What Is Now LifeStyle
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What Is Now LifeStyle? Earn Money By Selling ​Health and Wellness Products

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Our world is growing faster; everything is getting hype because of the internet and social platforms. Within no time people and products get famous because no one is ready to go into the depth or find out the reality which is a big drawback of today’s growing world and internet. People come into the trap and waste both – their time and money.

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Today we will talk about a company which is selling health products we all know. The demands for weight loss and health-related products always remain high, and that is Now Life Style they are selling health and weight loss product and also promoting their business with MLM strategy.

Let’s see whether the job is legit or yet another scam in the market.

What is Now LifeStyle?

Now Life Style sales health and wellness products with their MLM program. Let`s see their promo video:

As they are running an MLM type of program. inviting people from their website and tell people to do their business with them, and they also have few products which are on 100% commissions from which they can attract more people towards this product.

Their product list starts with nutrition and exercise package, body boss work out system, autoresponder system and few more.

The company was started by Joel Therein, who is into MLM business from many years and his previous MLM was for the GVO, Pure Leverage and Got Backup.

How Now Life Style Works

Now Life Style works as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company where you make money by inviting people or selling health and wellness products and get the commission. They have a little bit strange story, that you can have amazing fitness results with their products and 7 minutes workouts?!

One thing is clear here you should be aware of what is MLM else you might be frustrated in a short time, and you will not earn as much as NLS say with this work

Before joining their business or selling products, you need to buy their products so that you can get up to 50% commission on the product selling.

Which I feel is more exciting than other MLM companies which gives less benefit as a commission. But Now Life Style is using a new technique in commission as they are showing as a commission is better than others in the market.

Now Life Style

I feel its the same old pyramid schemes, inviting people and making them members and tell them that they get up to 50% as a matching bonus. Means on every $100 you get $50 from your recruiter profit now that’s interesting, but the question is, they are really giving such profits???

You can see NLS compensation plan HERE.

The second thing is: how it is possible for a company which offers such significant amount can sustain for long. I mean they might be producing something magic, else company will is in no time with this big commission which they are showing to attract people.

Overall I feel things are not coming clear from the website. What they are showing off is that they make you a distributor, and you earn commissions for the sales and the person who made your client of the company earn from you, and it continues and same for all and other talks about bonuses. All these things made me confused.

I assume that Now Life Style depends on online marketing as they are promoting the website and working as MLM isn’t it confusing???

I have always felt that in MLM you earn less and spend more. Yes, MLM is not for all so you will end up wasting time and money.

Only good thing I found is they are also marketing online which you don’t see in other MLM companies as you can see autoresponder is there with a lead capture system and even a page builder.

NowLifeStyle autoresponder
NowLifeSyle led capture page
NowLifeStyle template

As I did my research on Now Life Style, and I don’t find it as the right way to earn money, you won’t gain from it. So, I will not give any kind remarks to confuse my readers; I will straight away give you all some of the significant loop points which I found and which make you alert before joining this Now Life Style.

A lot of the testimonies of Now Life Style are fake; all the images are stock images and actors – everything is just hyped in the website, but when you go to the depth of it you will get nothing from it.

What Is  Now LifeStyle

Now LifeStyle is not free as there is a membership fee you have to pay.

You can start for free, but soon you will discover that you need to pay if you want to earn anything from this program.

If you see the video, you will get the idea they are giving rates of joining.

Bigger fake I found in Now Lifestyle is that they are doing charity. Actually, I laughed when I read that, how can people who do scam do charity.

They make promises to help you, but actually, they are pulling you down from where you cannot come out from it.

So my verdict for the company Now Lifestyle is big “NO.” Don’t join this program – it is a trap which will give you nothing after all your hard work. So stay away from such things which can demoralize you financially and mentally.

So might be thinking about what the other option than this MLM company is. I have a good idea for all who want to work from home and want to earn something in their life.

Try affiliate marketing! There are so many benefits of affiliate marketing over MLM which will help you earn faster and bigger in your life.

  • First of all, no need to recruit anyone in affiliate marketing and if you see MLM you have to do that.
  • Promote things which you like, and you feel it is correct and useful.
  • Be self-hero, you are not depending on others.
  • The most important thing it is easy to understand as you get training, and that too without investing a penny.
  • You will also get not just lead page, but 2 FREE sites and all the tools that you need

You might be feeling excited after my certain points on affiliate marketing. Now one step ahead I have one good training to refer you all.

You just visit once and you will get an idea of what I have explained in brief regarding affiliate marketing and start earning from today.

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If you any question for me, about MLM companies, or affiliate marketing, or you want to share your experience with an online business, please share with us and comment below.

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