What Is Multi Level Marketing Business
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What Is Multi Level Marketing Business?

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Today I will share my review on what is Multi Level Marketing business (MLM) and explain to you all how it works. Money is difficult to earn in the 21st century. For that, find good work and stay away from scams.

Tired of the MLM Hard Work?  Want to Build a Solid Business Online Without Having to Spam Everyone?

Multi-Level Marketing is a so-called pyramid down-line profitable business. This has seen many ups and down from it’s starting as some superb companies have done well and some bad companies have done scams, and I feel it has damage image of MLM business in the market.

MLM- Multi-Level Marketing differs from our traditional marketing. It works on pyramid formula. The person who started this work and makes his group of people will earn more than others in MLM.

Is MLM A Good Business Concept?

What I feel is MLM is actually a wrong way of making money. Some top Multi-Level Marketing companies have shown how to work with a good product and giving the right details to the customers, but they are rare.
MLM type of business has got success in many countries worldwide.

Examples of good MLM companies: Amway, Mary Kay, Herbalife, Forever Living Products, Young Living, Beachbody, …

In MLM, the producer tries to sales his product directly to his customer and make him a distributor. This formula is old, but it has worked for many years. In this Business, people believe in person rather than the product. It works more on a person’s creditability.

Multi-Level Marketing Chart:

Multi Level marketing Chart

They share commission: It works in pyramid manner, for example, it starts with 1 than he sells it two and that two adds more and it goes on, in short, it works in a chain, and everyone gets money as a commission, but the 1st one gets more benefit than others in MLM marketing. 

In this process, you actually make your customer your distributor. Him/her will sell MLM product, and he will earn a commission. They will also market it by making their own group, and it goes on from there so everyone will get their share of the commission.

What Is Multi Level Marketing Business

One major loop point I found in this process is – money becomes more important than the product in MLM marketing.

And second is that you need to have a continuous flow of sell, else you can fall down in no time.

So, the person new to it can face problems, and there can also be a problem when large numbers of people or investors want to get out of this process.

The problem starts here will they get their invested money back? The answer is “NO.”

The Downfall Of MLM Strategy

We have seen some failures of MLM because of many scams.

Many companies have come and gone in no time and taken public money by giving false information regarding product than showing them dream of becoming a billionaire.

Then another fraud they say is you don’t have to work you will get commission just add few members in your group and seat and count your commission.

So, these things had made MLM a big villain in the marketing business. The documentary movie that BBC made, showing the dark side of this multi-level business.

Training is more of Group Meeting: MLM training is different; it’s more of a meeting people in groups and explains things regarding product and how to increase the chain to make a business success.

If you find this post, searching for a list of Multi-Level Marketing Companies, you can find it HERE. But, before you join, please read this article and watch this BBC movie, so you can now which one is good to join.

Let’s See Points While Choosing
An MLM Company

  • Check the product, it should be good because the main thing for marketing is a good product.
  • It should be valuable, and its price should be fair so that people can purchase it.
  • Quality of the product should be so good, that people should ask again for the same product.
  • Company’s reputation in the market. 
  • It should be right in the entire situation especially in a changing environment of the market

Can You Make Money 
in Multilevel Marketing?

  • MLM is the game of numbers; more people under you will get more commission.
  • To succeed in MLM, you need to do consistent marketing, branding with continues an effort and also have good leadership quality. You also need to have a skill of building a good team.
  • You need to be a great influencer. In this business people mostly believe person than the product.
  • Good MLM companies are still focusing on making good products but not all companies doing the same. Many are focusing on short-term profits, not on product quality. I have seen founders whois they get flew away with an enormous profit.
  • MLM is an old way of making business by doing group meetings.
  • Commission in MLM is based on multiple tears, one to two then it continues. You get benefited for other’s work once you give your initial effort by adding people.
  • Commission pattern in some MLM companies is very confusing
  • You have to invest initial capital and to continually invest every month in products ( services, training,..)
  • You need to good be in making relationship else you cannot work in this business.

If you really want to earn money from MLM,
start your own Multi-Level Marketing company!
But, you will need to invest a lot!

Some of the reviews I made about different MLM companies:

There`s A Better Way

Now, let us see another option than MLM which is more successful in today’s time, and that is Affiliate Marketing. I have given total information regarding Affiliate business in my recent blog, please read that for more details on Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing provides you more stable and long-term work with an excellent commission for your work, and you do not need to share it with others. This encourages you to work harder and also it gives you a facility to work from anywhere which is not possible in MLM.

Affiliate Marketing Model

Affiliate Marketing allows you to work at your own speed and in time when it`s good for you ( even if that is 2AM).

I can help people who want to start with Affiliate Marketing with a small investment or even no investment. I suggest it can be good options for stay at home moms, single moms, collegians and everyone that need a side job.

Let’s see some important points in the brief for a better understanding of Affiliate Marketing:

  • You don’t have to find any refferals and bother your family and friends with your “new, great opportunity!
  • It is simple to understand: promote products, bring traffic, and earn a profit as commission.
  • You can choose which product you want to promote and sell.
  • Lower costs: You can earn more formless investment which has no boundaries like 10 dollars to start, and you gain from $1000 to $10,000 a month if you work correctly. This is affordable for any marketer so invest little in starting.
  • It`s about product – not you: It is more of internet marketing not at relationship marketing. People take your product mostly by recognizing product quality, not because of you. This is actually good.
  • You can pay writers to work for you – you don’t have to do everything yourself

So any beginner looking to start work must know both businesses and its working style, before jumping into the Multi-Level business or Affiliate Marketing if you want to know more about affiliate marketing than you should subscribe to my FREE TRAINING. It will indicate how Affiliate Marketing business works. 

Need proof that you can make money, have your side job or online business with affiliate marketing? Click here and see how much people are making (including me).

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