Review On Melaleuca Business Opportunity
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What Is Melaleuca – The Wellness Company? Review On Melaleuca Business Opportunity

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Today I am going to give a review of a company which is three decades old, it has numbers of products with them, and they are adding more time to time. Also, they said that it is a great opportunity to earn money.

I am talking about the Melaleuca, a company which is working in the market from more than three decades with many branches around the world. They called themselves the largest online wellness shopping club in North America.

The only question that comes out of this review for all to know is Melaleuca wellness company an MLM company or not, and can you earn money from it?

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In this review, I will tell you what is Melaleuca wellness company, how it works, and its pros and cons, and is it an MLM company or not.

Melaleuca The Wellness Company

Melaleuca The Wellness Company

Melaleuca company founder is Frank L. VanderSloot. He established this company in 1985, and it is a well-recognized company, with lots of consumers all around the world.

They are having a whole lot of products for customers ( 400+ ), and they are continually bringing new products in the market successfully. They say that it would take more than 3 years for an ordinary Melaleuca Member to try all of their products.

Quality of the product is next to good, and it is the main reason for its survival till now.

The Largest Online Wellness Shopping Club

They have a wide range of products of various things like medicine, cleaning supplies, pet care, home necessities, skin care. It is doing good as an MLM company in the market compared to other MLM companies.

How Melaleuca Business Works?

It is free to join which is a benefit to anyone; they will show you products, then how can you do business out of it, they will give offers to attract you, then bonuses, training videos all this is free to start.

To building a Melaleuca business, as it is an MLM Company, you have to add members to this company. Read what is deffinition of MLM according to Wikipedia.

So, as soon as your recruiter’s purchase products it will help you to earn too.

As the products are in the market for a long time, many in the market already purchase Melaleuca wellness products which is an advantage to you. Many in the markets are earning a few bucks from this company as they can sell their products.

How Can You Earn From Melaleuca Wellness Company?

When you become a member of this company and start marketing, you will be working as a distributor in the market. You might hear that the company is not MLM, but that’s not true. This company works purely on the MLM concept, and I do not doubt it.

Why I am telling it as MLM because you can clearly see that the way it works is similar to MLM, for example, you get earning as soon as you bring people to the company as a member and tell them to purchase products of the company. Now tell me isn’t it an MLM concept?

You can also see your added list and purchases by them. So your progress depends on your recruiting capacity. You also get the chance of extra commission which they called a bonus.

Compensation Plan of the Company

For compensation, you should know your list of recruits and also their purchases because it will decide your earnings.

In Melaleuca, you can receive commissions from customers who were:

1. enrolled by you
– 50% of Product Points on purchases in the customer’s first month
– for the second month, your earning will depend on the number of how many Active Customers you enrolled

Melaleuca Active Personally Enrolled Customers

2. registered by others
– 7% of Product Points on purchases by customers who were enrolled by others in your downline.

They have slabs like different types of bonuses, Advancement Bonus, Pacesetter Bonus, Mentoring Bonus, Core Mentoring Bonus, Double Core Mentoring Bonus, Leadership Growth Bonus, Monthly Car Bonus, and few more.

You can see their compensation plan HERE.

Let’s say when you recruit any on under, and that person bought something for $50, you get a commission of more than $20 – well, that’s not bad money as commission.
But, that is just for the first month. If taht person purchase same product second month, you will recieveonly $4.

It works on a point system, for example, you add one member, you get the point which is up to 5 to 10% commission. You can also get benefited in ranking as per companies list which is up to the director.

Is Melaleuca Wellness Company Scam?

Everything looks so good right now, but my question is can everyone do this as lifetime opportunity, and my answer is NO. I can`t say that Melaleuca is a scam, but …

To add members and tell them to purchase products which are a little bit higher in price is not an easy thing to do and all the MLM concepts fail here same old story and pattern of working.

You can see Melaleuca pricing list here.


By doing this work, there is no guarantee you will succeed, and you may lose your time too.

For any newcomer, it is not an easy thing to do.
It requires the skill of convincing people to purchase items which you doubt to buy, so how can you force someone to do so.

You will get a bonus just for Active Customers.
According to Melaleuca Compensation Plan, an Active Customer is a person who gets at least 29 Product Points during the calendar month.

That means if your customer doesn’t buy anything just one month you lose your bonus (or being downgraded).

Their products like medicines, bottles of shampoo, pet care, skin care, everything – all the products are similar to others in the market, but when you compare prices, they are a bit higher than all, which is not a good idea to join any company which is tough to work due to such a difference in prices.

Some of the pros and cons of the company

Advantages of the company:

  • Free to sign up
  • Its an company with a good reputation in the market for its products.
  • One of the oldest firm that works on the MLM concept.
  • It has good ratings too in the market.

Some of the cons of the company

  • First, to start with products are ok, not up to the mark according to a standard which should be after 30 years of research and work, and on the price, they are selling its not worthy.
  • Product price is way too high compared to others.
  • Not easy to sell products as prices and all are not up to the mark, and also it works on the MLM method.
  • They taste on animals which are prohibited in many places.
  • Auto shipping problem
  • Too many bad reviews in recent time which is not good for the company.

Melaleuca Complains:

Researching on the internet to write this post, I find an alarmed complains from some of the members and consumers:

"cancelling the membership seems to be somewhat difficult process and the company seems to take their time processing your cancellation while continuing to send you product and taking your money. We basically agreed we would not trust this company with out bank account or credit card information.


We were sent goods that we DID NOT order AFTER cancelling MELALEUCA membership. $30 worth of soap and it COST us $11.00 to send it back. WHAT A SCAM !!! I advise, DON'T JOIN MELALEUCA.

If you want to read more reviews you can find it HERE.

My View On Melaleuca

It’s a legit company with some real quality products; it`s not a scam like some other MLM companies. ( if you consider that not all the members ahve problem with sign out).

Their market value for 30 long years which it’s not easy to do business for such a long time if you are not good at business.
But, when you talk about joining it and make a residentual income- don’t think it is a good idea.

First, you will not get people who will purchase such things at a higher price when they get good products at a lesser price.

Second, if you look at Annual Income Statistic, only less than 1% of people join to Melaleuca to do business, actually succeed!

  • 79% are customers – they buying products for their family without any earnings
  • 10% of people who have referred at least one customers are earning an average $93- $555 per year!
  • 11% begin a business. They have Director Status. Those people have from 8-16 Active Personal Customers, and they are earning around $2000 yearly.
  • Less than 1% actually live the life they are promising!

You can read their Annually Income Statistic here.

So, I recommend that stay away from this company and start something new for earning which can give you long term earning and also stability in income with rising from time to time.

You can read my post about the problem with MLM companies and I will give you a suggestion to learn some new skills with a free program and finalydicover how you can have your business and work on things you love.

The program that taught me how to earn online can be a good option for newcomers who want to do business or online work from home, as it is a well-known training center and it is for free too.

MLM companies want to have you as a customer, not to give you a business opportunity. If you consider to join MLM to make money, I have something much better for you.

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If you have any question about Melaleuca – The wellness company, or any other MLM company, or you have personal experience with this kind of “business,” please comment below, and I will answer as soon as possible.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


  • Alissa

    I’m not sure how long ago this review was written, but it is NOT accurate. Melaleuca is NOT an MLM company- it is a consumer direct marketing company. I work as a marketing executive for them- started in January 2020. We are NOT distributors- we do not deliver or sell the products directly to customers. We do not carry inventory. An MLM representative, like Avon, Tupperware, Partylite or Pampered Chef DOES carry inventory and they have quotas to meet. With Melaleuca there are no quotas to meet, you build your business at your own pace, can take a break from it if/when you need to. A beginner’s job with Melaleuca is to educate consumers about the company and assist them in setting up their shopping accounts. You can make money monthly just by having several customers. To build your business, you train other people interested in the job how to do the same as mentors. My first month, I earned $78 after joining in the second half of January. My second month I earned $456. My third month I earned $771. Melaleuca offers bonuses for hitting certain goals by a certain time frame and they aren’t hard to meet at all. Like any business, your income is directly correlated to how much work you are willing to put in. Once you hit a certain level (not very high at all), you are locked in to get 20% residual income from both your customers and a commission from the team you are on.

    • Jessica

      That may be all true. But people have to buy 35 points products every month in order to keep the discount prices. That is what many people leave out when trying to get people to join. I am speaking from experience.

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