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Third Blog Income Report – November 2017

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Hello friends! It`s time for another blog income report.
If you want to ask me why I wrote those reports, it’s because I want to show you the back-office of my site.
I believe they are inspirational, and I use it as a sort of diary.
I’m sure I will be back in these posts for a year to read about the beginnings of this site.

Here, you can read about my last 2 month incomes:

>> Blog Income Report – October 2017
>> Monthly Blog Report – September 2017 

How I made $400 in 3 months from blogging!

Everything I know about blogging – how to make websites, post articles, monetizing, advertising, SEO,… I learned at Wealthy Affiliate.  Whit their step by step training you actually can start earning money without any previous experience in blogging.

So, if you decide to join, you will get my personal help and also 24/7 help from live community support.
I love to learn new things, and I love to teach other ladies how to change their lives to better.

Now, here are my TOP 3 articles for November:

  1. Blog Income Report – October 2017 – 329 pageviews
  2. How To Make Extra Money For Christmas – 315 pageviews
  3. How Tailwind Helped Me Grow My Blog Traffic – 276 pageviews

Let me show you my third month of blog stats. I`m not so satisfied with November, as I was with the last two months. I failed most of my goals, but I think it`s normal to have two steps forward, one step back.


A number of blog posts: 5
My goal was to post 6 articles last month. I post it 5.

A number of blog visitors: 979
I have almost 300 fewer visitors than the month before. But they visited an almost the same number of posts.

Pageviews: 2,706

Email subscribers: 233 
It`s an Ok number, but last month was much better. I still use Mailerlite and I love it. You can send an unlimited number of emails as long as you have up to 1000 subscribers. After 1000 email subscribers, the price is $10 per month.  Since I don`t have that many subscribers yet, it still free for me.
Click on this MailerLite LINK and you’ll get a $20 credit when signing up.

Facebook page: 1734 likes
If you are on FB, please like my page. You will get great info every day, that will help you to succeed in your online business!

Facebook Group Bob for Her: 1085 members
Be free to join BOB for Her! (Building an Online Bussiness) group on Facebook where we try to help each other and promote our blogs.

Pinterest: 608 followers
I`m still new to this. I opened my account two months ago and still learning about Pinterest. But, with great help from Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes, I have the almost same visitors number on Facebook and Pinterest. If you get involved with my Tailwind link you will get a full month free ($ 15).
Click here to learn more about Tailwind and receive your FREE month.

Google analytics social networks


Google AdSense – $ 45.06

Google Adsense are ads you can see on every page of my site. Earnings from them have an overview of these ads or by clicking on the ad.

Wealthy Affiliate – $ 16

My favorite program! Not only that I learned everything about blogging at Wealthy Affiliate, but WA also has an affiliate program that can bring you good money. I strongly recommend that you sign up already today – HERE IS MY WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW.

Tailwind – $ 15

One more free month on Tailwind!

ShareASale – $ 1

ShareASale is an affiliate network that has over 4500 merchants. When signup you can advertise their products on your site. If someone buys a product through your site, you receive a commission.

IZEA – $ 0.12

From IZEA, I occasionally receive bids to post ads on my social network or write an article about a particular product. Since I still don`t have a lot of followers (some bloggers have tens or even hundreds of thousands of followers), I don`t get many bids. This month I made $ 0.12 just because I posted one ad on Facebook.

VigLink – $ 0.08

VigLink is better every month! 😉 The First month I earned $0.01, second month $0.03, and in November Vig Link bring me $0.08!  After all, VigLink is a handsfree, just put the code on your blog and you are waiting to earn money. More about this program can be found here: VigLink – monetize your site on autopilot!



I want to see how my site growing, so I`m ready to invest some amount of money every month. I wrote about few good investments for your blog here: 6 Investments worth making to grow your blog!

Wealthy Affiliate – $ 29

I`m so happy to be Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. This is one program for which I’m sure I will remain a member as long as I’m blogging. There is not such a good program and so many people dedicated to your success as in the Wealthy Affiliate.  You can start as a free member and stay free as long as you like, but with the Premium option, you get access to all affiliate marketing lessons, 24/7  help from affiliate experts and other members and 2x higher earnings from their affiliate program.

No1 Affiliate Training

Site Hosting – 0 $

My site is hosted on the Wealthy Affiliate, so I do not have to pay more for hosting.

Mailerlite – 0 $

Mailerlite is one of the best tools for email campaigns.  Mailerlite is free to start. Read how I got 379 email subscriber thanks to Mailerlite, create your own FREE account and get $20.

Fiverr – $ 30

I use Fiverr for proofreading and editing my post. You probably know that English is not my first language, so I need to pay for this. Price is $6 per post, so I pay a total $30 for 5 posts last month.
If English is your native language, you can sign up for free, and earn some decent money on Fivver.
Also, if you can do translating, making a nice pic for Pinterest or Facebook, creative writing, 2D or 3D animations, this is a great place for you.

PROFIT: $18.3

Total earnings for 2017 thus far: $400.29

Monthly Earnings 2017



▪ Get 2300 Facebook Followers – FAILED – gained 1734 followers. This was a too ambitious goal!
But I will try to reach it.

▪ Get 600 Pinterest Followers– WIN! 608 Pinterest followers

▪ 50.000 Avg. Monthly Viewers on Pinterest – ALMOST! 46.584 Avg. Monthly Viewers thanks to Tailwind!

▪ Hit 2000 unique site users – FAILED! This month I got 1212 site visitors

▪ Post 6 Articles – FAILED! Posted 5 articles

▪ Earn $200 – FAILED – earned $77.3

Huh… Most of my goal I failed, but I know that every next month will be better than this one!


Because I failed on most of my goals for November, the targets will stay almost the same. I will try to increase blog visitors and continue to work on Facebook and Pinterest accounts.
I want to open Bob for Her account on Twiter, but I think it`s smarter to focus on those two.

I MUST post at least 6 articles this month because this will increase the visibility of the site and the Google search engine.
I’m still continuing to learn about affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate.


▪ 2300 Facebook Followers
▪ 800 Pinterest Followers
▪ 50,000 Avg. Monthly Viewers on Pinterest

These are the goals I did not meet last month, so I’ll try in December:

▪ Hit 2000 unique site users
▪ Post 6 Articles
▪ Earn $ 200

And for the end, I have to write to you the tools I use on my site and without which I would not be able to achieve these results:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate for training and updates (Free and Premium membership)
  2. Jaxxy for keyword research (Free trial)
  3. MyThemeShop for site theme (Free and Premium themes)
  4. Mailerlite to collect emails (Free till you get 1000 subscribers)
  5. Tailwind ($ 15 per month – GET your first month for FREE)
  6. Google Analytics (Free)
  7. SemRush (Free and Premium)
  8. Fiverr (Free)

I’m still learning from other bloggers, affiliate marketers, courses and my own mistakes 🙂
What is your experience with blog monetizing?

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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