What Is Flipboard App And How Can It Increase Site Traffic
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What Is Flipboard App And How Can It Increase Your Website Traffic?

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For the stories to the stories by the stories: Flipboard

Writing is an art! People who are living life to write are artists in my eyes and certainly so because they put their interests their thoughts their beliefs in words and moreover their heart onto it. Since the beginning, we know so many ways to publish what we write through newspapers, magazines, etc. And recently through online news portals and the Internet. 

What if we know that there is this very unusually different and creative concept of online magazines that curates stories from all over the world on varied topics and shows that all under one roof. It provides a platform to so many writers and bloggers in the form of a Flipboard app.

Flipboard is an invention so beautiful that it serves us news in our hands anytime, anywhere with the help of the app. How comfortable life is getting in terms of knowing things with the help of Flipboard.

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Let us Know What Is Flipboard App?


Flipboard is a new online medium that acts as a news aggregator and helps in social network aggregation.

It is based in Palo Alto, California and also has offices in Vancouver, New York, and Beijing. Initially, it was launched for iOS in iPhones in the year 2010 and later got released on Android in 2012.

It promotes and aggregates content from various websites; news feeds, social media; curates it and then puts it in a magazine format for people to read.

The same stories can then be flipped by the readers and can be put in their magazines for later reading.

We have always relied on news channels or newspapers or magazines all our lives for different topics and daily news. But, this wonderful invention is here to help us with all of that at our convenience. What could be a better “news” than this itself? 

Flipboard tagline itself says, “Get informed, get inspired.” The main motto itself of this app is to find like-minded people who are writers/bloggers and also readers to come at a common platform to share the stories. 

Flipboard is an app that helps you create your smart E-magazine into which you can add your stories of interest and “flip” through whenever you want to read them.

It acts like the traditional print magazines where you flip pages to read further. Unlike here, you flip through a click, and you land onto the next page. That’s how easy it is.

Flipboard believes in keeping people informed through influential stories that keep people engaged, and they keep learning and enlightening themselves with each story they read.

How Do You Get Started With Flipboard?

When you enter the website or app, on the right-hand side you see a search bar with different Flipboard containing different topics ranging right from News, technology, sports, travel, politics, weather, science, health, celebrity to music, movies , workouts, books, education, yoga and this list never ends.

But before the search for these topics, you need to sign up on the app or on the website to use it. You can have the app on iOS as well as Android or can even sign up through their website.

Once you have signed up, you can search for things that interest you. This will show you all the stories related to the topic you have selected. 

After you make your account on Flipboard, you need to create your magazine onto which you can later add these stories which you have shown interest in and flip them into your magazines at your convenience. 

For creating your magazine you need to first create your profile on the upper right side on the app, click on “New Magazine”, give it a relatable name and describe your magazine in such a way that when others search for keywords, they get landed onto your magazine where they can find relatable stories.

Once they find what they want to read, they can quickly flip it onto their magazine or read it directly from the source link provided in the article. This is how traffic gets generated for writers or bloggers all over the world. 

Isn’t that amazing? Initially, writers used to be very active in posting their articles on their blogs and still not used to get much traffic.

But Flipboard makes that easy for so many out there whose sole purpose in life is writing and the app has provided such a big platform to so many people so that maximum crowd of readers reach to their websites/blogs and also create more likes and reads on Flipboard itself.

And, based on the topics that you select Flipboard presents you with similar articles and relatable topics or even videos on the front page which you can open and read and can also flip it into your magazine to read it later.

On the Clipboard mobile app, you will see five icons at the bottom.

  • One is the home icon where you will find all your stories and articles.
  • Second is the grid icon which shows you whom you are following all the topics as well as the profiles.
  • The third is the magnifying glass that searches for the topics that you are interested in which you can add to your Flipboard. When you search for a keyword, and you want to follow news related to that you can click on the red follow button to do that.
  • Fourth is the conversation kind of an icon where it shows you all the likes, follows, and comments of others on your stories.
  • The fifth is your profile icon where you have to put your username and profile picture and add a short bio.

Be a curator. The more you create your content and put it all out in your magazines, the more people will read it. And the more they will be attracted to visit your websites or blogs. That is how you can create more traffic for your stories.

Can’t think of any negatives of this fantastically creative invention. However, there are a lot of positives that you must know.

  • The visual appeal of the app/website is so soothing to the eyes that one would feel to keep reading more and more content as much as they can.
  • You connect with like-minded people. People who share similar interests are only gaining profits here by sharing related topics of interest. This way, you can get the attention of other bloggers as well, and this will help in generating more traffic for your blogs.
  • You get news from reputable sources. Only putting a keyword will show you various stories relating to that, and you will be presented with the most authentic and latest stories on your page.
  • It is the most convenient and accessible form of getting information about any topic of your choice and also the best platform for sending your stories to others and making them more informed.

So, Should We Go Ahead And Make
Our Account On Flipboard?


Hell yes! A one-stop-shop for all the news and information that you ever want and perhaps even more than that.

What better place than an online portal on our fingertips that we can use to read whatever that interests us?

Also, have an opportunity to make people more informed about different topics by curating our stories. 

Flipboard is an opportunity for not only writers but also readers for gaining the most information and knowledge there is about any topic whatsoever.

It does good for everybody, and so it must be appreciated.

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