How To Lose Weight and earn money. The Beachbody Review
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How To Lose Weight And Earn Money? The Beachbody Review

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Beachbody was founded in the year 1998 and is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.

It is the company behind some of these exercise programs that you probably saw in the afternoon infomercials. Some Beachbody programs include Brazil Butt Lift, Insanity, P90X, Hip Hop Abs, and many more. Beachbody also sells a selection of nutritional supplements, the best known is Shakeology.

The Beachbody Review - Shakeology

Maybe you didn`t know that Beachbody is also a multi-level marketing company (MLM). They specialize in health and wellness products, dietary supplements and simple foods. So, can you lose weight and earn money? Read The Beachbody Review?

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Can I Make Money With Beachbody?

Take a look at the official site of the Beachbody Opportunity team. We have seen that customers who use the products can become Beachbody trainer.

All you have to do is pay $ 39.95 in advance, and then $ 15.95 per month. In addition to being eligible to receive a sales commission, you will receive a discount on all Beachbody products you buy for yourself.

The Beachbody review

I believe you cannot join the business opportunity unless you are ready or would like to buy Beachbody products. The best sellers are those who are also customers and, as they say, use their products.

However, I believe that it should not be mandatory to be a customer but optional.

Once you have paid the $ 39.95, enter MLM using your own CBC. Next, you will have the opportunity to sponsor recruits for the system. When you register them, you can decide on what stretch your downline will show your CBC.
As with all the MLMs out there, they‘re several methods to earn at the well-known Team Beachbody! As soon as you have a Coach Business Center, all you have to do is concentrate on sales and get new members for your downline. The opportunities to win with Team Beachbody are summarized below:

You Have To Get Or Recruit People
In The MLM Business

This means you have to win more people in for the company; other people you recruit must bring some other folks, etc. Also, you must sell all products effectively throughout the process.

The Aspect Where You Start Struggling

In a nutshell, it is difficult to recruit people.

While you may have the passion and dedication to make a business successful, it’s unlikely that most of your family and friends will do so. Many have not even considered this approach to earn money; as a result, they probably will not be willing to make the necessary efforts.

At the same time, the further one goes with the Beachbody business; the more complex the requirements and structure of the team will be.

This means you need to increase your team and achieve certain feats in different areas, this is often confusing, and many people fail.

You Probably Suffer If You Are
New To Beachbody

If you are a new Beachbody coach, in theory, the recruited coach will continue to recruit new ones.

Some of the coaches gotten by the coaches you have set up in the system are going to be displayed in your own downline. If perhaps these coaches, enlisted by your very Up Line, spend money on Beachbody, this will count towards the volume of your team.

Depending on how many people are above you on the network, you can receive many additional coaches on one of your CBC routes. This is an ideal scenario since it means you can concentrate all your energy on the construction of the other leg (which does not get recruits from above).

This is initially known as a weaker leg because it only grows with the coaches who personally recruited it.

The Beachbody Products

When you sit on your weak leg, you will not make a profit if people who are above your direct sponsor put new recruits in their stronger legs.

The best advice I can give is to focus on finding your recruits, as there is no guarantee you will receive free ads from your upline.

The Team Cycle Bonus can be gotten from unlimited levels in your downline.

While this may sound attractive, if you indeed have a large downline, I question how in the world Beachbody team could pay so many levels.

This could be only possible if maybe a few meet the criteria for Team Cycle bonuses (TCB). This as well raises a red flag for me.

Why Is It Hard To Make Money
With Beachbody?

Can you work out, lose weight, and make money?

I believe that the problem is related to the business model of network marketing. It’s not truly meant to help people earn money or gain financial freedom. The Beachbody method is intended to promote as well as market products.

How To Lose Weight And Earn Money. The Beachbody Review

The MLM method is indeed profitable for the businesses that manufacture the products, but not for the members that join the business opportunity.

MLM offers companies the possibility of selling products and services without hiring field staff and spending money on traditional advertising and promotions.

Instead, they build a network of faithful believers ready to spend money and spread the word.

The only motivation they need is the hope of finally achieving financial freedom at some point in the future.

Another problem is the compensation plan.

To qualify for most payments, you must be a Beachbody customer, and if you want to be successful, you need to recruit other people who become coaches and clients at the same time; this creates a system that focuses more on recruiting than on retail.

It’s indeed difficult to make money with a network marketing system because there is no organic demand.

Most sales are made to people who have joined the business opportunity; this means that people who are at the top of the system only make money when the people below spend money. MLM is not intended to give you a business; it created to make you a client.

What Is My Advice
To Earn Additional Money?

Affiliate marketing is an alternative that often works better than Beachbody’s MLM approach. It’s much easier to turn into long-term revenue. One reason is that you have a larger potential audience and are not limited to family and friends or perhaps people you really know.

Besides, there are few costs associated with configuring affiliate marketing, making it cheaper and more sustainable. In general, I don’t know any other place where new affiliate marketers can do better than Wealthy Affiliate.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is completely FREE, and you can earn money online without having to recruit others just by following the lessons in the summary.

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I find it much better to earn money and then I can decide what product I want to buy and to choose any gym or online program I want to go. That`s what I call freedom, and it`s one of the main reasons why I don`t like MLMs.

So, if you have any comment or maybe you earn some money with Beachbody, so you are losing weight and earning in the same time, please post it below. I love to have conversation with my readers.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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