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How Tailwind Helped Me Grow My Blog Traffic

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Have you heard that Pinterest is among the best tools to help blog writers to promote posts and increase traffic? Could your Pinterest scheduling use an upgrade?

If Pinterest is presently not one of the tools you use to promote your blog site, it’s time to start using it. Today’s post is all about why I enjoy Tailwind and how I use it to increase my blog site’s direct exposure and traffic.

My Old Pinning Strategy Sucked

How to use Tailwind to skyrocket your blog + invite to Tailwind Tribe _

Before I discovered Tailwind, I was among those blog writers who just pinned a single pin whenever I created a new post. I, by hand, pinned numerous boards 1-2 times weekly, and that was it.

I saw hardly any improvement in the quantity of traffic to my website.

It was really aggravating because I was constantly reading that Pinterest was the best way to promote my material and increase traffic.

It wasn’t working, and the strategy I had actually put in place flat out failed.

Tailwind Help Grow My Pinterest Views
rom 13 to 200.000 330.000!

Tailwind is the best new app I have registered for in a long time!

It has actually helped me increase my repins and the quantity of traffic I’m getting as an outcome of those repins. A couple of months earlier, I chose to register for the Tailwind trial and instantly fell for all the remarkable functions.

Let’s discuss Pinterest first before we truly dive into all the functions that Tailwind uses. You need to understand the best ways to properly use Pinterest before Tailwind can help your traffic grow.

You need to be very active on Pinterest to truly see a change on your blog site. Pinning one or two times a week will not suffice. To actually see any outcome at all, you need a particular pinning strategy every day of the week.

If you are like me (3 kids, blogging, etc.), it’s difficult to sit down and schedule pins to head out every day. This is where Tailwind comes in and kicks “tail!”

I like setting up a lot of my pins to go out for the week and return to creating more post.

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What Exactly Is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a web-based client that combines with Pinterest to find the best times throughout the day to send your pins. It gets rid of the need for you to be in front of Pinterest all the time try to arrange hundreds and even thousands of pins by hand.

Tailwind does more than just automating the scheduling of your pins. It examines your pins to identify which ones are getting the most reaction and repins.


Why Use Tailwind?

Using a Pinterest scheduler makes life a lot simpler.

I merely do not have time to arrange pins for all articles I’ve written over the last years. With Tailwind, I arrange either for a week, 2 weeks, and even a month out, and relax and unwind while it does its work.

One excellent function of Tailwind is that you have the capability to change the time slots and personalize it to match your requirements.

Now, I’m simply using the schedule Tailwind has developed for me. As I start sharing more pins, I might choose to develop my own schedule. It’s good to know, however, that Tailwind immediately schedules pins at the most appropriate times to make the most of the direct exposure.

Pinning To Pinterest Boards

The main reason I use Tailwind versus sharing my pins by hand is the capability to share pins to several boards at the same time. Tailwind will not only share to all your individual and group boards but also allow you to create your very own board lists.

I have about 80 various boards on blogging— both my own and groups I’m a member of. I developed a “blogging” board list so that I do not need to choose all 80 boards at the same time. Tailwind will send out the pin to all boards on the list. You CAN’T do this yourself by hand, folks! This alone saves me HOURS!

Tailwind also has a main Google Chrome extension that enables you to pin straight from sites. If you see an image you like on another website, all you need to do is hover over it, click the “Schedule” button, and off you go.

Pin Inspector

There’s a truly cool tool in Tailwind called the Pin Inspector. If you wish to know how your pins are performing, this is the tool that gives you all the details.

The Pin Inspector offers you a breakdown of pins with the most repins all the way to the ones with the fewest repins. If you want to reschedule a pin, it’ll let you do it right from the Pin Inspector! Pretty cool!


Tailwind Tribes

If you have not heard of Tailwind Tribes, they are incredible ways to share your material with other blog writers! The cool aspect of Tribes is that you can look for any subject that matches your specific niche and sign up with the other people.

You can join BOB for Her Tailwind Tribe HERE

Bob for Her Tailwind Tribe

Google Analytics Integration

I like evaluating my statistics every day; in some cases many times a day.
Tailwind has the capability to incorporate your Google Analytics account into your Tailwind control panel for a complete presentation of your efficiency.

Stay on top of things and see which pins are generating the most presence and earnings for your blog site.

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Enhanced Traffic By Using Tailwind

I’m currently seeing enormous enhancement in traffic. Tailwind has made it so simple to get my material shared with the masses with as little manual effort as possible.

I’m now getting more than 330,000 monthly views on Pinterest.
Tailwind has actually been a huge part of this boost!

Pinterest and Tailwind are vital to my blog’s development and success. If you do not have a strategy developed in the best ways to set up and share your pins, it’s never too late to put one together.

Tailwind makes it so simple and guides you along the way. The more you are able to share your material, the more fans you will have.

Isn’t that exactly what you wish to achieve?
Increasing the number fans can result in greater blog earnings!

Wish To Join Tailwind? Here’s How!

I hope today’s post has actually persuaded you that life as a blog writer would be far better with Tailwind.
I used to be a blog writer reading other posts about how Tailwind made traffic for other blog writers skyrocket and questioned if it was even worth taking the time to try it out.

To start a free trial of Tailwind, use my referral link. You’ll get $15 credit to start a FREE ( its for the first month membership). After that, you can register for their Plus Plan.

If you pick the yearly membership plan, it’s $119 annually for 4 months totally free (and endless pins).

If you opt for the month-to-month plan, it’s $14.99 monthly with a limit of 400 pins each month. The cool thing is, if you do choose to sign up with Tailwind, you can also become one of their affiliates like me!

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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