What Is Inbox Dollars Survey
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What Is Inbox Dollars Survey – Review

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What if any site pays you to take surveys, give rewards for playing games, cash for watching varieties of videos isn’t it a cool offer?

But for that, you need to be a gig that seat for hours for this work.  I will give you review for the site which claims they will pay you cash, not points. Now that’s sound good.

Now the question is, are they really paying well? And is this site worthy of working? Survey sites pay up to $20-$50 in a month can this site pay you more, or it is the same as other’s time consuming and wrong claims.

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Today I will give you a review on Inbox Dollars which is there in the market for many years. This site has got rewarded many times on different platforms. So, I thought let me go through this site and see whether this site is really paying money as per their claims.

What Is Inbox Dollars Survey Company?

Inbox Dollars Survey - Review

This company is for people who like to do surfing on the internet the whole day. They pay you for playing games, watching videos, taking surveys. The payments they do are in cash according to their claim.

Now here is the question which comes in my mind how they can pay this much money?

They started InboxDollars in 2000. According to the reviews site information, they have paid millions to their members for completing the task given to them.

Well, the answer is simple; they get projects from different brands; they recruit members for this work, members have to do online activities enjoy watching TV various videos, playing games or some survey work. They will pay you according to your work and choice. 

You can earn money from mobile, TV or computer. This is a good thing as you get multiple options to work on.

How To Get Started With Inbox Dollars?

First, you have to be a member by signing up and don’t worry it is free.
You will get $5 for your sign up.

InboxDollars Survey App

After signing up, you have to complete your profile, verifying process, and watch the introduction video.

I felt good by signing up because it’s not complicated and easy to understand. And I found it as a legit company which is the most important thing for my readers.

Is InboxDollars A Scam?

No, Inbox Dollars is not a scam. It’s a legit company. So no worries here, it’s not like other scam survey sites. You can join this site to earn small cash. But one thing I must tell you is that I expect none big income from this site.

How Can You Earn From Inbox Dollars?

You have more options on how to earn cash on InboxDollars. You can do one thing or more. Choose waht is your most likely way to earn cash.

Earn By Taking Surveys

The easiest way to earn from Inbox Dollars is by completing surveys. I feel it is one of the best survey sites available in the market.

You need to select your topics for a survey which can help you earn better from Inbox Dollars. They give time and money you get for a survey which is a good thing.


How about earning money by reading emails? Yes, you read it right they pay you for reading emails.

The email they send you will be of advertisements and product offers. You take offers or not, you still get money for just confirming the email. They also have paid emails.

InboxDollars members

Watch Videos And Earn Money

Now that is cool, just relax, enjoy TV or short videos and get money for that. Get more by watching more videos. You will get clips to watch on different topics.


If you enjoy surfing around than Inbox Dollars can pay you for that. But search from Inbox Dollars search engine, if you search from that, then they’ll pay you with cash!

Play Games And Earn Money

If you like to play games online than Inbox Dollars can fill your wallet with some cash. This is one of the best offers anyone can get. Just enjoy games and earn money too.

How Much Can You Earn With

On and all you can earn up to $30 in a month in InboxDollars.

What Is Inbox Dollars Survey

Payment procedures for non-gold members are 10 to 16 days.

You can withdraw money at $30. If you wait till $40, then the wave of a $3 fee is there for cashing out.

They pay by cheque, but it will take a few days.

There are two types of members: Gold and Non-Gold. The difference is of the first payment. Once you receive first payment then you become a Gold member and you get the Gold status.

They make a non-gold member payment in 10 to 16 days, a gold members payment is one week.

You Get Paid from Inbox Dollars through Prepaid Visa Cash Cards. Inbox dollars charges a $3.00 processing fee per payment request, but it then deposits $3.00 back into your account to get you started on your next payment request.

What Is Inbox Dollars Survey - Review


  • Free to join a get $5 for sign up.
  • They have a beautiful app it makes work easier.
  • They give various options to earn money.
  • It is a legit company no doubt about that.
  • Simple navigation no points nothing direct cash system which is superb.
  • You know how much time and money you will get from a survey.


  • You cannot earn big cash.
  • No PayPal option.
  • In some offers, you need to purchase things.

My Verdict on Inbox Dollars:

4 stars review

InboxDollars is not a scam, it’s a legit company. A good survey site which pays in real without many complications. Yes, satisfied with few bucks. Expect none of the big things from it.

This site can be useful for people who get satisfied with small money in life. People who stay online and want to do time pass. If you are looking for a good income for the long term than I feel this site is not suitable for that.

There are many other choices in the market where you can get a stable income for the long term.

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