25 Tailwind tribes for bloggers
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25+ Tailwind Tribes For Bloggers – You Must Join Now!

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By now, you’ve probably heard about Tailwind, especially if you are a blogger.

I made a Tailwind account two years ago. Since then, I`m using it and realize how awesome it is! Amid their excellent Pinterest and Instagram scheduler and also the Tailwind Tribes, this site is an incredible source for increasing your blog visitors!

Tailwind is not just a system to schedule your pins. You can also find content for your boards, help out another blogger by pinning their content, get statistics to analyze your Pinterest account, and use their smart loop for your best pins!

What Are Tailwind Tribes?

Tailwind Tribes are sort of like Pinterest Group Boards. You can join a tribe based on the theme or niche. It is interesting that you not need to have a Tailwind account to join a Tribe, but it for sure helps!

When you join to Tailwind tribes, you will be able to add your pins to every tribe that you join and the bloggers who are in that tribe can add that pin into their Tailwind scheduler.

Each tribe has its own rules. Please, read and follow these tribes rules or you could be removed. Most of the rules are that for every added pin, repin one ( or two) from other bloggers.

The majority of the tribes demand that you only pin vertical pins and high-quality content. Please keep this in mind, primarily when pinning older content.

So, you will need to add pins from that tribe into your Tailwind schedule or to your Pinterest account. Tailwind will show you how many pins you have added and how many pins you’ve shared from other members of the tribe.

It`s good that your shared numbers be higher than the number of pins you’ve added to that tribe.

This is an excellent way to find new bloggers and to find and pin other content that isn’t just your own.

In this way, you will grow your own visitors on Pinterest and back to your blog!

Take a look how several shares on a Tailwind tribe increased my blog reach. The graphics below are showing that a few of my pins were shared 324 times and the result was a reach of 13 millions of views.

And this reach is just from ONE tribe!

And this is my referral traffic from Tailwind:

Blog traffic from Tailwind

This is absolutely amazing! So, are you ready to join some Tailwind Tribes and get those results?

Here are 26 Tailwind Tribes that I`m using. I divided them into two categories. First is “Blogging Tribes”, and the second is “Social Media and Bussines Tribes”:

  1. BOB for Her ( my tribe – You`re welcome to join!)



3. **Help for New Bloggers Pinterest Tailwind Blogging Tribe**

4. Adrian’s Blogging and Social Media Tribe

5. Bloggers & Creative Infopreneurs Tribe

6. Bloggers Killin It on Pinterest

7. Bloggers & Creative Infopreneurs Tribe

8. Bloggers Unite Tribe

9. Blogging & Social Media Pins [Run By ClarityAvenue]

10. Blogging Friends Pins

11. Blogging Resources

12. Blogging Tips and Advice

13. My Blogging Life

14. Blogging Tips

15. Bloggers Chalkboard

16. Profitable Blogging Tips

17. Blogging + Income Tips, Strategies

18. Caffeinate And Conquer | Grow Your Blog

19. Blogging Friends Pins

20. HerPaperRoute Blogging Hive

21. Pinterest, Blogging, SEO Tips & Tools


22. Welcome to Tribes!

23. Work From Home & Online Business

24. Small Business

25. Frugal Living Tribe

26. All About $

There are so many categories and tribes that you can use. Some of them are Lifestyle, DIY, Travel, Food and Drink, Health and Fitness, Kids, parenting, Marketing, Fashion,…

So, if you need Tailwind Tribe from some of those categories, you need to join my tribe ( or any other) and from there click on the Tribes tab within Tailwind.

From there, click on “Find a Tribe” and enter a keyword related to your interest.

Tailwind Tribe categories 2

What about you? Did you find this article useful? If you still don’t know how to use Tailwind and get visitors to your blog, you can read my post:

==> How To Get Traffic from Pinterest Working 2 Hours A Week

25 tailwind tribes for bloggers

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


  • Dane Asmone

    Hi Jelena,

    Stumbled upon this value packed article from pinterest and really lifted my spirits on gettig traffic from tailwind tribes..now i think they changed it to tailwind communities if i am not mistaken..fingers crossed this will have some improvement for my content !


  • bipin

    Thank you for this informative and quality post. Really Tailwind is a great #1 tool to be used by every blogger since it made easy to schedule Pins and collaborate with other bloggers in a great network.
    I was searching for best Tribes with high engagement and I found 25+ best Tailwind Tribes for bloggers. This is a great list for me.
    Thank you,
    have a great day.
    Keep on publishing such informative content.

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