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What is Mommy Jobs Online? Can They Find You A Job?

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Nowadays there is a new culture developing everywhere, work from home as a freelancer. Many people tend to look for job where they can work with their comfort. Work from is more beneficial for women who are housewife, and if they get the chance, they will be one of the happiest people on the earth.

There is a site called Mommy Jobs Online, which provides work to all the people who are looking for online freelancing work and employment, especially the mommy’s as tag lines say of the website Mommy Jobs Online. 

If You Are Enough Of Searching Legit Jobs Online

In this review, I will cover points like what is this site, how it works, can you get work from it, pros and cons everything. So let us see what is Mommy Jobs Online and is it legit or scam.

Mommy’s Jobs Online


To start with the pathetic website, any new user will feel irritated to join this site, lots of content on the website, which will frustrate you.

But who cares when you are providing work; people will not see how bad your website is. Ok, let us move forward.


The first line read was you could earn $10 to $90 per hour working from home, I can understand $10, but $90? Are you serious, don’t want to say bad things in my review in starting, lets us see what it offers?

What is in there for you all in Mommy Jobs Online website and which kind of work they provide?

MJO is working from the past 14 years, which gives you a good indication that the company is doing well for people.  MJO Company’s head office is at Oklahoma City.

Mommy Jobs Online have various work offers for all the freelancers who are looking for online work.


The jobs range from entry to advanced levels in positions such as Data entry, Customer service, Transcription, Virtual assistance, Medical Coders, Clerical, etc.

This company connects you to the employers according to the work you choose, they don’t give any work from their side, so it is working like a commission agent site who will divert you to the companies with some work.

Think twice before joining this site as it is not free to join. It will cost you from $85 to $210.

For business people, they can post their requirements as per their need. You can post jobs on MJO site for that you have to pay $125 to $1295 where you can post unlimited jobs for people. They have also given categories for posting job.

Business people can also post their business ads on their site; they are working as an advertising agency. They have given a list of businesses for posting ads.

List Of Work On Their Website

For joining this site, you should be at least 18. MJO is giving a guarantee for work once you become a member of the website. But I don’t think their warranty is real.

They are showing the list of work available of various fields on their site mommyjobsonline.com which can give you an idea which is job is convenient for you.


You can search job which you like with your desired location, which is an excellent and new option. But the problem is some of the links are not working, and some task is getting repeated.

Mommy Jobs Online Affiliate Program

You get a commission for referring work, how much they will give it’s not mentioned clearly on the website.

According to their website, you can earn about $7 to $10 for every referral. Commission for you recruiting people and on purchases and all these things are not mentioned clearly in the website, so this part is a bit confusing of MJO.

For joining the referral program, you have to sign up to the site and then wait till the confirmation from their side.

Let Us See The Pros And Cons
Of The Mommy Jobs Online site. 


  • Lifetime memberships.
  • Different job categories.


  • Pathetic Website.
  • Stocked photos.
  • Joining is costly.
  • No refund.
  • Fake BBB ratings showed,eight complains are filed against them.
  • Everything related to this site is overhyped.
  • Many jobs are not even giving $5.
  • There is no free trial.
  • Fake Testimonial.
  • Weak customer support.
  • Some links are outdated.
  • Whatever they say, but there is no guarantee for jobs.
  • Data entry wage is low.

My View On Mommy Jobs Online

1 stars review

Well, to start with this horrible website, some links are dead and in no use. Two things come out of this website for me, either is legit and don’t know how to do business, and they are just riding on luck and expecting people to join them.

Next thing it’s a trap for the people who are genuinely looking for a job, as some of the posts are getting repeated, pays are too high for joining there is no guarantee for jobs. 

What I will recommend people for this site is to stay away from this site, it is not giving the right vibe to me, and it’s nearly a scam.

So, Big NOdon’t join this site its waste of time and waste of money too.

There are many other sites which you can join if you are looking for side jobs or make money, which are far better places than Mommy Jobs Online.

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