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Unique Rewards Surveys. Can You Earn Some Side Money?

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We find lots of survey sites in today’s time. It is impressive, how survey sites are growing online. These sites give you comfort to work from home and rewards you for your reviews.

Some survey sites reward good and some pay average, but one thing, I can clearly say; NO survey site pay you full-time money, it can only give you some side income. But, it is suitable for people who are looking for side work.

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As the internet is growing, frauds are also increasing. We see lots of fake survey site trending. You have to be very careful before joining this survey sites many of them are fraud, and they will not pay you. Instead, they will trap you which can cost your time and money.

My work is to give genuine reviews on every survey sites. I go to the details of the company and their website, to provide right information regarding their website and my reviews will help you to decide on joining the work.

My work is mainly for women who are looking for additional work for her family. it`s Ok if you`re a male, but I can connect with moms who need additional income because I been there and searching for years.

Today my review is on Unique Rewards surveys. This company is there for more than a decade. In this review, I will share what is unique rewards, how it works, what they pay, its pro and cons.

What Is Unique Rewards?

Unique Rewards is a survey site, which gives you work of surveys, watching videos, listening radios, reading emails, visiting websites, and shopping online.

This company is there in the market from a very long time, founded in 2003 and they working in three countries in starting USA, UK & Canada. They established themselves online in 2007.

How Does It Work?

Click on the sign-up button to join this work. Provide your details in the form. The information you add should be correct.

Click on agree button after terms and conditions to become a member of the site. You have to give confirmation when you get an email on your given id.

After confirming, add unique rewards in your contact list. You will start receiving offers from them select anyone and start working.

You will get $5 just for sign up. You get an extra 10% bonus on your joining day by completing your work. 


You have to earn $20 to become a Gold member in Unique Rewards.  You will get 40% additional for your work. They do this to show that they take care of their people who work for them.

You will start receiving a different set of work from UniqueRewards like

Survey Work:

The first work you will be getting is for the survey. They have a bunch of surveys work with them. Which is right you get regular work. You can earn about $1 for survey work. They pay you for your work and reward money to your account.

Click on Ads: 

Unique Rewards has ads work for that you have to visit the website. You have to click on add button and if you like that product, read the information of the product. If you buy that product, then you get a cash reward.

Cashback Shopping:

In cash back shopping you can earn up to 35% of cashback offers, but for that, you have to buy something.

Click Cash Surveys:

In click cash survey you earn approximately $0.01for your one click on ads. It is simple and easy work, yes amount is not, but the task is simple and easy.


Email Reading:

Every day, you will receive emails between 1 to 3. You will offers and sales promotions. When you open the link, you will send to advertiser’s website. As you click on the link, you get $0.01, and if you complete the offer, you will get up to $0.50.

Radio Offers:

Enter captcha codes, listen to music on various radio websites, and earn $0.01 in UK, Canada $0.03 in the USA.

Video Offers:

Seat at home watching videos and take $0.01 by watching every video.

Earn Money by Referring:

Use your contacts as referral inform them, and if they join, you can earn some additional cash. You will get $1 for the first task, and if someone joins then $5, and lifetime 10% earning on your referral.

Please, remember that you can have only one account per household.

Maybe, you want to check some other similar ways to earn. Sites like Swagbucks.com and Clixsense.com I would highly recommend if you are searching for extra options.

How Does Unique Rewards Pay you?


You can redeem your money at $20, which is a little higher than other sites, we usually see $5 for redeeming money in other survey sites.

You will be paid via PayPal or check, and they pay cash in time.

Use PayPal when you reach $20 because you will receive money faster in your account.

Once you reach $20 in Unique rewards and cash out, you will be a gold member of the site.

After becoming a gold member, the commission you receive is 40% in Unique Rewards, and it is for every work you do. 

It is the best part of Unique Rewards, and better than other survey sites. You get an incentive for being loyal to Unique Rewards.

Let Us See The Pros And Cons Of The Site:


  • You Get 5$ for Sign Up
  • You get various offers from the site.
  • Website is legit.
  • Payment procedure is proper, no problem in that.
  • You get good hike once you become a Gold member of the site.
  • They have an excellent Referral program.
  • Some tasks are straightforward and easy to do.


  • Clicking on Ads may give you viruses for your computer.
  • You have to reach $20 to cash out, which is higher than many other sites.
  • Website design is Ugly.
  • You can only work on this site if you are from USA, UK & Canada.
  • Earning is limited.

My View On UniqueReward Surveys:

3 stars review

In my opinion, Unique Rewards is a legit site. They do pay in time. If you ask me for ranking as a survey site, I will give it three stars out of FIVE.

They have a lot of positive comments on their site, but it always can be added by the site owner:

Besides those good reviews, still many things can be improved, first of all, the website, it needs to change, worst survey website I have ever seen. Cash out should come near $5 to $10. 

Their reviews on BBB, are poor. If UniqueRewards want more people to join they need to improve their ratings.

My opinion is taht Unique Reward surveys are good if you are looking for side work. But don’t expect anything significant from Unique Rewards. 

I would instead prefer to start with affiliate marketing then GTP (Get-paid-to) sites. Affiliate marketing, if you learn how it works, will give you more opportunity to grow in your life with your business.

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If you have any question about UniqueRewards, any other survey site, or maybe you need more answers on how I make money, please ask, and I will answer ASAP.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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