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Tellwut Surveys Review – Earn Some Side Cash

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If you are looking for online work and you only have basic knowledge of computers and mobiles than survey work is an option which can help you earn some bucks as part-time.

Today you see many survey sites online not all are the same; some are good; some are a waste of time, and some are totally scam. So before you join the survey site, it’s essential to check the website is reliable or not.

If You Want To Earn More Than Side Money

I am going to give my unbiased review on Tellwut, for the people who are planning to join the site. My review will help you take the right decision.

In this survey, I will cover points like what is Tellwut, how it works, earning opportunities and Its Pros and cons.

What Is TellWut?

Tellwut is a survey site based in Canada; they provide online survey and opinions on various topics with their online survey tool and social media platform.

Tellwut is an online platform which is there from 2010; it is an established paid survey site on the internet.

As their name suggest tell- wut, they want you to tell them what you think about specific products and services as your opinion.

As a member, you can participate in surveys and social media activities, and by doing that you can earn a few bucks, Tellwut is growing as fast in recent years, and its popularity has also increased.

Joining Tellwut

Signup is free, you can sign in with Facebook or create a new account.

New members of Tellwutt will receive 100 reward points as soon as he/she signs up. You get other 25 points by adding a shipping address, 25 for personal info and 100 more are awarded for providing additional account information.

For referring you get 25 points. For the survey, you will get 5 to 15 rewards points, for the public survey, you get 10 to 20 rewards points, and for the business survey, you get ten rewards points.

There’s a Home button, a button for companies who created surveys themselves, and a button that takes you to the Rewards Page.

How Tellwut Works?

Once you registered to Tellwut site it is not tough to use, there are only three tabs in which whole sites works which are top of the page. Home button, rewards page, and one tab for companies who created surveys.

Tellwut surveys review

First, you will get surveys like fun polls created by companies that will be weekly.

Two: the difference between many other survey sites and Tellwutt is you don’t have to wait for a survey; just log in and take your survey from the list; you don’t have to wait for email invitations.

Survey time depends on survey type, but on average you can complete polls and surveys in 30 seconds to two minutes.

What good in Tellwutt is that you can check your survey result; you can check how many answers were right compared to others.

You receive survey points in your account right after you finished the survey. Yes, sometimes it happens that it takes 15 days to earn points for survey participation, so don’t worry if you don’t receive any points in few days time because in some survey they are taking some time to give you points in your account.

If you want to take on multiple surveys at a time, so try to have a separate email address, it is a quick way to optimize the survey process a little by cutting down on inbox clutter.

Survey Sites that you can also join:

Tellwut Points

Tellwut offers points on surveys you take, and it’s between 5 to 2000 points, so it gives you an excellent chance to gain points faster.

Answering a survey, you get 5 to 15 points, for the public survey you get 10 to 20 points and answer an external survey 25 to 2000 points.

How Can You Redeem Your Rewards? 

You can redeem rewards $10 – 4200 points, more rewards available at 10,000 points which is $25.

You also get a variety of gift cards options from Amazon gift cards Best Buy gift cards, Wal-Mart gift cards, Home Depot gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Prepaid debit or credit cards, Merchandise, Movie vouchers, Retail e-vouchers, Restaurant gift cards.

Tellwut Pros And Cons


  • Easy to work, free to join.
  • They have a good reputation in the market with excellent BBB ratings.
  • They are having experience of more than eight years, which shows site is not corrupt as many other survey sites.
  • Survey list is significant, and you get multiple options on any given day.


  • You waste too much time on surveys which sometimes you get disqualified.
  • When you try to redeem points, you might get deactivated, but that happens rarely, its happening is an issue and not a good sign.
  • There is a problem of getting qualified for surveys.
  • The site needs improvement, as some tags are not working or taking too much time.
  • NO cash redemption 

My View On Tellwut

3 stars review

Well, a good survey site, as they give great opportunities to earn some points and gift cards, but $10 for withdrawal is a bit high nowadays survey site is providing the full facility of withdrawal at any time without any limit. 

Site is legit no problem in that but to earn a few bucks for working hours is not a good idea. If you are looking for time pass, then you can try and make some points and redeem it as gift cards.

Else not a site which can give you good income source as side work.

I always feel there are many other options available in the market, which is far better than this site; even many surveys sites pay better than Tellwutt. So if you are looking for an only survey site, you can also try some other websites, like Clickworker which pays better than Tellwutt. 

Moreover, if you are looking to grow in your life by doing genuine online work, then try Wealthy Affiliate, easy to understand, very helpful at every stage.

I started with Wealthy Affiliate in 2017. and now i have staedy 4 digits monthly income. If you want to try your own business, it is a worthy option than others; it’s the best program which can help you grow in your industry.

So stop wasting time in surveys and polls for few bucks try to learn something which can be a valuable lifetime.

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