Interested in ViSalus reviews
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Interested in ViSalus reviews? Read mine to discover whether it is a ​Pyramid scheme or not.

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I have given many reviews till now on MLM companies today again my focus will be on “ViSalus” which is an MLM company and in buzz for lots of things mostly negative from few times in the market.

In this review, I will tell you regarding ViSalus company, what is this company, which kind of products do they have, its history, its pros, and cons.

My unbiased review will give you a perfect idea to join this MLM program or not. I have not affiliated with this company, but my objective is to help people by giving the right review or giving information and educate them in the right direction by making them safe.

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What Is ViSalus?


This company started in 1997 with two people who both were distributors of one MLM telecom company in TROY, Michigan, so you can guess why Visalus is MLM concept. When they felt the company for whom they are working is going downside at that time they felt its time to start their own venture and ViSalus came into the picture in real life.

So authentically ViSalus was started in 2005 with three co-founders or say, people. Ryan Blair is the person who purchased ViSalus and with him kept two people likewise who understand this business. Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen.

2008 was the down period for this company. They were even bankrupt. But Robert Goergen invested in ViSalus start-up. He takeover ViSalus by purchasing a controlling interest in the MLM company. The company again came out od debts, and everything came under control.

But back in 2012 Blyth planned a spin-off, but Blyth credit was downrated to the negative side. The main reason was growth rates which showed were illegal as it looks liked and network marketing company. Many superstars were paid to market for this company.

2014 again it was Buy Back by Blair and control came into his hand, and the company was private again. Still, Blyth continued to hold a 10% interest in the company.

Interested in ViSalus reviews

Companies focus was on weight loss products after lots of problems company survived, and product selling continued.

The reason ViSalus has managed through some difficult times is from the leadership of the company.

Let’s take a look at these leaders: Co-Founder Ryan Blair, Co-Founder and CEO Nick Sarnicola, Co-Founder and President Blake Mallen, Chief Strategy Officer and Director Todd Goergen, Chief Legal Officer Adam Morgan, Chief Operating Officer Aldo Moreno.

In May this year (2019), an Oregon federal jury decide that ViSalus harassed more than 60.000 people by automated telemarketing phone calls, violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

ViSalus may be obligated to pay $925 million in damages. More about this case, you can read on the Reuters website.

Let Us Now See The ViSalus Products


Basically, they have worked on health-related products from starting, and their products have gained the right name in the market. You can say jumping in on the Body By Vi challenge that will lead you to a slimmer person.

Visalus has wide ranges of kits which carries ViSalus products. You can take advantage of choosing your own starter kit for a better discount instead of buying everything.

It is divided into different types of start-up kits:

  • Visalus Promotor Kit for $49,
  • Executive Starter Kit $499,
  • Star Visalus Promotor Kit for $999.

They have Weight Loss Kit, Lifestyle Kit, Fitness Kit, Meals, ViSalus has various meal replacements and items on that line. Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix, Vi-Shape Superfood, Also, Vi Crunch Protein Super Cereal, Vi Crunch Fusions, and Shape-Up Health.

They also sell various drinks that are designed to be safe and provide energy which you need. Let us see the drink list: Neon, ViSalus GO, ViSalus PRO, ViSalus Neuro, and Plus Vi-Defy.


Then comes the snacks of ViSalus which are made to manage your weight, and you don’t feel hungry after eating meals of ViSalus.

Snacks which they provide are Nutra-Bar, Vi-Bites that come in 4 flavors and Nutra-Cookies, Supplements, And last but not least, ViSalus offers a variety of nutritional supplements that include: Vi-Pak, Omega VitalsVi-Slim, Vi-Trim, and Vi Kids Gummy Multivitamins.

The Compensation Plan of ViSalus

ViSalus compensation plan is uni-level, and they gave you various ways of earning money from them. Direct commission on new sales, Residual commission, bonuses, and incentives are also there.

Customers commission is nearly 25% off your personal recruiters and your down-line customers. ViSalus has eight levels of commission, which are:

  • First-order bonuses,
  • Fast start bonuses,
  • Rising Star program,
  • BMW car bonus,
  • Leadership pool, and
  • Ambassador Star bonus.

ViSalus Pros And Cons


They Provide facility to purchase products at wholesale prices. You get the option of the market this online. You get free challenge kit for three referrals. Products reviews worldwide are good, especially shakes. Prices are fair compared to others in the market. Many users felt good after purchasing these products. Products are of low sugar. They have created good hype for their products.


To start with they are under scanner for a long time, as FTC in 2017 has found them as a Pyramid scheme which is a big set back for the company.

Yes, some might say the kit is of reasonable price, but still, many feel they sell kits at high prices.

I would not hesitate in saying that for my side it is a big NO.

  • Sugar might below, but the problem comes when many say Protein level in the products is also low compared to others.
  • Flavors they are using are artificial.
  • The start-up cost is pretty high.
  • Till now, they have not released any income disclosure statements.
  • As it is MLM, not all can earn money and its Pyramid, so don’t expect anything from it.

My View On ViSalus

1 stars review

For me, this company is a big question mark, if I look at the products and all it’s ok, but when I look at another side of it, then its thumb down as it is under scanner from few years. After reading a lot of Visalus reviews, I can tell you, this company is not legal, and the future of the company is not safe.

So dont think of joining this company if you are planning to.

I always feel MLM companies are still tough to choose as lots of fraud companies work on the name MLM and at the end the cheat and go away by fooling you with significant loss of time, reputation and money.

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What are your experience with ViSalus or other MLM companies? Did you earn anything or you lost your time and money? Share it with us!
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