Vasayo review. Is it scam
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Vasayo Review: Is It Scam or Legit MLM Opportunity?

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All the companies in general who have decided to become a part of a massive health & wellness industry know one thing for sure, and that is because it caters to health and wellness supplements, it will be a hit among everyone.

You ask why?

Let me tell you all these companies who emerge every day, and some of them who have already been in the business for years know one thing that people will always consider the saying “Health is Wealth” very seriously.

This is the same idea on which all these companies work and create a business model with their “different” products and present them to the masses.

Looking at the long list of companies dealing in the health and wellness industry, it is not rocket science to understand that they know what consumers want.

Most of the members are people who have either health issues or who are concerned with improving their health and body, with the use of these products.

What amazes me is the fact that despite knowing the competition these companies face with already several big brands in the market, they still come up with different ideas to promote their products and always try to instill why their products are different in consumer’s mind.

Need A Better Way To Make Money Than MLM?

“Vasayo” is one such company that is nothing but an MLM company dealing in the same saturated market of health and wellness and trying to make a mark in the industry.

What Is Vasayo All About?

Vasayo was started in the year 2016 by husband and wife Karree and Dallin Larsen. And, this husband and wife duo already has elaborate experience in the MLM space over the years.

Dallin worked for Usana in the ’90s and then founded his company MonaVie in 2005.

Also, MonaVie had to see some rough patch in its business-facing some legal battles and controversies over ten years, which led Dallin to retire from MonaVie in 2014 due to some disagreements.

And, this gave birth to Vasayo in 2016. Vasayo is based in Utah and has its branches also in Hong Kong, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Vasayo is an MLM business model, similar to like ArbonnePlexus, RegenaLife or Lifewave that offers health & wellness supplements that cater to various health issues and support health needs.

They are also involved in helping conditions in Africa and to drill clean water wells to Tanzania.

What Products Does Vasayo Offer?

Just like other health-based companies, they offer a variety of products that tries to fulfill different bodily and health needs.

  • BELEZA by Vasayo – a liposomal serum that promotes the appearance of healthy micro-organisms deep within the skin, an indicator of overall skin health.
Beleza by Vasayo
  • V-TOX – a cleansing powder that removes harmful toxins from the body and provides enough nutrition to the organs to perform better.
  • Eternal – it is an age-defying blend which is a natural supply of antioxidants in the body.
  • Microlife core complete – it is a source of multivitamins and minerals and improves digestion.
  • V-Slim – this weight management formula reduces cravings and improves metabolism and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
V-slim Vasayo
  • Microlife V3 – this dietary supplement boosts energy to take on your daily tasks and removes fatigue.
  • Microlife Neuro – these capsules are a meal to your brain that improves memory, clarity, focus, and overall cognition.
  • Microlife Renew – it revitalizes the body and improves joint, metabolic, and cardiovascular health.
  • Microlife Sleep – this helps in improving the sleep by regulating the sleep and wake cycles.
microlife sleep

Vasayo is no different in claiming that their products are made from all-natural ingredients and are also free from harmful chemicals.

They claim their products are only determined to improve the overall body health.

The Liposome Formula

One of the most significant claims that Vasayo makes is that its products contain liposomes. But what are liposomes?

According to their website:

“liposomes are double-layered “bubbles” or spheres that surround nutrients, helping them to pass through the harsh environment of the digestive system intact for better absorption and use by the body.”

This means that it improves the absorption and digestion of nutrients in the body and makes them more useful.

More about “liposomal” and what it is you can learn from this video:

How Can You Get Started With Vasayo?

Vasayo packages start from $239 to $1,399, depending on the products you will be purchasing. And, there is an enrollment fee of $49.95 as well.

The five packages are as under:

  • Intro Pack – CV 150 & $239
  • Foundation Pack – CV 240 & $329
  • Premium Pack – CV 480 & $699
  • Executive Pack – CV 650 & $949
  • Ambassador Pack – CV 1,000 & $1,399
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According to their website, you have

8 ways to make money with Vasayo:


Earn by sharing favorite products with your friends and family


You can make 20% on your newly first commissionable order.


If you are able to build a team, you can earn this bonus every week.



You will get this bonus if you accomplish high-rank achievement.


If you achieve Gold rank or above, you can become eligible to receive the GLB.


Also, you can be rewarded with Vasayo Lifestyle trips.


To learn more about those Vasayo bonuses you can watch this short video:

What Is The Rewards Plan Of Vasayo?

Vasayo follows a binary system.

The binary system means you have to keep an active 2 “legs” (left and right) which performance will be the foundation for your commissions.

If you are interested in how the binary compensation plan works, watch this video:

In Visayo there are 18 affiliate ranks associated with it:

  • Brand Partner – 80 points of PV per month.
  • Qualified Brand Partner – two active affiliates should come from each leg to be qualified.
  • Executive Brand Partner – 800 GV per week from a lesser binary pay leg.
  • Bronze – 2000 GV from lesser binary pay leg per week and 300 GV per month in the Unilevel team and active personal referral on each side.
  • Silver – 3000 GV from lesser binary pay leg every week and 800 GV in the Unilevel team.
  • Gold – 6000 GV from lesser binary pay leg per week and 2500 GV per month in the Unilevel team.
  • Platinum – 8000 GV from lesser binary pay leg per week and 5000 GV per month in the Unilevel team.
  • Pearl – 10,000 GV from lesser binary pay leg per week and 8000 GV per month in the Unilevel team plus 160 Personal Volume monthly.
  • Blue Sapphire – 12,000 GV from lesser binary pay leg per week and 12,000 GV per month in the Unilevel team.
  • Ruby – 15,000 GV from lesser binary pay leg per week and 20,000 GV per month in the Unilevel team.
  • Emerald – 20,000 GV from lesser binary pay leg per week and 30,000 GV per month in the Unilevel team.
  • Diamond – 30,000 GV from lesser binary pay leg per week and 50,000 GV per month in the Unilevel team.
  • Black Diamond – 50,000 GV from lesser binary pay leg per week and 1, 50,000 GV per month in the Unilevel team.
  • Royal Black Diamond – 70,000 GV from lesser binary pay leg per week and 2, 50,000 GV per month in the Unilevel team.
  • Imperial Black Diamond – 90,000 GV from lesser binary pay leg per week and 5, 00000 GV per month in the Unilevel team.
  • Crown Blue Diamond – 1, 10,000 GV from lesser binary pay leg per week, and 8, 00000 GV per month in the Unilevel team.
  • Double Crown Blue Diamond – 1, 30,000 GV from lesser binary pay leg per week, and 10, 00000 GV per month in the Unilevel team.
  • Triple Crown Blue Diamond – 1, 50,000 GV from lesser binary pay leg per week & 15, 00000 GV per month in the Unilevel team.

This is how tedious and lengthy it is their rewards plan.

There is also other residual, leadership, matching bonuses that they offer, plus they also have different requirements of active members on each leg according to ranks.

Good about Vasayo

  • Many ranks to achieve many commissions.
  • A claim of Liposomes in the products that are considered to be unique.
  • Can earn well by recruiting more people if done right.

Bad about Vasayo

  • It’s not accredited by BBB, and there are very poor ratings.
Vasayo complains
  • The founders have a shady past with their previous company. Their company Monavie did not work is because of false advertising, lawsuits, and copyright infringement. If you are interested you can read more on this article on Wikipedia.
  • Low income earning potential since too many levels and ranks. Actually, their earning rates are lower than any other MLM company.
  • Already in an overcrowded market.
  • No Official Income Disclosure Statement – I didn’t find any Income disclosure statement, so you can know for real how much their members earn.

Is Vasayo A Scam Or A Pyramid Scheme?

No, it is not a scam or a pyramid scheme.

It is backed by actual products to be sold. Though it is not a very old company in the market, still its founders have many years of experience in the industry.

It has not been accredited by BBB, and it already has a lot of members complains.

Vasayo is a legit company, but doing business with them for its low income earning potential in an already saturated market is a bad idea.

Is There A Better Way To Make Money Working From Home?

My personal opinion is that MLM is an overlooked concept.

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Each time a sale is made by promoting products and services of your choice on websites, blogs, and social media platforms, you earn a commission.

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