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The Best Way To Make Money Online

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I’ve been working online since 2003. I was searching for the best way to make money online, and because of that, I fell victim to many different scams and get-rich-quick schemes. I just want to find out the best way to make money online.

I started blogging at the begging of 2016 with truly no knowledge of the ways to do it or to make it go anywhere. I looked at my blog site as an enjoyable pastime allowing me to speak about health issues.

Earlier this year, I changed my blogging niche from health to assisting others to discover ways to blog and earn money from blogging.

I’m seeing a much higher following and better reactions to the posts and tutorials I offer now. I actually enjoy assisting others with all levels of blogging experience – from newbies to professionals.

What Exactly Is A Blog?

The Best Way To Make Money Online

A website (blog) is a location where you can write about your beliefs, interests, pastimes, and more.

The primary step in starting your blog site is the desire to blog about something you enjoy.

This becomes your specific niche. Be sure to select a specific niche you can blog about all the time so you don’t run out of topics.

My niche, for example, is blogging tips and products and service reviews.

Who Can Blog?

Well, basically, anybody can blog. You do not need to be technically advanced or well-versed in coding to start a blog site. To start blogging, you need an Internet connection, hosting, a domain, and a blogging platform. Even complete newbies can make money online by starting a basic site and promoting it.

There are countless blog writers who work from home full-time. Some writers blog part-time. You can make money as a full-time blogger with the best-earning strategy in place, and the best method to monetize your blog site is through affiliate marketing (don’t go nuts yet!).

What kind of money will I make? Is it worth all the time and effort?

You can make money online by doing exactly what I do, and start making full-time earnings of over $5,000 a month. With constant effort, it’s definitely possible!

How To Earn $6000 Monthly?

I know there are some blog writers who state they made $10,000 after their very first month. Don’t be tricked into thinking that this is the standard. Rarely does a blog site make much after the first 6 months, not to mention after one! It takes time!

The things that matter the most are that you are determined and consistent.

Just How Much Does It Cost
To Start A Blog Site?

Not much at all.

If you currently have an Internet connection, you can start today free of charge. While I do not advise ever using a complementary variation of WordPress or Blogger, if you’re looking to test the waters in the blogging world, you don’t need to invest a penny.

The reason why I don’t advise you sticking to a totally free blogging platform is the fact that you are badly restricted when it comes to monetizing your blog site there. You also look less professional.

Would you rather check out or Which one looks better? Establishing your brand name right of the bat boosts your online presence.

If you are going to monetize your blog site, you should self-host your website.  You can get web hosting from BlueHost starting at just $3.52 per month. That’s extremely cheap!

I presently use the Startup Plan which is ideal for the size of my blog site. The advantage of BlueHost’s plans is that if you find yourself growing beyond the constraints of your plan, you can always update quickly.

Interested in BlueHost? Use my recommendation link here to get started today!

All set? Let’s go!

1. Register with BlueHost

As soon as you type into your web browser, you land at their homepage. If you wish to evaluate their plans, click See Plans. Otherwise, click “Sign Up”.

When you click Sign Up, you’ll be presented with the plan choices. Pick your plan and after that, click “Order Now.”

BlueHost will then offer you the choice to sign up with a brand-new domain or use an existing domain.

2. Choose Your Domain Name

Your domain name resembles the name of a shop or a business. Choosing your domain can take some time and imagination. I went through couple domains before I came to

If you decide to host your site with Bluehost, you can also have them host your domain. You’ll be asked to inform Bluehost what your existing domain is if you have one, or if you do not have one, it’ll look for some that are readily available.

Bluehost domain

3. Set up WordPress

Bluehost makes it simple to set up WordPress on your brand-new website.

As soon as you have finished your registration, you will be taken to your cPanel account. From there, set up WordPress.

If you do not currently have an existing WordPress website you wish to move over to BlueHost, you’ll be able to start blogging once the setup is complete.

If you’re moving an existing website, you will have to download your website files from your existing web hosting and publish them to your Bluehost account.

The next action after that is to move your database. Bluehost will do all this for you as this comes as a benefit with your hosting account. I strongly suggest you let them do this for you so you don’t lose information.

4. Do Keyword Research

There are numerous SEO tools out there to help you in figuring out the best keywords to use in your article. From speaking with more knowledgeable blog writers, I found out that the secret to having traffic is strong SEO.

Try Jaaxy!

5. Posting Your Very First Article

It feels amazing to finally create your very first post. If you are just getting started, I suggest having no less than 5-10 drafts prepared to release. It’s wonderful to be able to hit the release button as quickly as possible, but not at all cost.

Writing simply to write is one thing; however, writing a post that is important and resolves an issue your readers have is something else. Check out how I compose and release quality material.

6. After The Release

The amount of work that needs to be done increases after you hit your release button. It’s time to promote your post to increase traffic. Here are a few of ideas to think about:

  • Link your blog site to social networks. WordPress lets you link your social media accounts so that your posts instantly get shared whenever you publish new material. I just link to the most popular social media accounts (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest).

Read more==> How to profit from Facebook Groups?

  • Start early on Pinterest. My website sees the majority of its traffic come from my Pinterest account. Create pinnable images and post to both your own boards and to group boards. You can’t be very effective on Pinterest without a strong strategy. Tailwind makes all that a breeze!
  • Share often. We reside in a quickly-altering environment of social media. This is why it’s crucial to produce and keep a strong social media strategy to frequently share your new and old material.

7. Earning Money On Your Blog Site

Some typical methods blog writers use to generate income are affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, item evaluations, paid posts, and advertisement hosting.

The very best method to make earnings is through affiliate marketing. As soon as you have your affiliate links established, one post can keep making you money over and over again.

Affiliate marketing is the way to go if you enjoy promoting items you use. As a user of an item, you understand the best ways to properly market it to your readers.

When you are registered with an affiliate marketing network, such as ShareASale, you can register for programs, start promoting items and earn commissions from purchases made through your affiliate links.

Read more ==> My favorite Toolkit for Blogging

It is crucial to establish yourself as an expert in your niche before filling your blog site with advertisements and affiliate links. Keep in mind, the more products you try to offer to readers, the less likely they are to trust you and view you as a respectable source of information.

If you are writing with your readers in mind, they will truly appreciate the credibility you are putting out there. I’ve seen a lot of blog writers pack their websites up to a lot of advertisements and links that I closed even before reading their material.

If you need more help with making money online, you can start FREE training, the same one that I went through when I started blogging.

Read about it here ==> No1. Affiliate Marketing Training.

Want To Learn More About
How To Earn Money With Blogging?

Register for my FREE 6-day email affiliate training! You’ll be on your way to finding the best way to make money online in no time!

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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