The 30 Days Or Less To Virtual Assistant Success
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The 30 Days Or Less To Work As Virtual Assistant

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Horkey HandBook is an internet company developed by Gina Horkey. Gina is a professional of virtual assisting, and also she transformed her expertise and success into classes, geared towards training folks who desire to offer service in the virtual world.

Right now she has chosen to share her practical knowledge and experience with other individuals who may be keen on starting their very own freelance business endeavors, working for on their own, and even living the lifestyle you wish. 

The Horkey Guidebook flagship program is “30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success”.
You can start work as a Virtual Assistant in just 30 days!
I began to take this program in 2017, and I will open up the things you are going to receive as well as my encounters with this training course!


The 30 Days Or Less To Virtual Assistant Success_

How To Make An Application To Take The Course

You can start the process by following this link. When you get there, click on the big pink button that says something like “I`m ready to put my sweet skills to work”. Click on one of these buttons and it will be addressed to you, to a payment card. It’s very easy to start!

The course is designed so that you can complete it daily in 30 days. However, some of the lessons are quick, easy to read and to trade. So, if you want to do more than one hour in one day, you can. If perhaps you truly worked on it, you could do it, do the whole course in one week. Or maybe you can stretch it for a few months; you decide.

 I personally spent around two weeks on the course.

What Do You Get When You Sign Up?

I took Gina’s 30 days or less for more than a year to the virtual assistant’s success. The course is very similar to what it was then, but with improvements. Do not worry if you sign up, because you always have access to updates. This is what this Virtual Assistant course currently offers:

• You will get 13 modules at your own pace with over 58 lessons and more than 145 minutes of video

• At the end of each module, checklists and questionnaires will be provided to ensure that everything falls into place

• The course contains more than 25 improved templates to start your new business

• Access to a private membership group, where you ask questions about other candidates VA

• If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can receive a full refund within 7 days

This is not a course on the theory of free writing or on the lifestyle of a freelancer poetically growing. It’s packed with action steps, so at the end of the course, you’ll have a base for your independent work and most likely your first customers.


Why I Signed Up

I checked my emails and found an email from my friend about jobs at home. I determined to take a look as well as found an ad in the Gina 30DOL course for VA Success. Gina explains the things you could do just as a VA and sounded very much like something I love to do ( as a Social Media Marketer). So, I decided to take the 30DOL course to VA Success to find out what other services I could offer if I work as Virtual Assistant.

List Of Modules Within 30 Days Or Less For VA Success

The virtual assistant’s 30-day or less successful course is full of information that will learn you how to start your VA business.

  • Building Your VA Foundation
  • Launching Your VA Business
  • Skill Deep Dive (Email Management)
  • Skill Deep Dive (Social Media Management)
  • Skill Deep Dive (Content Management)
  • Making Money as a VA
  • Your VA Online Presence
  • Sourcing your VA Clients
  • All About Pitching
  • Interviewing and Getting Hired
  • Taking Care of Business – Contracts and More
  • Building Effective Relationships

and some lessons form Module 2:

  • Choosing Your Niche
  • Knowing Your Target Market
  • 150+ Services You Can Offer
  • Choosing Your Business Title
  • Building a Rock Solid Resume

At the end of each lesson, you will receive a checklist, improved resources, and a questionnaire. All these things help to ensure that the information arrives and prepares you for greater success. But do not worry; if you forget something, you have lifelong access to the course.

How I Applied What I Learned In
30 Days Or Less To The Success Of The VA

I basically started with the decision that I started a VA business. It’s a way of thinking. Then I took the list from the second module and made a list of all the things I could offer right away. I knew a lot before I started the course, but I did not know how to present it or how to get it started. The course will create a plan for you and tell you what to do to achieve it.

I started out the course very slowly. It actually took me about 4 months out there to get my very first customer. But that was me, and it does not have to be for you. The course encourages good pitch for the customers, and if you follow the instructions, it will not take more than three months to get a customer!

Right now I have a complete workload, I needed 30 hours a week and I do that now. The customers come and go; the good news is that when a job ends, I find something like Fiver in which I can find a new customer. I have also received customers through word of mouth and references from previous clients. 

What Is The Cost Of
The 30 DOL To Virtual Assistant Success Course? 

The total price of the great course is just $247. These are your first commercial expense!
You can complete the payment or choose a payment plan option that only adds $ 24 to your grand total. I think the cost of the course is absolutely worth it. If you think about the cost of starting a business, that’s truly peanuts! And you are the Boss ( perhaps Female Boss)!

Can You Open A Virtual Business
Within 30 Days Or Less With This Course?

Yes! This is not a fast-rich-quick scheme, and it’s not a hard job. But if you follow this course you will learn how to start your own business as a virtual assistant. And yes, it is ABSOLUTELY possible!

I think a lot about starting your own business is self-confidence. If you start out and have no previous clients, you should be able to say with certainty that you are doing that. Once you have a client, it’s easier to say what you’ve done for your other clients. Taking as well as proving Gina’s 30DOL course aided me to see the skills I can already use for some other people.

I am so happy that I have decided to try Gina’s 30DOL to VA Success course! Here is the link to see it.
If you are not sure yet if you want to start a VA business, click here for a list of the 150 services you can offer. Look what you already know! If you take the course, please post to our stunning Facebook group as to let me know you are actually there.

If you’re truly more interested in the writing niche, Horkey HandBook has great a course that focuses on writing: “30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success”.
Am I not sure about that either? Go here for a list of more than 200 writing niches.



Why Was This Course Useful To Me?

I am not a person who is looking for clients and wants to work for someone else (I’ve been doing it for more than a decade). I’d rather have my online business. But, this course is a great complement to the FREE COURSE that I can really recommend and that has allowed me to start my own business and also to work as the virtual assistant.

Now I can use the acquired experience as VA for my own online job.

If you are interested in starting your own business online, signup here and I will email you my course.


Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


  • My Teen Guide

    Thanks for the information. I have a virtual assistant myself and she’s doing great with the work I assign her. I will ask if she’d be interested to take this course if she would want to expand her skills on other areas of virtual assistance.

  • Backpacking Series

    Have read many posts sharing the details and information about starting out as a VA. But I must say your personal experience sharing has given helpful insights on this course. Working as a VA is a great option, whether work from home or work on the move which is more like us! Like the detailing done in this course and it sounds like a good one! At some point would definitely be exploring this space.

  • Sigrid Says

    Good for you that you are now a virtual assistant! But 4 months? Wow, it does take a lot of time to find an employer. In my case, I cannot be a VA because of the time. So I am content being a freelance copywriter. Gives me flexitime.

  • Azlin Bloor

    That’s interesting, I never thought of virtual assistants as having to sit for a course. Don’t many just set up shop and run with it? I can see myself probably needing a VA sometime in the future for social media purposes, but for now, my teens love helping me out when I’m busy with work.

  • Angelle

    Since I’ve been blogging full-time, I began receiving VA requests to assist me. It is not something I had even thought of possibly doing as passive income for myself. Thanks for the resourceful guide.

  • Amandela

    This is a great way to supplement blogging income, but much like Roger…I am way to overwhelmed to consider this amazing offer. I thought about it one time and thought I could swing it myself, but I would absolutely need a class because honestly I would not know where to start. I am bookmarking this for later. Thanks!

  • Eric Gamble

    Congrats on your success as a Virtual Assistant JELENA! Love your review not only of the 30 Days or Less To Work As A Virtual Assistant Program but also how you used it. I find so many reviews that offer vague info on a program that get you just a taste of what may be hidden behind the curtain.
    I also love how you explained how you continue to use the course and how you find clients. I think too often online courses teach you what to do but then leave you standing there with information and no direction on where to go and use this info!
    Continued Success!

    • Jelena

      Hi Eric. Actually, in the course, I find different strategies on how to find clients, and how to pitch to them. And I love to be a virtual assistant and watch how my clients grow.

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