old in the market and is based in the United States. Their website hardly has any information to be discussed here as of now, maybe because they are a pretty much new entrant in the business.

It looks a bit fishy in the beginning, but once you start filling out their questionnaires and surveys and once they reward you with a payment, you know it is a legit site.

It is a project which is run by a modern ad-tech company named, which is said to have collaborations with companies like SSI, Toluna, Nielsen, etc.

SurveyTime’s aim itself is to help members to have an additional income, which they can earn at their convenience in their free time from homes, cafes, etc.

They also claim that they have a rich and extensive list that will enable the members to match the surveys with their interests, habits, and demographics.

How To Start With SurveyTime?

It is imperative to know that SurveyTime is free to join, and anybody who is 13+ age can become a part of this.

So, below are the steps of joining it:

  • Signing up – on their website, they provide you with three sign-up options with Facebook, Google, and Twitter.
  • Filling the profile survey – As soon as you sign-up, they will present you with a questionnaire to be fulfilled for knowing more about you, your interests, and habits (known as profile survey), which will hardly take a couple of minutes.
  • Choosing surveys – once you provide all the useful information to them, they will give out surveys related to your data to be filled out. Members can get one or more surveys depending on the information provided by them in the profile survey. Initially, they can present you with a lot of surveys altogether and after that 1 or 2 surveys each day.
Surveytime surveys
  • Collect payment – as soon as you answer all the questions, and submit the survey, collect your payment immediately.
Surveytime completed surveys
  • Real-time notifications – they ping with real-time notifications about new or upcoming surveys through email, web, text, or all of them.

Who Can Be A Part Of SurveyTime?

Anyone who is above the age of 13 can become a member of and there are no other such requirements to be a part of it, which is impressive to know.

Also, the fact that SurveyTime is available all over the world and is available with different languages allows everybody an opportunity to earn.

How Does SurveyTime Pay You?

It is delightful to know a survey site that immediately makes a payment without any drama of minimum cash out or fulfilling a certain payout threshold, which is very rare.

Each survey at SurveyTime pays you $1, and the surveys are generally 5-15 minutes long, and that is it.

They pay you either with cash via PayPal or Bitcoin or can give gift cards of Amazon, PayPal, Decathlon, and Target.

Surveytime reward

Well, when it comes to discussing the positives and negatives of SurveyTime, there aren’t any negatives that I could probably find.

Even with its existence of only one year in the online market, it still proves to be a legit online survey company that pays through cash or gift cards.

Surveytime reviews 1
Surveytime reviews 2

The positives of Survey Time

  • Completely free to join the website.
  • No minimum cashout limit or payment threshold.
  • Available in different languages all over the world.
  • Provides with 1 or 2 surveys each day with immediate payment in cash or gift cards.
  • Very easy to understand the site.
  • Fewer chances of being kicked out from the middle of completing a survey with the help of their screener survey.
  • A lot of positive reviews on Trustpilot
Surveytime Trustpilot reviews

What Can We Conclude For

There is not much left to be said for Survey Time, where you know you only have positives of this fantastic site and no negatives.

It is not a scam or a bogus company. It is entirely legitimate and a good paid survey site that has been quite successful in marking a name for itself in the industry only within a year.

Though it is not something that will make you rich overnight, the rewards are a result of continuous efforts, but it will pay you well with each survey that you will complete.

Survey sites are usually not the best option to opt for earning high, but with SurveyTime, you can complete some surveys for earning some good real cash and rewards.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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