TOP 20 CBD Oil Companies With Affiliate Programs
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TOP 20 CBD Oil Companies With Affiliate Programs

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In today’s time because of the Internet you can do marketing online and earn money and if you are good marketer then works become easy for you to make good earning online by selling things by using different platforms and selling various products. One of those products can be CBD oils.

Targeting new products and companies can be a good option for marketing as you get proper scope and area for marketing regarding product and company. Less competition means more opportunity of earning if you know how to do it right.

As I am talking about new product and companies, CBD is making buzz from the past few years, and it is getting a positive response after getting clearance from many, especially in the USA. As it is becoming a legal product worldwide, its market is growing slowly everywhere because of its benefits.

CBD gives you an excellent opportunity to earn money online. As it is getting the hype, people are getting more interested in this product and wanted to know all related things about CBD, how can you earn by selling CBD products and most crucial element- which are the TOP CBD Oil Companies?

Learn How To Sell CBD Products Online

How To Start Marketing For
CBD Products

TOP 20 CBD Oil Companies With Affiliate Programs

When you are joining CBD oil products keep one thing in mind, products should be of high quality and the company’s brand value.

If you are not aware of CBD oil-related companies than read this article and gather some information related companies and which companies has quality CBD oil affiliate program.

After choosing a few companies to try to finalize which company is better for affiliate marketing and move forward for selling, yes check one thing it is legal or not, they have the certificate or not.

Law-related CBD oil is still very confusing in the USA. At the federal level, in the United States CBD oil is still illegal. At the state level, many states are taking as valid products and allowing companies to continue marketing and sell CBD oil openly without prescription.

Countries like the UK & CANADA CBD oil is entirely legal. It also gives a clear idea regarding the audience.

So, before you start it is better to have some basic knowledge regarding CBD oil, learn deep regarding products before starting, so that once you start you don’t face any significant issues and any legal problems.

Choose CBD Oil To Select
CBD Oil Niches

Try to choose your niche or say favorite subject where you feel you can market some CBD oil products quickly.

Some of them can be:

  • CBD Bio care- which is for body relief products.
  • CBD Bio skincare- anti-aging creams and skin products.
  • CBD Bio pet care- Animal related products.

CBD Oil With The Right Affiliate Program

Affiliate program, as we all know, is the top program for every business.

Many affiliate programs are offering CBD oil products. They provide good weekly payouts to attract people to Affiliate CBD Products. And to find best affiliate programs, you have to search and select best out of it by reading reviews, check whether they are using right CBD products and most important that they are affiliating right products or not.

Then also check what are joining charges, what are the remunerations you can get by affiliating CBD products and everything.

CBD Market is booming, and by 2022 its turnover will cross 25 billion business. So, if you are a good blogger, youtube or social media influencer than you get an additional stream for work. Many affiliate programs provide 20 to 40% commission for CBD oil.

How To Start Your Own CBD Marketing With The Website

If you want to market CBD oil, have your website where you can divert audiences from your site to CBD oil company.

Your website should be attractive and user-friendly. Try to keep simple information so that if any user wants to know about CBD oil can understand easily what is the CBD oil and its benefits.

Keep good website content with keywords so that whenever someone searches regarding CBD, your website can come in top lists. Keep attractive images and if possible videos of the companies, which gives a good impression in visitors mind.

If you are facing trouble to find some of the affiliate programs for CBD, then don’t worry I am having the list of some the renowned affiliate programs which sell CBD products. 

TOP 20 CBD Oil Companies

Here are 20 Best CBD Oil affiliate programs which are providing good profits and free to join:

  1. Joy Organics
  2. CBD Medic
  3. Koi CBD
  4. CBD Pure
  5. Hemp Bombs
  6. CBD MD
  7. CBD Essence
  8. CBD Infusionz
  9. Verified CBD
  10. CANNA Trading
  11. CBD Fx
  12. Pure American Hemp Oil
  13. Diamond CBD
  14. Pura Hemp
  15. Receptra Naturals
  16. Avid Hemp
  17. Canna-Pet
  18. Essential CBD
  19. CloverStrip
  20. Medix CBD
After reading my reviews on CBD oil companies below, if you find any that you like and want to join in, just click on the company name and you will be  sent to their "Become An Affiliate" pages.

1. Joy Organics

One of the fastest growing CBD Brands in 2019 and it is said to be the best CBD affiliate program. They are famous because of their high-quality products at a reasonable price.


They are paying commission approximately 25% and sell products like tinctures, skincare, and soft gels and more. Their pay is monthly, and cookie duration is of 2 months.

They are paying monthly and also offers discounts and codes for your readers and followers, which is a great selling tactics.

2. CBD Medic

CBD Medic is a well-known brand in CBD. They have the best pain relief products and skin care. CBD medic is doing great in the market with a good reputation.

They are giving 30% affiliate commission, and the best part is they make weekly payments. Cookies duration is two month, and with a unique coupon, you get 10% off.

3. Koi CBD

One of the famous brand, CBD koi, has been the first choice in medical products. They offer products like Vape juice, tinctures, edibles topicals.

They have top CBD wholesale program, and they give 20 to 30% commission. You get monthly payments for your work.

4. CBD Pure

CBD pure is a reputed company with a beautiful website. They offer products like CBD Tinctures, capsules, and CBD pets products.

CBD Pure is known for the highest pay rates as commission in term of CBD affiliate marketing, which is 40%. Cookies time is 3 months, and payment is monthly.

5. Hemp Bombs

With a fantastic website and low pricing, Hemp Bombs has made a quick name in CBD world as it gives you benefits. They offered products like Vape Juice, Capsules, Gummies, Tinctures, Pain Rub, Syrup,…

They have a good affiliate program with 90 days of cookies and weekly payment facility. Their commission ratio is nearly 20%.


Famous in professional fighters like Rashad Evans CBD MD is having a considerable following and right name too. They offer good quality products at affordable prices. They offer products like Tinctures, Topicals, Bath Bombs, Gummies, Pet Oil.

They give a 20% commission rate for affiliates. First, you will need to sign up, and then you will receive your affiliate code. Promote this code on your website or social media and earn a percentage of every sale containing your code. Payments are made monthly.

7. CBD Essence

CBD Essence claimed that they provide the most excellent CBD oils on the market. They sell CBD oil tinctures, capsules, CBD edibles candy, vapes, CBD hemp for pet care, and lotions.


Then other good affiliate programs like CBD Essence which gives 20% commission. You will get credit for every sale as an affiliate, but you need to make $200 to be paid monthly, or if you make less, you will be paid in three months.

8. CBD Infusionz

CBD Infusionz is about three years on the market, and it is another CBD oil company that offers high-quality CBD products that your followers will love it. Products are listed in several categories:

  • CBD edibles
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Lotions
  • CBD Pet Products
  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Vape Pens

CBD Infusionz is shipping products to all 50 states, but not internationally. They offer a 20% affiliate commission for life,and for your first sale, you will recieve 5% commision bonus.

9. Verified CBD

This company offers natural products, as effective answer on your readers problems. They are proud on some of their products that sells very well, like:

  • Anti-Anxiety & Stress Spray
  • Energy & Focus Spray
  • Weight Loss Spray
  • Pain Relief Spray
  • Sleep Spray
  • Dog Treats
  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules

Their affiliate program is free to join, and you will receive 30% commissions on sales with a 30-day cookie duration.

10. CANNA Trading

They claimed that they have top CBD products and the best affiliate program in the industry. Because of that, they are strict regardless of new affiliates. They are offering a 25% commission, but you have to fulfill certain conditions:


  • Your website needs to be a minimum of 6 months old.
  • need to have at least 5,000 monthly visits
  • no too many ads and sponsored posts


  • at least 5,000 active followers
  • minimum weekly posting on social media
  • you should include a discount code on every post

If you become Canna Trading affiliate, they will pay you on your PayPal account and payments are monthly.

11. CBD Fx

This company have full spectrum and organically grown CBD products. You want be wrong if you join them, because your buyers will be satisfied with high quality of products.

For every sale at CBD Fx, you will earn 20% commission that will be paid monthly. Cookie length is 90 days. You can choose the method of payments. It can be through Pay Pal ( min $100 threshold), Bank Wire (min $1000 threshold) or Check ( for US citizens, min $200threshold).

12. Pure American Hemp Oil – PAHO

Ian Erickson, the founder of PAHO, is a Marine Corps Combat Veteran. PAHO manufactures premium CBD, with zero-THC, products, which are grown from non-GMO genetics, extracted naturally and packaged in the USA.

They are offering 30% affiliate commission.


13. Diamond CBD

One of the most famous CBD brands in the world. They doing great job with social media accounts – lots of followers and engagements. Their products are 100% natural and legal in all US states.

If you decide to become Diamond CBD affiliate, they will provide you all the creatives needed to start earning your commissions. You will also have 24/7 access to your stats, and you can ask their dedicated affiliate management anything.

Diamond CBD offer 18% commission with 30 days cookie length.

14. Pura Hemp

PuraHemp provides standard medical hemp derived cannabidiol products to improve shoppers endurance and wellbeing. Doctors confirm their hemp products, so their CBD is quality controlled and pharmaceutical grade.


As affiliate you will receive 30% commission rate + 10% coupon for your blog readers and social media followers.

15. Receptra Naturals

Hemp used in this company products are grown on their family farm in Colorado. They claim that they use only hemp extracted from the flowers of the plants. They lab experts create pure CBD oil.

Receptra has three product lines, Health & Wellness with Prue CBD oil, and Active Lifestyle, which is a combination of MCT oil and turmeric for improved energy.

They offer a 20% sales commission and 10% off coupon incentive. Cookie duration is 90 days. They shipped their products all over the world.

16. Avid Hemp

Avid Hemp offers numerous different products, from CBD gummies to massage oils and teas. They are provided products with the purest grade CBD.


You can make 20% commission per sale, and average orders are around $100. You will also get all creatives, banners and marketing tools for promotion. Cookie length is 90 days.

17. Canna-Pet

As the name says, this company provides hemp nutrition products for pets. Canna-Pet is the global pioneer of CBD oil for pets. Their products are non-GMO, and veterinarian recommended. Those products can help dogs and cats issues, including appetite, mood, memory, pain-sensation, nausea, and inflammation. 


As an affiliate you can earn 20% for new customers and 10% for existing customers. Also, you will receive $10 bonus on purchases over $85.

18. Essential CBD

Leading brand in this industry. They products are non-GMO and do not contain any cannabis. You can find a lot of different products on their online shop: CBD capsules, topicals, CBD liquids, crystals, edibles, tinctures, pet CBD, and of course oil.

Average products orders is $100 and commission is 20%. Also, your customers will get money back guarantee.

19. CloverStrip

Clover Strip has exclusive product: CBD oil infused thin-film mouth strips. Those strips will be absorbed into the bloodstream without coming to digestive system. Because of specific product CloverStrip has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, The CW, and other medias.

If you want to have a CBD niche with this specific product, you will be able to make 15% for every sale


20. Medix CBD

This hemp company is relatively new in the market, but they have wide range of hemp products. They have fun and modern approach for specific type of audience.

MedixCBD use American-sourced hemp grown in Kentucky. Products that are available:

  • CBD gummies and edibles
  • CBD oil and hemp oil
  • CBD oil for dogs
  • CBD topical creams for pain

Are You Ready To Start CBD Oil Business?

The easy part is to choose one or more companies from the list above.
After you sign up and been approved for an affiliate program, you will need to promote your affiliate links.

You can’t just put links all around social media accounts and hope that you will “catch” someone. You will need a business strategy.

The best strategy is to make a website where you will post products, pictures, reviews, and grow your authority in the CBD oil niche. This way, you will be building trust and gain some loyal readers.

If you don’t know how to start with it, you can sign up for the FREE affiliate marketing platform, that I’m using to grow my online income to 4 digits monthly. If I can do it, as a stay at home mom with 3 kids, I’m sure everyone can do it!

You can use your social media accounts FB, Insta, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more for affiliate marketing for CBD products.

You can encourage people by keeping good content with images so that people who are following you will surely ask you regarding it and many of your followers will purchase CBD products.

You can also promote those products with Youtube; it gives you an excellent opportunity to market products worldwide with videos. 

Try to use keywords which are trending and keep that in your marketing content, it will make your work more comfortable, and you might see people coming to your site or youtube channel because of keywords used by you.

Youtube is a useful option for affiliate marketing, and it will surely help you market CBD products if you know how to do it. Try to upload high-quality videos and sound content explanation; you should look like an expert in the video.

Is Affiliate Marketing for CBD Oil Companies Good Idea?

CBD Oil aka hemp is making buzz from a few years now and after getting clearance from various places in the USA, it is a hot pick for business.

But before starting, you have to check companies profile, products quality, and its market reputation and most important try to check whether it is legal in the place where you want to market it. Hope this list helped you with basic information about those companies.

Doing Affiliate marketing for CBD Oil products is a great idea as it is trending thing right now in the whole world.

As it is health-related, CBD market will grow more, and there is no doubt about that. So affiliating CBD is the right choice.

But before affiliating, you should know the basic of affiliate marketing, and for that, you need a reliable training program which can help you at every stage. Right from starting a website, videos, training related marketing, you need strong back up of good team to support you at every step while marketing CBD products.

Many affiliate marketing training is running worldwide, but I recommend THIS FREE program all because I too use it for my business, and it is doing great for me and many others.

This is one of the renowned programs out of all affiliate programs, and its reputation is way ahead than others in the market. This program will help you beat your competitors in this industry.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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