The AWOL Academy Review
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The AWOL Academy Review. Is It Worth That Money?

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Today many people like me and you do online marketing and if you are an online marketer and you want to know about the site AWOL Academy than you are at right place. My review will help you to find out whether AWOL Academy is legit or not, and is AWOL costly products worthy or not.

So my today’s review will be on AWOL Academy. I will give you an unbiased review on this site. What it is? How does it work? And will see does it help and support business or it makes fake promises.

What Is AWOL Academy?

AWOL Academy is for the businessman who wants to grow their business. It is an Internet marketing training and coaching platform which is handled by marketing experts Kameron and Keala.

AWOL stands for Another Way of Life. This program is all about how you can earn more money in your business. They teach you with their programs which you have to purchase.

First, it was known as AWOL, not AWOL Academy as it was following the MLM concept and they were part of Empower Network.

In 2015, Kameron and Keala came together and launch a program similar to AWOL and named it AWOL Academy. This company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Both the heads of the company are well-known personalities. They were featured in Forbes which is not a small thing.

Company has seen good growth from mid-2017.

Let’s See How AWOL Academy Products
And Levels work.

AWOL-Academy Review

Right now, they have few products which you can see on their site; they are round about six to seven products you can buy from AWOL Academy.

The rates start from $49 to $5497.

Awol has products for starters and tycoons according to their product prices.

So if you want to how the company works, you should buy the lowest product to get an idea of the company and its way of working.

You can go to the next level of the product if you feel good in the first one. They are also teaching how to earn online by using affiliate marketing technique.

Now Let’s Go Through Their Products:

1. Pro Academy ($99)

The first one to start with Pro Academy, in this you will learn basic things about how to make a website and everything about it. 

The training you get in this product is limited. You will get videos from which you can get the idea of working and some questionnaire which you have to fill up. When you submit the form, you get one-hour coaching from the expert if you want to.

There is also another way you can learn deep from this product but for that, you have to purchase their extra tools like Lead Pages – Landing page builder ($48-$79/month), Get Response – Email Autoresponder ($15/month), Click the Magick – Tracking System ($12-$17/month).

2. Internet Income Explained ($49)

This is the course that offers you the basic knowledge of internet marketing. This course is just to understand how digital marketing and online sales process works.

But, you don`t need to spend $49 for that. I have a post where I have explained how it works:

3. Inbox Academy ($447)

This course is also simple and can be helpful to the people who are new to this business. They will give you step by step guide on how to grow the number of emails subscribers and how to converted them into buyers/clients.

Basically, this is the course where you will learn the Email Marketing strategies to increase your email open rates and click-through rates.

4. Conversion Academy ($1,797)

This course is for converting your site visitors into your buyers which can help you to grow your business profit. This product teaches you simple things like the effect of Storytelling, how to present your product to the customers and few more things.

5. Traffic Academy ($2,997)

From this product, you will learn how you can generate quality audiences for your site by using different social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more.

One drawback I found in this product is that they are focusing more on paid traffic. Yes, paid traffic is useful but only when you want quick results. Else it can be a waste of money if you don’t plan properly.

I feel organic traffic is a different thing it takes time content on sites which should be trending and all these things take time. You cannot earn from one night. 

Read more==> How To Drive Traffic To My Site?

6. Masters Academy ($5,497)

This product is the most expensive product from AWOL Academy. It is costlier than previous products as per them this product takes you to a newer level or say on a higher level.

I strongly feel this product is not useful for any startup business because the cost is too high for any startup company. It is more suitable for business which is already set up and looking for growth.

In this product one of the best Internet marketers share their views which can help you to do tax planning, investing and creating an income for the future. They are also saying that they have the most experienced team of marketers working with them.

As per them, targets they give is possible but for that, you have to follow their rules. You personally have to be updated with their products by doing things which they say. 

Let Us See The Pros And Cons Of AWOL Academy.


  • It is a legit company
  • Coaching is good and they give you deep knowledge regarding marketing products.
  • They have a money back offer if you don’t like it.
  • BBB ratings are good.
  • It is useful for a person who wants to grow his business.
  • They have 14 days refund policy


  • Not all can buy these products.
  • I feel the marketing strategy they use is good, but for me, it works 50-50 as I think that you can learn how to get FREE traffic. 
  • In product one and two, there are some hidden costs.
  • You have to become an affiliate.
  • I still feel it works on the MLM concept.

My View :

3 stars review

AWOL Academy is a legit company, not a scam. Programs are good for settled businesses who want to grow with their marketing strategy.
It is costly for a new one in the market.  

I didn’t like that you have sow much upsells. You will be constantly pushed you to buy another- more expensive product. And I saw that there`s more people who feels the same.

I find a lot of similar programs online, and the price for AWOL Academy trainings are much higher compared to others. As a stay at home mom, who needs to take care of bills, it’s not something that I will pay for.

There are many other options in the market which can help you with low cost. If you are new to this online marketing, then you should visit the training program where I learned everything about digital and affiliate marketing.

I started as a free member and learn everything on how to start my own online business ( or you maybe need a side job). Two years later I`m making $6K monthly and I can suggest any mom to do the same!

Learn Everything About Online Marketing
And Start Making Money

It is a good option against this kind of costly programs, and it is free to join so anyone can start his/ her business without spending so much money.

If you have comments about Awol Academy review or want to ask me more about earning online, please post in comments below.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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